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Head to Head Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Punjab Kings



Head to Head

Head to Head Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Punjab Kings

The clash between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Punjab Kings (PBKS) has been one of the most anticipated fixtures in the Indian T20 League. Over the years, these two teams have engaged in thrilling encounters, making their head-to-head record an interesting aspect to explore.


  • Total Matches: 31
  • RCB Wins: 14
  • PBKS Wins: 17


The head-to-head record between RCB and PBKS reflects a closely contested rivalry. While RCB has emerged victorious in 14 encounters, PBKS has managed to edge past them in 17 matches. This parity underscores the competitive nature of their matchups.

Key Battles:

  1. Top-Order Showdown: The battle between the top-order batsmen of both teams has often been intense. Players like Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis from RCB, and Shikhar Dhawan and Jonny Bairstow from PBKS, have been pivotal in shaping the outcome of the matches.
  2. Bowling Duels: The contests between the bowlers have been crucial in determining the course of the game. Whether it’s the pace of Mohammed Siraj and Alzarri Joseph for RCB, or the spin of Harpreet Brar and Rahul Chahar for PBKS, bowlers play a significant role.
  3. Captaincy Impact: The leadership on the field has also played a vital role in these encounters. Captains like Kohli for RCB and Dhawan for PBKS often influence strategies and decision-making, which can sway the match in their team’s favor.

Memorable Encounters:

  • Each season has witnessed memorable clashes between these two teams, with some matches going down to the wire. From thrilling run chases to nail-biting finishes, RCB vs PBKS fixtures have produced unforgettable moments for fans.


The head-to-head record between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings reflects the competitive spirit and excitement that surrounds their encounters. With both teams boasting talented players and a desire to dominate, every match between them promises entertainment and unpredictability. As they gear up to add another chapter to their rivalry, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the excitement that RCB vs PBKS matches bring to the Indian T20 League.

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