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HAR vs PAT Dream11 Prediction Match Preview, Fantasy Tips, and Key Player Analysis



HAR vs PAT Dream11 Prediction

HAR vs PAT Dream11 Prediction Match Preview, Fantasy Tips, and Key Player Analysis

                                         Today’s Match: Haryana Steelers vs Patna Pirates


The Pro Kabaddi League is set to witness an intense battle as Haryana Steelers lock horns with Patna Pirates in a thrilling encounter scheduled for Friday, 16th February 2024, at 08:00 PM IST at the Tau Devilal Indoor Stadium, Panchkula. Let’s delve into the match details, possible starting lineups, key player analysis, Dream11 predictions, and more.

Match Details:

  • League: Pro Kabaddi League
  • Date: Friday, 16th February 2024
  • Time: 08:00 PM (IST) / 02:30 PM (GMT)
  • Venue: Tau Devilal Indoor Stadium, Panchkula.

Haryana Steelers vs Patna Pirates Live:

The Haryana Steelers vs. Patna Pirates match can be live-streamed on Star Sports. Additionally, if you have access to the Hotstar platform, you can watch the live stream of the match on Hotstar. These platforms typically provide live coverage of Pro Kabaddi League matches, allowing viewers to enjoy the game in real-time. Make sure to check the specific broadcasting details and availability in your region.

Possible Starting 7:

Haryana Steelers (HAR) Patna Pirates (PAT)
Jaideep Kuldeep Krishan Dhull
Rahul Sethpal Babu Murugasan
Mohit Khaler Mayur Kadam
Mohit (C) Ankit
Vinay Sachin Tanwar (C)
Siddharth Desai Sandeep Kumar
Shivam Patare Murugthamuth Sudhakar


  • Haryana Steelers: 4 Wins
  • Patna Pirates: 5 Wins

Expert Advice:

  • Mohit a top multiplier choice for small leagues.
  • Jaideep Kuldeep a decent choice for captaincy in grand leagues.

Head to Head Record:

  • Haryana Steelers: 4 Wins
  • Patna Pirates: 5 Wins

Live Telecast:

  • The match will be live telecast on Star Sports/Hotstar.

Recent Forms:

  • PAT: W W W T W
  • HAR: W W W L W

Fantasy Tips:

  • Both all-rounders are good; choose any.
  • Patna Pirates are favorites; pick more players from their team.

Must Picks:


  • Mohit (1319 points)
  • Jaideep Kuldeep (1221 points)


  • Krishan Dhull (1627 points)
  • Sachin Tanwar (1604 points)

Risky Picks: HAR:

  • Siddharth Desai (513 points)
  • Shivam Patare (589 points)


  • Babu Murugasan (311 points)
  • Mayur Kadam (567 points)

Key Player:

Haryana Steelers (HAR):

  1. Shivam Patare
    • Points: 589
    • Credit Rating (CR): 12.5
  2. Vinay
    • Points: 1044
    • CR: 14
  3. Rahul Sethpal
    • Points: 1139
    • CR: 14.5
  4. Jaideep Kuldeep
    • Points: 1221
    • CR: 15
  5. Mohit
    • Points: 1319
    • CR: 15.5

Patna Pirates (PAT):

  1. Babu Murugasan
    • Points: 311
    • CR: 12
  2. Murugthamuth Sudhakar
    • Points: 793
    • CR: 13
  3. Ankit
    • Points: 1490
    • CR: 14.5
  4. Sachin Tanwar
    • Points: 1604
    • CR: 15
  5. Krishan Dhull
    • Points: 1627
    • CR: 14.5

Captain Vice-Captain Choice:

Captain Choices:

  1. Vinay (HAR):
    • Vinay has consistently performed well and accumulated 1044 points, showcasing his reliability as a top performer.
    • His credit rating (CR) of 14 makes him an efficient choice in terms of points per credit.
  2. Jaideep Kuldeep (HAR):
    • Jaideep Kuldeep has been a stalwart in the defense, earning 1221 points and displaying consistency in his performances.
    • With a CR of 15, he offers a balanced combination of defensive skills and point-scoring potential.
  3. Mohit (HAR):
    • Mohit, the captain of Haryana Steelers, has been a high fantasy points gainer with 1319 points.
    • His CR of 15.5 reflects his significant impact on the game and potential to be a top multiplier choice.
  4. Ankit (PAT):
    • Ankit has been a key player for Patna Pirates with 1490 points, showcasing his all-around skills in defense.
    • With a CR of 14.5, he provides a good balance of reliability and point-scoring potential.
  5. Sachin Tanwar (PAT):
    • Sachin Tanwar, the captain of Patna Pirates, has consistently been a top raider with 1604 points.
    • His CR of 15 reflects his importance in the team and potential to accumulate high fantasy points.
  6. Krishan Dhull (PAT):
    • Krishan Dhull has been a standout defender for Patna Pirates, accumulating 1627 points.
    • With a CR of 14.5, he offers a strong defensive option with the potential for high fantasy point returns.

Vice-Captain Choices:

The vice-captain choices generally complement the captain choices, providing a backup in case the primary captain doesn’t perform exceptionally well. The vice-captain choices listed above share similar justifications as their captain counterparts, offering a blend of consistent performance and potential impact on the match.

These choices are based on recent forms, overall performances, and the players’ roles within their respective teams. It’s important to consider the dynamics of the game and the strengths of each player when making captain and vice-captain decisions in fantasy sports.

Dream11 Prediction Team:

  1. Vinay (C)
  2. Jaideep Kuldeep (VC)
  3. Mohit (HAR)
  4. Ankit (PAT)
  5. Sachin Tanwar (PAT)
  6. Krishan Dhull (PAT)
  7. Rahul Sethpal (HAR)


  1. Vinay (C): A consistent performer for Haryana Steelers with a credit rating (CR) of 14, Vinay is a reliable choice for the captain’s position.
  2. Jaideep Kuldeep (VC): As a vice-captain, Jaideep Kuldeep brings a strong defensive presence to the team with a CR of 15.
  3. Mohit (HAR): The captain of Haryana Steelers and a top fantasy points gainer in the previous match, Mohit is a valuable inclusion with a CR of 15.5.
  4. Ankit (PAT): Ankit, with a CR of 14.5, is a key defender for Patna Pirates and offers a good balance in the Dream11 team.
  5. Sachin Tanwar (PAT): The captain of Patna Pirates and a top raider, Sachin Tanwar is a high-scoring player with a CR of 15.
  6. Krishan Dhull (PAT): With the topmost fantasy points in the series and a CR of 14.5, Krishan Dhull is a strong defensive pick for Patna Pirates.
  7. Rahul Sethpal (HAR): With a solid performance in recent matches and a CR of 14.5, Rahul Sethpal is a valuable addition to the team.


The clash between Haryana Steelers and Patna Pirates promises to be a nail-biting affair, with both teams showcasing their strengths and strategies. Stay tuned for the live action and witness the thrilling kabaddi showdown unfold at the Tau Devilal Indoor Stadium.

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