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GUJ vs PUN Dream11 Prediction, Match Preview, and Fantasy Tips for Pro Kabaddi League



GUJ vs PUN Dream11 Prediction

GUJ vs PUN Dream11 Prediction, Match Preview, and Fantasy Tips for Pro Kabaddi League

              Gujarat Giants vs Puneri Paltan Dream11 Prediction


The Pro Kabaddi League matchup between Gujarat Giants and Puneri Paltan promises to be an exciting contest, and fantasy kabaddi enthusiasts are gearing up for the clash on Sunday, January 21, 2024, at 09:00 PM IST. This article provides a comprehensive GUJ vs PUN Dream11 prediction, match preview, and fantasy tips to help you create a winning team.

Match Details:

  • Match: Gujarat Giants vs Puneri Paltan (GUJ vs PUN)
  • League: Pro Kabaddi League
  • Date: Sunday, 21st January 2024
  • Time: 09:00 PM (IST) / 03:30 PM (GMT)
  • Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.
  • Live: Starsport
  • Highlight: Hotstar

GUJ vs PUN Ground Report:

The Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad is known for its supportive conditions for kabaddi matches. The Ground is expected to favor both raiders and defenders, providing an equal opportunity for players from both teams.

GUJ vs PUN Weather Report:

As of now, there are no weather-related concerns for the GUJ vs PUN match. Fans can expect a pleasant kabaddi experience without any interruptions due to weather conditions.

GUJ vs PUN Possible Playing 7:

Gujarat Giants (GUJ) Possible Starting 7 Puneri Paltan (PUN) Possible Starting 7
Fazel Atrachali (C) Sanket Sawant
Sombir Abinesh Nadarajan
Deepak Singh Gaurav Khatri
Balaji-D Aslam Inamdar (C)
Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
Rakesh Sangroya Pankaj Mohite
Parteek Dahiya Mohit Goyat

GUJ vs PUN Match Previews:

Gujarat Giants and Puneri Paltan are gearing up for a thrilling Pro Kabaddi League encounter. Both teams have displayed commendable performances in recent matches, making this clash a highly anticipated one.

Gujarat Giants (GUJ) Team Updates:

  • Fazel Atrachali and Sombir will lead the defensive charge for Gujarat Giants.
  • Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh will be a key all-rounder for the team.
  • Captain Fazel Atrachali and raiders Parteek Dahiya and Rakesh Sangroya will play crucial roles.

Puneri Paltan (PUN) Team Updates:

  • Sanket Sawant and Abinesh Nadarajan will anchor the defense for Puneri Paltan.
  • All-rounder Mohammadreza Chiyaneh has been a consistent fantasy performer.
  • Captain Aslam Inamdar and raiders Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite are vital to Puneri Paltan’s strategy.

GUJ vs PUN Head to Head & Recent Performance:

GUJ vs PUN Head to Head GUJ vs PUN Recent Forms
GUJ: 8 Wins GUJ: W L W L W
PUN: 4 Wins PUN: L W W W W

GUJ vs PUN Live Telecast:

The GUJ vs PUN match will be broadcast live on Star Sports and Hotstar.

GUJ vs PUN Fantasy Tips:

  • Both teams boast strong all-rounders, making them crucial fantasy picks.
  • Consider players like Sombir, Fazel Atrachali, and Mohammadreza Chiyaneh for high fantasy points.
  • Stay updated on possible lineup changes and injury updates closer to the match.

GUJ vs PUN Dream11 Winning Predictions:

Puneri Paltan enters the match as the favorite based on recent form. However, fantasy players should keep an eye on key performers from both teams for optimal Dream11 results.

Key Players & Why?

Gujarat Giants (GUJ) Key Players:

  1. Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh: He is a versatile player and a key all-rounder for Gujarat Giants. With a good balance of raiding and defending skills, he can contribute significantly in both aspects of the game.
  2. Deepak Singh: Known for his effective raiding, Deepak Singh is a key offensive player for GUJ. He has the ability to score crucial points and turn the game in favor of his team.
  3. Rakesh Sangroya: As a raider, Sangroya has been consistently delivering strong performances. He is a key contributor to Gujarat Giants’ offensive strategy and can be a game-changer in critical moments.
  4. Fazel Atrachali: The captain of Gujarat Giants, Fazel Atrachali, is a top-class defender. Known for his tackle points and leadership on the mat, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the team’s defensive strength.
  5. Sombir: Another key defender, Sombir has been earning high fantasy points in the series. His defensive skills make him a crucial asset for Gujarat Giants in limiting the opponent’s scoring opportunities.

Puneri Paltan (PUN) Key Players:

  1. Sanket Sawant: A key defender for Puneri Paltan, Sawant’s ability to execute successful tackles and block raids makes him a vital component of the team’s defensive lineup.
  2. Abinesh Nadarajan: As an all-rounder, Nadarajan contributes both defensively and offensively. His ability to score points in raids and make important tackles adds versatility to Puneri Paltan’s gameplay.
  3. Mohit Goyat: One of the key raiders for PUN, Goyat has been consistently scoring points for the team. His agility and quick raids make him a threat to the opposition’s defense.
  4. Gaurav Khatri: A dependable all-rounder, Khatri has been contributing in various aspects of the game. His skills in both raiding and defending make him a valuable asset for Puneri Paltan.
  5. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh: With the highest fantasy points in the series, Chiyaneh is a standout player. As a top-performing all-rounder, he brings a combination of raiding and defensive prowess to Puneri Paltan.

These key players are highlighted based on their recent performances, consistency, and impact on the team’s overall gameplay. Fantasy team managers may consider these players for captaincy and vice-captaincy choices in their Dream11 or other fantasy kabaddi teams.

