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HT-W vs AA-W Match Prediction JSG Women’s Yuva Kabaddi Serie, Fantasy Tips, Player Analysis, Head To Head



HT-W vs AA-W Match Prediction

HT-W vs AA-W Match Prediction JSG Women’s Yuva Kabaddi Serie, Fantasy Tips, Player Analysis, Head To Head

                         Today’s Match: Himalayan Tahrs Women vs Aravalli Arrows Women 


The JSG Women’s Yuva Kabaddi Series continues to enthrall fans with its intense matches, and the upcoming showdown between Himalayan Tahrs Women (HT-W) and Aravalli Arrows Women (AA-W) promises to be no exception. Set to take place on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at 07:00 PM IST in the SMS Indoor Stadium, Jaipur, this match is expected to be a thrilling encounter between two formidable teams.

Match Details
Match Himalayan Tahrs Women vs Aravalli Arrows Women (HT-W vs AA-W)
League JSG Women’s Yuva Kabaddi Series
Date Sunday, 25th February 2024
Time 07:00 PM (IST) – 01:30 PM (GMT)
Venue SMS Indoor Stadium, Jaipur

Starting 7:

Himalayan Tahrs Women (HT-W) Aravalli Arrows Women (AA-W)
1. Champa Ramesh Thakur 1. Gyanu Takar
2. Dimple Ramlal 2. Manpreet Kaur Chinna
3. Kiran Ramanand Thakur 3. Muskan Malik
4. Bhavna Prem Singh 4. Prachi Beniwal
5. Kritika Kuldeep 5. Sushma Sharma Bhardwaj
6. Riya Vinod Mehta 6. Nidhi Sharma
7. Pushpa Jaipal 7. Renu Deshwal

Match Preview:

In the JSG Women’s Yuva Kabaddi Series, HT-W and AA-W are gearing up for a fierce battle in Jaipur. HT-W, in good form with recent victories, enters the match as the favorites. The team’s defense led by Champa Ramesh Thakur and Dimple Ramlal, along with strong all-round performances from Bhavna Prem Singh and Kritika Kuldeep, makes them a formidable force.

On the other hand, AA-W, with Gyanu Takar and Manpreet Kaur Chinna anchoring the defense, and Prachi Beniwal and Sushma Sharma Bhardwaj contributing as all-rounders, poses a tough challenge. The raiding department, led by Renu Deshwal and Nidhi Sharma, adds depth to the team.

Dream11 Prediction and Fantasy Tips:

Considering recent performances, HT-W holds an advantage in this clash. Pushpa Jaipal emerges as a top multiplier choice for small leagues, while Champa Ramesh Thakur is a decent captaincy choice for grand leagues.

Head to Head and Points Table:

Both teams are yet to register a win in their head-to-head encounters. In the Points Table, HT-W sits comfortably at the second position with four wins, while AA-W is third with three wins.

Key Players and Fantasy Picks:

Himalayan Tahrs Women (HT-W):

  1. Riya Vinod Mehta: Known for her raiding skills, Riya Vinod Mehta is a crucial player for HT-W. With a knack for scoring points, she adds dynamism to the team’s attack.
  2. Dimple Ramlal: A defensive stalwart, Dimple Ramlal is essential in the team’s backline. Her ability to thwart opponent raids and accumulate points makes her a key player.
  3. Bhavna Prem Singh: An impactful all-rounder, Bhavna Prem Singh contributes both in attack and defense. Her versatility makes her a vital asset for HT-W.
  4. Champa Ramesh Thakur: Leading the defensive unit, Champa Ramesh Thakur’s experience and expertise in tackling opponents make her a key figure in HT-W’s lineup.
  5. Pushpa Jaipal: A formidable raider, Pushpa Jaipal is known for her agility and point-scoring ability. She is a go-to player for HT-W when it comes to raiding.

Aravalli Arrows Women (AA-W):

  1. Muskan Malik: In the raiding department, Muskan Malik stands out with her ability to break through defenses. Her swift and strategic raids make her a key player for AA-W.
  2. Gyanu Takar: A defensive powerhouse, Gyanu Takar plays a crucial role in AA-W’s backline. Her ability to tackle opponents and disrupt their raids is pivotal for the team.
  3. Prachi Beniwal: As an all-rounder, Prachi Beniwal contributes significantly in both attack and defense. Her well-rounded skills make her a key asset for AA-W.
  4. Nidhi Sharma: Leading the raiding department for AA-W, Nidhi Sharma possesses the ability to score crucial points. Her strategic and aggressive raids make her a key player.

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices:

  1. Muskan Malik
  2. Gyanu Takar
  3. Dimple Ramlal
  4. Nidhi Sharma
  5. Champa Ramesh Thakur

Live Stream and Highlights:

The match will be live telecast on Fancode, where fans can also catch the live score. Highlights will be available on the same platform.

Dream11 Prediction Team:

  1. Riya Vinod Mehta (HT-W) – Raider
  2. Dimple Ramlal (HT-W) – Defender
  3. Bhavna Prem Singh (HT-W) – All-Rounder
  4. Champa Ramesh Thakur (HT-W) – Defender
  5. Pushpa Jaipal (HT-W) – Raider
  6. Muskan Malik (AA-W) – Raider
  7. Gyanu Takar (AA-W) – Defender

Captain: Pushpa Jaipal (HT-W)

Vice-Captain: Gyanu Takar (AA-W)


As the battle unfolds in the SMS Indoor Stadium, Jaipur, kabaddi enthusiasts are in for a treat. With star players showcasing their skills, the HT-W vs AA-W clash promises to be a highlight in the JSG Women’s Yuva Kabaddi Series. Tune in for an evening of exhilarating kabaddi action!

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