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ECC vs BYR Match Prediction Dream11 Team Fantasy Cricket Preview at Cartama Oval in the European Cricket League



ECC vs BYR Match Prediction Dream11 Team

ECC vs BYR Match Prediction Dream11 Team Fantasy Cricket Preview at Cartama Oval in the European Cricket League

                                            Today’s Match: Empire CC vs Byron


As the cricketing action unfolds at Cartama Oval in the European Cricket League, the clash between Empire CC (ECC) and Byron (BYR) promises to be an exciting encounter. With the playing elevens yet to be announced, fantasy cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the lineups for this intriguing contest. In this article, we delve into the pitch conditions, recent performance statistics, and potential key players to help fantasy cricket players craft their optimal Dream11 teams.

**Match Details** | **ECC vs BYR** | |

**Date and Time** | March 7, 2024, 05:30 PM (UTC) | |

**Venue** | Cartama Oval, European Cricket League |


You can watch Live stream of match on Fancode website and apps

Pitch Conditions at Cartama Oval:

The Cartama Oval has witnessed a variety of scoring patterns in the last 10 matches, providing a nuanced insight into its characteristics. The average score hovers around 120, with an average of 6 wickets falling per match. Teams have defended scores below 75, while the highest chase stands at 117/6. The highest score set at this venue was an impressive 179/1. Understanding the pitch friendliness—whether it favors batsmen, bowlers, pacers, or spinners—becomes crucial in team selection.

Probable Playing XI for ECC and BYR:

Empire CC (ECC) Byron (BYR)
Jonathan Scamans Amarpreet Singh
Mahesh Tambe Aslam Mohammad
Nathan Collins Asrar Ahmed
Amjad Sher Mustafa Omer
Vanraaj Padhaal Shafique Muhammad-I
Peter Gallagher Shabbir Arslan
Aravind Mohan Christodoulos Bogdanos
Hariharan Dandapani Spyridon Vasilakis
Muhammad Imran II Spyros Nikokavouras
Rahul Agarwal Konstantinos Gialourakos
Jordan Obrien Georgios Stogiannos

Fantasy Point Scorers:

Analyzing recent performances reveals the top fantasy point scorers, essential for creating a winning Dream11 team. Amjad Sher for ECC and Spyridon Vasilakis for BYR stand out with 148 and 139 points respectively in recent matches. These players have consistently delivered impressive performances, making them strong contenders for fantasy team selection.

Key Players Analysis:

Empire CC (ECC):

Amjad Sher:

Role: All-rounder (AR)

Why: Amjad Sher has been a consistent performer, scoring 148 points in 2 matches. As an all-rounder, he contributes with both bat and ball, making him a valuable asset for fantasy teams.

Jonathan Scamans:

Role: Wicketkeeper (WK)

Why: Scamans, as a wicketkeeper-batsman, brings the potential for scoring points through both batting and wicketkeeping contributions. His presence at the top of the batting order enhances his chances of making a significant impact.

Vanraaj Padhaal:

Role: Batsman (BAT)

Why: Padhaal, a top-order batsman, has the ability to anchor the innings and accumulate runs. His consistency and ability to play long innings make him a key player for ECC in fantasy cricket.

Aravind Mohan:

Role: All-rounder (AR)

Why: Mohan’s dual ability as a batsman and a bowler makes him a versatile fantasy pick. His recent performances, including a score of 75 points in one match, showcase his potential to contribute significantly.

Nathan Collins:

Role: Batsman (BAT)

Why: Collins, a reliable batsman, adds depth to ECC’s batting lineup. His ability to stabilize the innings and contribute with crucial runs makes him a valuable fantasy asset.

Byron (BYR):

Amarpreet Singh:

Role: Batsman (BAT)

Why: Singh, as a top-order batsman, holds the key to BYR’s batting success. A batsman with the potential to score big runs, he is a crucial fantasy pick for his ability to anchor the innings.

Mustafa Omer:

Role: Batsman (BAT)

Why: Omer’s consistent batting performances make him a reliable fantasy pick. As a top-order batsman, he has the ability to accumulate runs and provide stability to BYR’s batting lineup.

Shafique Muhammad-I:

Role: All-rounder (AR)

Why: Muhammad-I’s dual contribution with bat and ball makes him a valuable all-rounder. His recent performances and potential for all-round contributions enhance his fantasy value.

Christodoulos Bogdanos:

Role: All-rounder (AR)

Why: Bogdanos, with his all-round skills, becomes a key player for fantasy teams. His ability to make an impact with both bat and ball increases his fantasy point potential.

Spyridon Vasilakis:

Role: All-rounder (AR)

Why: Vasilakis’ consistent performances, earning 139 points in 5 matches, highlight his fantasy value. As an all-rounder, he contributes across both departments, making him a well-rounded fantasy pick.

Predictive Captain and Vice-Captain Suggestions:

PerfectLineup’s predictive suggestions for captain and vice-captain consider player form and playing conditions. Key players like Amjad Sher (ECC), Mustafa Omer (BYR), and Jordan Obrien (ECC) emerge as top choices for these crucial roles.

Head-to-Head Records:

Comparing head-to-head records provides valuable insights into player performance. Jonathan Scamans, Mahesh Tambe, and Nathan Collins for ECC face off against Amarpreet Singh, Aslam Mohammad, and Asrar Ahmed for BYR. Analyzing their recent form and head-to-head statistics aids in making informed fantasy cricket decisions.

Dream11 Prediction Team:

Amjad Sher (C) – ECC (All-Rounder)

Mustafa Omer (VC) – BYR (All-Rounder)

Jonathan Scamans – ECC (Wicketkeeper-Batsman)

Vanraaj Padhaal – ECC (Batsman)

Aravind Mohan – ECC (All-Rounder)

Shafique Muhammad-I – BYR (All-Rounder)

Christodoulos Bogdanos – BYR (Bowler)

Spyridon Vasilakis – BYR (All-Rounder)

Nathan Collins – ECC (Batsman)

Hariharan Dandapani – ECC (Bowler)

Jordan Obrien – ECC (Batsman)


Captain (C): Amjad Sher – A consistent performer with the ability to contribute significantly with both bat and ball. His recent form and all-round skills make him a strong choice for captain.

Vice-Captain (VC): Mustafa Omer – An all-rounder with consistent performances, Mustafa Omer provides balance to the team. His ability to contribute with bat and ball makes him a valuable vice-captain.

Wicketkeeper: Jonathan Scamans – A reliable wicketkeeper-batsman who can anchor the innings and score valuable runs.

Batsmen: Vanraaj Padhaal, Nathan Collins, and Jordan Obrien – These batsmen have shown consistency and the ability to score big runs for their respective teams.

All-Rounders: Aravind Mohan, Shafique Muhammad-I, Christodoulos Bogdanos, and Spyridon Vasilakis – The team includes a mix of all-rounders who can contribute with both bat and ball, providing balance to the fantasy team.

Bowlers: Hariharan Dandapani – A reliable bowler who can take crucial wickets and earn fantasy points.


As the ECC vs BYR clash unfolds at Cartama Oval in the European Cricket League, fantasy cricket enthusiasts have a plethora of data to guide their team selection. From pitch conditions to probable playing elevens and top performers, this comprehensive preview equips fans with the knowledge needed to craft a winning Dream11 team. Stay tuned for the playing elevens announcement and get ready to witness an exhilarating cricketing spectacle.

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