GUJ vs PUN Captain and Vice-Captain Choices Why?:

Selecting the right Captain and Vice-Captain is crucial in fantasy kabaddi as they earn double and 1.5 times the points, respectively. Here are some Captain and Vice-Captain choices for the GUJ vs PUN match, along with reasons:

GUJ vs PUN Captain Choices:

  1. Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh: As a key all-rounder for Gujarat Giants, Nabibakhsh contributes in both raiding and defending. His ability to score points consistently makes him a strong Captain choice.
  2. Sanket Sawant: The defender for Puneri Paltan, Sawant, is known for his effective tackles. If he can successfully restrict the opponent’s raiders, he can accumulate significant tackle points, making him a Captain option.
  3. Rakesh Sangroya: A reliable raider for Gujarat Giants, Sangroya has showcased consistency in scoring points. If he performs well in raids, he can be a high-scoring Captain choice.
  4. Fazel Atrachali: The captain and top defender for Gujarat Giants, Atrachali, can accumulate points through successful tackles. If he leads the defensive charge effectively, he becomes a strong Captain option.
  5. Mohit Goyat: As a key raider for Puneri Paltan, Goyat has the potential to amass points through successful raids. If he can outwit the opponent’s defense, he becomes a promising Captain choice.

GUJ vs PUN Vice-Captain Choices:

  1. Sombir: A top defender for Gujarat Giants, Sombir’s tackling skills make him a reliable Vice-Captain option. If he performs well in limiting the opponent’s raiders, he can contribute significantly.
  2. Abinesh Nadarajan: An all-rounder for Puneri Paltan, Nadarajan contributes in both raids and tackles. His versatility makes him a strong Vice-Captain option.
  3. Deepak Singh: A key raider for Gujarat Giants, Singh’s ability to score points through successful raids makes him a valuable Vice-Captain choice.
  4. Gaurav Khatri: An all-rounder for Puneri Paltan, Khatri’s contributions in both raiding and defending make him a versatile Vice-Captain option.
  5. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh: As the top-performing all-rounder for Puneri Paltan, Chiyaneh’s consistent performances make him a strong Vice-Captain choice.

These Captain and Vice-Captain choices are based on the players’ recent forms, roles in the team, and the potential impact they can have on the match. Fantasy team managers should consider these factors when making their final selections for the GUJ vs PUN match in Dream11 or other fantasy kabaddi platforms.

GUJ vs PUN Injury Updates/Unavailability:

As of now, there are no injury updates for either team. Stay tuned for any last-minute changes.

GUJ vs PUN Squads:

Gujarat Giants (GUJ) Squad Puneri Paltan (PUN) Squad
Fazel Atrachali (C) Sanket Sawant
Sombir Abinesh Nadarajan
Deepak Singh Gaurav Khatri
Balaji-D Aslam Inamdar (C)
Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
Rakesh Sangroya Pankaj Mohite
Parteek Dahiya Mohit Goyat
Arkam Shaikh Dadaso Shivaji Pujari
Sourav Gulia Tushar Dattaray Adhavade
Narender Hooda Vahid RezaEimehr
Manuj Aditya Tushar Shinde
Ravi-Kumar Akash Shinde
Rohit Gulia Nitin-R
Sonu Jaglan Ahmed Enamdar
Nitin Ishwar
Vikas Jaglan Vaibhav Kamble
Nitesh Hardeep
Jagdeep Badal Taqdir Singh
Jitender Yadav
Rohan Singh-I

Best Dream11 Prediction Team:

Position Player Team Points (Recent Form)
Raider Rakesh Sangroya (VC) Gujarat Giants 704
Raider Mohit Goyat Puneri Paltan 1044
All-Rounder Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh (C) Gujarat Giants 300
Defender Sombir Gujarat Giants 826
Defender Sanket Sawant Puneri Paltan 560
All-Rounder Abinesh Nadarajan Puneri Paltan 894
Defender Fazel Atrachali Gujarat Giants 784
Raider Pankaj Mohite Puneri Paltan 666
All-Rounder Mohammadreza Chiyaneh Puneri Paltan 1305
Defender Gaurav Khatri Puneri Paltan 1074
Raider Parteek Dahiya Gujarat Giants (Points may vary)

(C) – Captain

(VC) – Vice-Captain

Note: The points mentioned are based on the recent form of the players in the Pro Kabaddi League. It’s advisable to check for any last-minute updates and the official Dream11 app for the most accurate information before finalizing your fantasy team.

In conclusion, the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League match between Gujarat Giants and Puneri Paltan is poised to be an exciting and competitive encounter. Both teams have a mix of experienced players and promising talents, adding an element of unpredictability to the game.

Gujarat Giants, led by captain Fazel Atrachali, boasts a strong defensive lineup with players like Sombir and Balaji-D. The raiding department, led by Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh and Rakesh Sangroya, adds depth and versatility to their gameplay. With a recent form of wins and losses, Gujarat Giants will be looking to secure a victory in this crucial matchup.

On the other hand, Puneri Paltan, under the leadership of Aslam Inamdar, has shown consistency with a recent winning streak. The defensive prowess of players like Sanket Sawant and Gaurav Khatri complements the attacking abilities of raiders such as Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite.

As fantasy kabaddi enthusiasts gear up for the GUJ vs PUN match, key players like Mohammad Esmaeil-Nabibakhsh, Sanket Sawant, and Rakesh Sangroya emerge as potential Captain and Vice-Captain choices for Dream11 teams. The head-to-head record favors Gujarat Giants, but Puneri Paltan’s recent form suggests a fiercely contested battle on the kabaddi mat.

Ultimately, the match promises intense action, strategic gameplay, and individual brilliance from key players. Kabaddi fans and fantasy sports enthusiasts alike can look forward to an entertaining clash between these two Pro Kabaddi League contenders.

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