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HAR vs BEN Dream11 Prediction, Match Preview, and Fantasy Tips – Pro Kabaddi League



HAR vs BEN Dream11 Prediction

HAR vs BEN Dream11 Prediction, Match Preview, and Fantasy Tips – Pro Kabaddi League

     Haryana Steelers vs Bengal Warriors Dream11 Prediction


The Pro Kabaddi League clash between Haryana Steelers and Bengal Warriors promises to be an exhilarating battle, and Dream11 enthusiasts are eager to assemble their winning teams. Let’s delve into the match details, probable playing 7, key players, and expert advice to help you craft a formidable Dream11 lineup.

HAR vs BEN Match Details:

  • Date: Monday, 29th January 2024
  • Time: 08:00 PM (IST) / 02:30 PM (GMT)
  • League: Pro Kabaddi League
  • Venue: Patliputra Indoor Stadium, Patna
  • Live: Starsport/Hotstar

Weather Report:

  • Stay updated on weather conditions, as it can influence player performance.
  • Factor in aspects like humidity and temperature while making your Dream11 team.

Possible Playing 7:

Haryana Steelers (HAR) Bengal Warriors (BEN)
Jaideep Kuldeep Shubham Shinde
Rahul Sethpal Vaibhav Garje
Mohit Khaler Jaskirat Singh
Mohit (C) Nitin Kumar Dhankhar
Ashish (ignore) Maharudra Garje
Vinay Aditya S Shinde
Siddharth Desai Maninder Singh (C)

Match Preview:

  • Haryana Steelers, in good form, clash with Bengal Warriors in a high-stakes encounter.
  • Jaideep Kuldeep, Rahul Sethpal, and Mohit lead Haryana’s defense.
  • Shubham Shinde, Vaibhav Garje, and Nitin Kumar Dhankhar anchor Bengal’s defense.
  • Raiders like Siddharth Desai and Vinay for HAR, and Maninder Singh for BEN, can tip the scales.

Key Players:

Key Players for Haryana Steelers (HAR):

  1. Jaideep Kuldeep: A pivotal defender, Jaideep Kuldeep has consistently contributed with his robust defense, making him a key player for the Haryana Steelers.
  2. Rahul Sethpal: Rahul Sethpal’s skills in defending and strategic gameplay make him an essential component of the Haryana Steelers’ lineup.
  3. Mohit Khaler: As a strong defender, Mohit Khaler’s ability to tackle opponents adds significant value to the Haryana Steelers’ defensive unit.
  4. Mohit (Captain): Leading the team, Mohit, as the captain, brings both experience and leadership to the squad, making him a key figure in the team’s strategy.
  5. Ashish (ignore): A versatile all-rounder, Ashish’s contributions in both raiding and defending make him a player to watch out for in the Haryana Steelers’ lineup.
  6. Vinay: Vinay’s raiding prowess and agility on the mat make him a key raider for the Haryana Steelers, capable of turning the tide in their favor.
  7. Siddharth Desai: Siddharth Desai’s raiding skills and ability to score crucial points make him a key offensive player for the Haryana Steelers.

Key Players for Bengal Warriors (BEN):

  1. Shubham Shinde: Shubham Shinde, a standout defender, is crucial for the Bengal Warriors with his strong tackles and defensive maneuvers.
  2. Vaibhav Garje: Vaibhav Garje’s defensive abilities and strategic gameplay contribute significantly to the Bengal Warriors’ defensive lineup.
  3. Jaskirat Singh: Jaskirat Singh’s presence as a defender is vital for the Bengal Warriors, adding strength to their defensive structure.
  4. Nitin Kumar Dhankhar: An impactful all-rounder, Nitin Kumar Dhankhar contributes both in raiding and defending, making him a key player for the Bengal Warriors.
  5. Maharudra Garje: As an all-rounder, Maharudra Garje’s versatility adds depth to the Bengal Warriors’ gameplay, making him a key figure in their strategy.
  6. Aditya S Shinde: Aditya S Shinde’s role as an all-rounder is pivotal for the Bengal Warriors, contributing both in attack and defense.
  7. Maninder Singh (Captain): Leading the team, Maninder Singh is a star raider and captain, known for his exceptional raiding skills and strategic leadership.


Captain and Vice-Captain Choices & Why:

  1. Captain Choice: Vaibhav Garje (BEN)
    • Points: 809
    • Credit Rating (CR): 14.5


    • Vaibhav Garje, with a Credit Rating of 14.5, has been a standout defender for Bengal Warriors.
    • His consistent performance in defense, including successful tackles and blocks, makes him a reliable point-scorer.
    • Vaibhav Garje’s ability to disrupt the opponents’ raiding strategies and accumulate defensive points makes him a strong candidate for the Captaincy.
  2. Vice-Captain Choice: Vinay (HAR)
    • Points: 812
    • Credit Rating (CR): 14.5


    • Vinay, with a Credit Rating of 14.5, is a key raider for Haryana Steelers and has consistently contributed to the team’s scoreboard.
    • His agility, quick movements, and knack for scoring crucial raid points make him a valuable asset in the attacking lineup.
    • As the Vice-Captain, Vinay has the potential to provide a steady stream of points through successful raids, bonus points, and avoiding defensive tackles.
  3. Alternate Captain Choices:
    • Maninder Singh (BEN):
      • Points: 900
      • Credit Rating (CR): 15
      • Reasoning: Maninder Singh, the captain of Bengal Warriors, is an exceptional raider with a high Credit Rating. His raiding prowess and leadership role make him a strong alternative for the Captain position.
    • Mohit (HAR):
      • Points: 1010
      • Credit Rating (CR): 15
      • Reasoning: Mohit, the captain of Haryana Steelers, is a formidable defender with a high Credit Rating. His ability to execute successful tackles and lead the defensive unit adds to his Captaincy potential.
    • Shubham Shinde (BEN):
      • Points: 1184
      • Credit Rating (CR): 15.5
      • Reasoning: Shubham Shinde, a top-scoring defender for Bengal Warriors, has a higher Credit Rating. His consistent defensive performances make him a viable option for Captaincy.

