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Joe Namath Net Worth: The Iconic Quarterback’s Financial Legacy



Joe Namath Net Worth

Joe Namath Net Worth: The Iconic Quarterback’s Financial Legacy

What is Joe Namath Net Worth?

Who is Joe Namath?

Stars Net Worth is here for you to answer all these questions.

Joe Namath Net Worth is $25 Million.

Joe Namath is a retired professional footballer, he was a two-time MVP in AFL Championship and won one Super Bowl. He was nicknamed “Broadway Joe” and was a media icon for fashion sense and lighthearted personality.

Now let’s dig deep into Joe Namath Net Worth and how he earns.

Joe Namath Net Worth

Joe Namath


Joe Namath Net Worth:

$25 Million

Joe Namath Salary:

Roughly $1.16 Million /per year

Joe Namath at a glance

Full Name Joseph William Namath
Joe Namath Net Worth  $25 Million
Date of Birth May 31, 1943
Age 78 years old
Born Place Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania,  United States
Nationality American
Parents Rose and Janos Andrew Namath
Source of Wealth Former footballer, author, actor
Wife Deborah Mays [1984-2000]
Children Olivia Namath and Jessica Namath
Weight 91KG

Joe Namath Early Life:

On the 31st of May 1943, Joseph William Namath was born to Rose and Janos Andrew Namath in Beaver Falls in the City of Pennsylvania. He had three younger siblings and an older sister who was adopted. His parents got divorced while he was still young.

Beaver Falls High School was from where he graduated in 1961. He got offers from different baseball teams but his interest was in football. Because of his mother’s request, he studied at the University of Alabama where he was offered a scholarship, and got graduated from there in 1964.

Joe Namath Career:

Collage Football:

The year 1964 was the year he played and got a National championship to the Alabama Crimson Tide, after being suspended for a year in which he missed two of his final games of the regular season. While being at the University of Alabama he led his team to a 29-4 win which was a record over three seasons. He attended college in the years (1955-68) in the Southern United States.

This was the starting of Joe Namath Net Worth.

Professional Football Career:

While being suffering from a knee injury, Namath was still able to lead his team to an undefeated season at the Orange Bowl. Being a first-round Draft selection it all came down to two competing leagues, the Upstart, and the NFL, as the drafts were represented on the 28th of November,1964 by both leagues.

Namath was offered a great amount of $200,000 by the Cardinals, Namath’s demands surprised them after which it was said that if he agreed to sign before the Orange Bowl his demands would be supported. He signed up with the jets which paid him $427,000 over three years.

New York Jets: 

In the year 1965 Namath of the Jets was named AFL Rookie of the year after winning five of the last eight which were in a total of fourteen games. After a throw over 4000 yards, he became the first professional quarterback in the year 1967During the years (1965 – 1969), he was an AFL All-Star.

During the half-time of some games, he had to get his knee drained so he could finish it. Years after leaving football, he got knee replacement surgery. Namath was able to throw three touchdowns to lead the New York Jets against the Oakland Raiders for a 27-23 win. A Hickok Belt was given in honor of being a top professional athlete of the year in 1968.

New York Jets contributes more to Joe Namath Net Worth.

Super Bowl 3: 

In the January of 1969, the big events of his career came after he played in the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Colts and won (16-7) just after the AFL – NFL merger. It was said that AFL would take several years to become competitive. Namath was announced the Super Bowl MVP after completing eight passes to George Saucer alone which was 133 yards in total. This was against the Colts, who were unable to withstand the flow of the Jets. Namath winning resulted in him being the first quarterback player, a major professional league championship winner with a Super Bowl also.

A later career with the JETS: 

During the first five years in the league, he managed not to skip any game because of his injuries, though he still missed 30 of the 58 games played during 1970 till 1973 because of various injuries. On the 24th of September 1972 during the fourth season, he teamed up with his dream player Johnny Unitas and was able to make an 872-yard pass in Baltimore. It was said by many NFL experts that it was the game that displayed the finest passing.

He again signed a 3-year contract with Jets worth $600,000 with a $500,000 signing bonus.

Los Angeles Rams:

Namath was bypassed by the Jets and was asked to move to the Los Angeles Rams when the trade didn’t go as planned for the Jets. While having several injuries he was put to play against the Chicago Bears which was going well until he missed four interceptions and by a penalty, he was benched as a new player for that whole season. He also retired by the end of the same season.

Other Career:

As Namath came into the Acting side of the world he launched his own show “The Joe Namath Show” in 1969 which was a success also. He was also made the color commentator of Monday Night Football in 1985. He also appeared in The Wedding Ringer, which was a comedy film in 2015.

Joe Namath Relationships:

Joe Namath fell in love with an aspiring actress named Deborah Mays. Joe first met her at the voice acting class in 1983Notwithstanding the age difference of 19 years, as Joe at that time was 41 and May was 22, they married in the year 1984.

The marriage was a success for a while, Joe got two daughters from May naming Jessica and Olivia Namath but due to some disagreement, the pair got divorced in 2000.

Joe Namath Net Worth & How he Earns:

Joe Namath Net Worth is $25 Million. This money was earned from his career and through some endorsement deals.

He signed up with the jets which paid him $427,000 over three years. And later again with a contract worth $600,000.

Over the years he has done many commercials for brands like Ovaltine, Noxzema, and Hanes. He has also appeared in a show named The Joe Namath Show in 1969.

How Joe Namath Spent his Money:

Joe Namath Net Worth is $25 Million and it’s his right to spend some of this money on himself. He purchased a property in New York City worth $1 Million. This was actually a gift for his daughter and her husband. Later in 2019, it was reported that he was selling the house for $1.195 Million.

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What is Joe Namath net worth?

Joe Namath Net Worth is $25 Million.

How much does Joe Namath make annually?

He roughly earns $1.16 Million per year.

How old is ex-football player Joe Namath?

Joe Namath is now 78 years old.

What high school did Joe Namath attend?

He completed his high school at Beaver Falls High School and later attended The University of Alabama.

Who were Joe Namath’s wives?

He was married to Deborah Mays. His marriage was ended in the year 2000.

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