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Empire CC vs Ljubljana Group D Match Prediction Dream11 Team, Fantasy Tips European Cricket League 2024



Empire CC vs Ljubljana Group D Match Prediction

Empire CC vs Ljubljana Group D Match Prediction Dream11 Team, Fantasy Tips European Cricket League 2024


The European Cricket League 2024 is in full swing, and the excitement is reaching new heights as Empire CC takes on Ljubljana in the Group D Eliminator at Cartama Oval, Cartama. The clash promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams vying for a spot in the next stage of the tournament. As the countdown to the match begins, let’s delve into the teams, their journey in the tournament so far, and what we can expect from this crucial encounter.

Match Details
Date & Time 8 Mar 2024, Fri, 3:30 PM IST
Venue Cartama Oval, Cartama


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Team Overview:

Empire CC, led by Aravind Mohan, faces off against the formidable Ljubljana, captained by Jonathan Scamans. Both teams boast a mix of experienced players and rising talents, making it a battle of skill and strategy on the cricket field. With players like Jordan Obrien, Nathan Collins, and Rahul Agarwal in the Empire CC squad, and the likes of Vanraaj Padhaal, Peter Gallagher, and Muhammad Imran-2 in the Ljubljana lineup, the match promises to be a display of cricketing prowess.


Empire CC Ljubljana
1. Aravind Mohan (wk) 1. Jonathan Scamans (wk)
2. Jordan Obrien 2. Vanraaj Padhaal
3. Nathan Collins 3. Peter Gallagher
4. Rahul Agarwal 4. Muhammad Imran-2
5. Amjad Sher 5. Muhammed Hasnat
6. Peter Gallagher 6. Matias Brasier
7. Hariharan Dandapani 7. Charlie Harrison
8. Mahesh Tambe 8. Ramanjot Singh (wk)
9. Muhammad Imran-2 9. Hassan Ahmed
10. Muhammed Hasnat 10. Tarun Sharma-I
11. Matias Brasier 11. Bhagwant Sandhu

Group D Standings:

As we approach the Group D Eliminator, let’s take a quick look at the standings. Paris Universite Club and Dreux have secured the top two positions with convincing performances, leaving Ljubljana, Empire CC, and Byron in a tight race for the remaining spot. Ljubljana, with a win and a loss, holds a crucial position in the group, while Empire CC is looking to bounce back from two consecutive losses. The stakes are high, and every run and wicket will be crucial in determining the fate of these teams.

Key Players to Watch:

In a tournament filled with stellar performances, several players have stood out. The ECL Most Runs table showcases impressive batting displays, with the likes of Raihan Stanikzai, Jonty Jenner, and Charlie Brennan leading the pack. On the bowling front, Harry Hankins, Hedayatullah Sherzad, and Matthew Benning have been exceptional, making them players to watch in the upcoming clash.

Analysis of Group D Teams:

Paris Universite Club and Dreux have set the benchmark in Group D, but Ljubljana and Empire CC are determined to turn the tables. Ljubljana’s experience and Empire CC’s resilience make this encounter an intriguing battle. The teams will be keen to capitalize on their strengths and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses, making it a tactical showdown on the field.

Dream11 Team Prediction:


Jonathan Scamans (Ljubljana)


Jordan Obrien (Empire CC)


Aravind Mohan (Empire CC)


Vanraaj Padhaal (Ljubljana)

Nathan Collins (Empire CC)

Peter Gallagher (Ljubljana)


Muhammad Imran-2 (Empire CC)

Charlie Harrison (Ljubljana)


Matias Brasier (Empire CC)

Bhagwant Sandhu (Ljubljana)

Hassan Ahmed (Ljubljana)


The European Cricket League 2024 has showcased the best of cricketing talent, and the Group D Eliminator between Empire CC and Ljubljana promises to add another exciting chapter to the tournament. As cricket enthusiasts gear up for the clash at Cartama Oval, the anticipation is palpable. Will Empire CC stage a comeback, or will Ljubljana continue their journey in the tournament? Only time will tell as the two teams collide in a battle for supremacy.

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