Live Telecast:

  • Watch the action unfold live on Star Sports/Hotstar.

Fantasy Tips:

  1. Balance Your Team:
    • Ensure a well-balanced team with a mix of defenders, raiders, and all-rounders for maximum point-scoring potential.
  2. Monitor Recent Form:
    • Keep track of players’ recent performances, both in terms of individual contributions and team dynamics.
  3. Consider All-Rounders:
    • All-rounders who contribute in both raiding and defending can be valuable picks, offering versatility and consistent points.
  4. Key Player Selection:
    • Prioritize key players based on their recent form, roles in the team, and head-to-head performances.
  5. Check Injury Updates:
    • Stay updated on any injury news or unavailability of players. Avoid selecting players who might be carrying injuries.
  6. Captain and Vice-Captain Selection:
    • Choose your Captain and Vice-Captain wisely. Consider the recent performances, roles, and head-to-head records of potential candidates.
  7. Analyzing Head-to-Head Records:
    • Evaluate the historical performance of teams against each other. Consider how players have fared in previous encounters.
  8. Team Strategies:
    • Understand the strategies of both teams. Teams with strong defensive units might yield points through successful tackles and blocks.
  9. Credit Distribution:
    • Manage your team’s credit distribution efficiently. Ensure a mix of high-performing players and value picks within the credit constraints.
  10. Watch for Playing 7 Updates:
    • Keep an eye on the official announcements for the playing 7. Adjust your team accordingly once the lineups are confirmed.
  11. Fantasy Point Contributors:
    • Identify players who contribute across various categories, such as successful raids, tackles, and bonus points.
  12. Consider Recent Team Forms:
    • Evaluate how each team has been performing in recent matches. Teams in good form are likely to have players in high spirits.

Small League Must Picks:


  • Jaideep Kuldeep (1017 points)
  • Mohit (1010 points)


  • Shubham Shinde (1184 points)
  • Maninder Singh (900 points)

Grand League Risky Picks:


  • Siddharth Desai (356 points)
  • Ashish (ignore) (412 points)


  • Maharudra Garje (14 points)
  • Jaskirat Singh (220 points)


Haryana Steelers (HAR) Squad Bengal Warriors (BEN) Squad
Jaideep Kuldeep Shubham Shinde
Rahul Sethpal Vaibhav Garje
Mohit Khaler Jaskirat Singh
Mohit (C) Nitin Kumar Dhankhar
Ashish (ignore) Maharudra Garje
Vinay Aditya S Shinde
Siddharth Desai Maninder Singh (C)
Naveen Satnarain Shrikant Jadhav
Chandran Ranjit Kapil Gurjar
Monu Hooda Vishwas-S
Sunny Sherawat Darpan Chauhan
Ghanshyam Magar Harsh Lad
Shivam Patare Dipak Arjun Shinde
Harsh Kumar Akshay Bharat Bhoir
Tejas Maruti-Patil Akshay Kumar
K Prapanjan Suyog Gaikar
Hasan Balbool Aslam Saja Mohamed Thambi
Vishal Tate Chai-Ming Chang
Himanshu Choudhary Nitin Rawal
Ns.Jayasoorya Nagarajan Parshant Kumar
Ravindra Chouhan R Guhan

Best Dream11 Prediction Team:


  1. Maninder Singh (BEN) – Vice-Captain
  2. Vinay (HAR)
  3. [Select another raider based on form and playing 7 updates]


  1. Nitin Kumar Dhankhar (BEN)
  2. Mohit (HAR) – Captain
  3. [Choose an additional all-rounder based on recent performances]


  1. Jaideep Kuldeep (HAR)
  2. Shubham Shinde (BEN)
  3. Vaibhav Garje (BEN)
  4. Rahul Sethpal (HAR)


  • Mohit (HAR)


  • Maninder Singh (BEN)

In conclusion, the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League match between Haryana Steelers and Bengal Warriors promises to be an exciting and closely contested battle. Both teams have key players in good form, making it crucial for fantasy team managers to carefully select their Dream11 lineup. Consider recent performances, playing 7 updates, and team strategies while making your fantasy selections.

Key players such as Jaideep Kuldeep, Vinay, Shubham Shinde, and Maninder Singh are expected to play pivotal roles. The choice of captain and vice-captain, with Mohit from Haryana Steelers and Maninder Singh from Bengal Warriors highlighted as strong options, can significantly impact your fantasy team’s performance.

Stay tuned for any last-minute updates, injury reports, and official playing 7 announcements before finalizing your Dream11 team. Enjoy the match and good luck with your fantasy kabaddi selections!

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