Hitman's Impact: Rohit Sharma faced 24 balls, scoring 40 runs with 6 fours and 2 sixes.

Breathless Bowlers: South African bowlers struggled to contain Rohit's aggressive onslaught.

Unprecedented Partnership: His partnership left a mark in World Cup history.

Destruction Defined: Rohit Sharma's aggressive batting style lived up to its reputation.

Thrilling Sixes: Two massive sixes over long leg thrilled fans.

Sprint-Like Match: It felt like a 10-over showdown, not a 50-over match.

Sudden Departure: Rohit's caught-at-mid-off moment by Rabada added drama.

Impactful Contribution: His brief stay had a significant impact on the game.

Desire for More: Fans wished for an extended Rohit spectacle.

Love for the Hitman: Rohit remains a beloved figure, and fans appreciate his exceptional talent.