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Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand



Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand

Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand

On June 4, 1991, in Christchurch, New Zealand, father Grid Stokes and his only child, Android Stokes, was born to Stokes, who today’s world knows better by the name of Ben Stokes, Stokes’s father is said to be a rugby player of his time. that his mother also used to play cricket

Stokes mastered the game of cricket in this way, Stokes’s mother had done two marriages, her first husband’s name was Richardson, who was divorced after some time, after this divorce, when Richard came to know that De Bar When the rugby player was increasing closeness to Gariahat, Richard was furious and in the same fury and unemployment, Research had killed his 4-year-old son Andrew and 8-year-old daughter in 1988.

Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand

Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand

It was revealed in a report in England’s famous magazine The Sun, in this report it was also written that Richard had done the work of setting his house on fire earlier. Stokes owes her passion and determination to persevere to her father

In fact, Stokes’s father used to play for the Working Club of England and during a match he had dislocated the middle finger of his hand, after which he played the whole season with two fingers tied with tape, this time the doctor had to undergo surgery. But Griddle’s financial situation did not allow this, so he had his finger amputated due to surgery and continued to play. When Ben Stokes was 12 years old, his father was appointed head coach of his old rugby club. Got a call to become a so he picked up his belongings from New Zealand and came to England and since then stayed here.

Full Name Benjamin Andrew Stokes
Age 32 Year
Date Of Birth 04/06/1991
Profession Cricter
Height 6 Feet
Country New zealand, England
Nationality England
Wife Clare Ratcliffe
Children Two
Layton, Unknown
Gerard Stokes-
Deborah Stokes

When and how did Ben Stokes start playing cricket?

Talking about this, Ben Stokes says that the game of cricket always attracted him, but till the age of 14, he used to play more rugby, he was giving more time to rugby, but his mind was not in this game. Defeats and victories in the game of rugby seemed to not affect him at all. Looking at his interest in cricket, Ben Stokes joined the Cooker Mouth School in England to pursue a career in the game and joined the Cooker Mouth Cricket Club. started playing cricket for

First achievement of Ben Stokes

By 2006, Stokes’ hidden talent had become known when at the age of 15 he had won the Nott Lancashire and Cumbria Cricket League Premier Division title that year

Ben Stokes’s parents had returned to their home in New Zealand but Stokes remained in England and soon his domestic career also started. Started playing his professional cricket in the year 2009. Stokes proved his worth even on a bigger stage by scoring half-centuries in two Test matches against the Bangladesh U-19 team.

After which the next year, this player scored a century in the World Cup against the India Under-19 team. Ben Stokes started playing as an all-rounder in the game of cricket from the beginning and by the end of the year, his international cricket in England The place also seemed to be almost fixed, the stocks were continuously moving forward.

Stokes made his first-class debut against the MCC in 2010 while playing for Durham, scoring a half-century here, and continued to play for his team in all formats due to injuries to some players, where consistent performances earned him a call-up to the England national team. Made a topic of discussion even among the selection board of the cricket team

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Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand

Ben Stokes Debut Match

On 25 August, Stokes got a chance to make his debut against Ireland while playing against England, but the performance was not according to his ability.

Ben Stokes Test Debut

On 5 December 2013, Ben Stock became the 698th player to play Test for England and he got a chance to play his first Test during the series against Australia, in this series, Stokes performed according to his ability and scored a total of 279 runs and 15 wickets in the series. Became a dependable all-rounder for England by taking wickets

England had lost the acces series badly, but from here this team got the biggest star of its future, who took six wickets for 99 runs in the fifth Test match, performing the best bowling of his Test career, as well as a century in this series. He was also the only England batsman to put


Test Matches Score Average 100/50
89 5603 36.15 12/28
ODI Matches Score Average 100/50
105 2924 39.0 03/21

When Ben Stokes Was Bad Time

According to the statistics, the year 2014 proved to be the worst year of Stokes’ career. In the month of March this year, Ben Stokes was dismissed on the very first ball in a T20 match while playing against the West Indies, after which he found a locker in the dressing room. He had got his wrist injured by punching, due to which he was ruled out of the T20 World Cup that year as well.

Taking a jibe at the incident, his teammates nicknamed him the Hurt Locker, followed by 20 years of bad news for Stocks, who were also ruled out of the 2015 World Cup after three consecutive 0 outs against India. was done

Ben Stokes Comeback Again As a Player

In the same year 2015, he made a spectacular comeback and turned out to be England’s biggest performer in the ODI series against Australia in the second match of this release.

Became the first player to be given out for stopping the ball with his hand

In the same year, after performing brilliantly with both bat and ball in the first Test of the series against Pakistan, Stokes continued his impressive performance against South Africa and scored a career-best 258 in the second Test of the series, including 30. Fours and 11 sixes were included in this match, he completed his double century of 167, which was the second fastest double century in Test cricket history.

After this, in the next matches, Stokes also performed brilliantly in ACees and managed to win England by taking five wickets in a row, the performance against India was excellent.

Ben Stokes Bad Boy Amaze

Due to his antics in the year 2017, his bad boy image also emerged in front of the whole world. The year 2016 T20 World Cup final was played between England and West Indies in which Windies needed 19 runs in the last over to win. And the English captain put the ball in the hands of Stokes, there is probably no need to tell what happened after that, four consecutive sixes were hit in that over and the player emerging as the biggest all-rounder in the English team suddenly became a villain for his country Gone

It was a matter of relief for Stokes this year that his overall performance this year was excellent, considering that the England coach continued to trust him and he continued to get a place in his team in the year 2017. Stokes was arrested by the police in the middle of a series against the West Indies earlier this year. He was seen fighting drunken people outside a night club. Even apologized to Stocks but even after that he was dropped from the next two matches of the series.

In the year 2011, he was caught misbehaving at the police block, due to which he had to stay in jail for the whole night. After being acquitted in the case in the year 2017, there was a big change in Stocks, he put his full attention on his game.

Ben Stokes Comeback Again As a Human 

In 2017, apart from all the controversies, Stokes performed brilliantly with the ball, which is said to be his most memorable performance against the West Indies at Lord’s Stadium. He had taken his team to the finals where they were going to compete against his native country New Zealand. Here also Stock contributed to England and first took the match to the super over by playing an innings of brilliant truth and then England by landing in the super over. made world champion for the first time

3 years ago, the player who stings like a fee in the eyes of the people of England, has now become the cynosure of everyone’s eyes with his man of the match award winning innings in the final. So sometimes due to some other reason, but his place in world cricket has now become the highest. Was

In the next two years, this player turned out to be the best on every platform, be it IPL or international cricket, due to his brilliant performance, he was made the captain of the English team and then the vice-captain as well, and as a captain in the year 2021, Stokes won a By leading an absolutely inexperienced team, he proved himself to be the best in the field of captaincy. Talk about Stokes’ personal life, he married Clear Radcliffe in the year 2017, with whom he has two children.

Ben Stokes Biography, How to play in England via New Zealand

Ben Stokes Family


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