Former SLC Chairman Ana Punchihewa Backs LPL T20

Former SLC Chairman Ana Punchihewa Backs LPL T20. He Said LPL T20 Is Going To Be A Huge Success.


“I truly believe that the Lanka Premier League will be the most popular Twenty20 cricket tournament in the world in the future as well as the Indian Premier League,” said Ana Punchihewa, then President of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board at the time of winning the 1996 World Cup.

“There have been many changes in the game of cricket since I was the Chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket. Currently, T20 matches have become very popular in the world. Batting and bowling are faster today than they were then. The same goes for match umpiring. The duration of the competition is also short. It’s only natural that things like this increase audience attraction. The more viewers there are, the more they love cricket, ”said Punchihewa, referring to the changes that have taken place in the game of cricket over the past 20 years.

“IPL The tournament has become a world-famous tournament today, but it took them two to three years to build up their financial strength. We must follow the same course of action, ”Punchihewa added.

“Although it is not possible to go to the stadium and watch the matches in the Covid 19 situation, many people at home are more interested in watching the tournament. Those people are not only in Sri Lanka. Even spectators in India will definitely watch this tournament. Also, many Pakistani players have come to the tournament and the people of Pakistan are watching this tournament in large numbers. There are a lot of cricket fans in Bangladesh too. They are also watching the tournament on television, ”he said.

“The recently completed I.P. P. L. Look at the tournament. Only one of us participated in that tournament. But a large number of Sri Lankans watched the tournament. Also, with the commencement of our tournament on television channels in this country, our sports fans will be more interested in watching the matches. Sony and Sky, which own the rights to broadcast the tournament, are broadcasting around the world, so the audience response is huge, ”he added.

“We have to look at this tournament first, forgetting the financial advantage. The main objective of this tournament should be to elevate our players to a higher level. ”

“Many world famous athletes are participating in this tournament. Our young players can get a lot of advice and experience from this group. As mentioned earlier, we can make the same progress in the LPL as Indian cricket has made in the IPL. Today a group of talented young players in India are emerging through the IPL. This tournament is also a great opportunity for our young players to showcase their talents to the international arena, ”said Mr. Punchihewa.

The Corona virus also affected the organization of the Lanka Premier League and the Sri Lanka Cricket had to make several changes to the dates of the tournament. It was also a challenge to run the tournament on health advice, but it is commendable that the Sri Lanka Cricket Executive Committee, headed by Shammi Silva, overcame all these obstacles. The contribution made by Ravin Wickramaratne, the current Director of the tournament, Namal Rajapaksa, the Minister of Sports and other officials of the Health and Cricket Institutions will not be forgotten at this juncture.

Due to the corona epidemic, Sri Lanka didn’t get the opportunity to participate in a single international match after last February and had to train the national team using health and safety measures. However, when asked about organizing the tournament in such a difficult situation, the former chairman of Cricket said, “It is not at all difficult to organize a tournament with the current viral situation around the world. By organizing our tournament following the way the recently concluded Indian Premier League was conducted, we will be able to reap successful results. Also, I am happy to organize the tournament with such difficulty. ”





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