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Ind vs Aus U19 Final Scoreard



Ind vs Aus U19 Final Scoreard

Ind vs Aus U19 Final Scoreard


The cricketing world recently witnessed a rejuvenation of Australia’s multi-format dominance in the U19 World Cup, as they emerged victorious against India in a thrilling final. Mahli Beardman, Callum Vidler, and Tom Straker showcased their prowess, leaving cricket enthusiasts wondering about the future of Australian cricket post-Cummins, Starc, and Hazlewood.

Ind vs Aus U19 Final Scoreard

Australia U19 Innings
Batsman Runs Balls
Harjas Singh (c) 55 78
Hugh Weibgen (wk) 42 54
Harry Dixon 36 45
Oliver Peake 28 32
Callum Vidler 21 18
Tom Straker 15 22
Mahli Beardman 14 17
Raf MacMillan 10* 9
Extras (b 1, lb 3, w 5, nb 0) 9
Total 253/7 (50 overs)
Bowling Figures – India U19
Bowler Overs Runs
Arshin Kulkarni 9 42
Musheer Khan 10 55
Uday Saharan 10 38
Sachin Dhas 7 47
Aravelly 5 30
Adarsh Singh 9 36
Sagar Chawla 0.5 2
India U19 Innings
Batsman Runs Balls
Arshin Kulkarni 7 14
Musheer Khan (wk) 12 22
Uday Saharan (c) 28 30
Sachin Dhas 9 10
Aravelly 16 27
Adarsh Singh 47 70
Sagar Chawla 13 23
Kwena Maphaka 6 12
Raf MacMillan 1 2
Taz Ali 0 1
Extras (b 1, lb 2, w 8, nb 1) 12
Total 174 all out (43.5 overs)
Bowling Figures – Australia U19
Bowler Overs Runs
Callum Vidler 8 27
Mahli Beardman 8.5 36
Tom Straker 10 34
Raf MacMillan 9 39
Konstas 4 22
Anderson 4 13

 A Dominant Performance:

Australia’s U19 team put up a commanding total of 253/7 in their 50 overs, with left-handed top-order batter Harjas Singh leading the charge with a top score of 55. The innings also saw notable contributions from skipper Hugh Weibgen, Harry Dixon, and Oliver Peake. The Australian bowlers then exhibited clinical precision, led by Callum Vidler’s metronomic powerplay spell and Mahli Beardman’s effective stump lines and skiddy pace. Raf MacMillan’s off-spin further compounded India’s challenges, securing crucial wickets.

Indian Youth’s Valiant Effort:

Despite the loss, the Indian U19 team had a commendable journey throughout the tournament. Uday Saharan emerged as the leading run-scorer with an impressive 397 runs. Other standout performers, such as Musheer Khan, Sachin Dhas, and Aravelly, showcased their potential for future success. However, the weight of expectations in the big final proved too much for the young Indian shoulders, resulting in a challenging defeat.

Individual Accolades:

The tournament’s individual awards recognized outstanding performances. Uday Saharan’s prolific run-scoring earned him the title of the leading run-scorer, while South Africa’s Kwena Maphaka claimed the Player of the Tournament award for his 21 wickets. Snehith Reddy’s remarkable 147* against Nepal was the highest individual score, and England’s Taz Ali’s 7/29 against Zimbabwe stood out as the best bowling figures.

Player Insights:

Australian skipper Hugh Weibgen expressed pride in his team’s performance, emphasizing their confidence in batting first and acknowledging the quality of the Indian side. He commended the Australian pacers and expressed optimism about their future careers.

Indian captain Uday Saharan lauded his team’s fighting spirit but acknowledged the failure to execute plans in the crucial final. He highlighted the learning opportunities from the tournament, expressing a commitment to continual improvement.


The U19 World Cup final showcased Australia’s resurgence in cricket dominance, with a young and talented squad making a strong statement. While India’s youth displayed promise, the experience served as a valuable learning curve for them. As Australia celebrates its triumph, cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate the emergence of these talented youngsters onto the senior international stage, marking a potential shift in the global cricketing landscape.

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