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Mohammad Shami Arjuna Award: A Dream Realized Amidst Challenges



Mohammad Shami Arjuna Award

Mohammad Shami Arjuna Award: A Dream Realized Amidst Challenges


In a moment of triumph and reflection, India’s star pacer, Mohammad Shami, expressed his elation at receiving the prestigious Arjuna Award, the second-highest sports honor in the country. The gifted cricketer, currently recovering from an ankle injury at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore, shared his thoughts on the significance of this recognition in a conversation with a national media organization.

A Dream Come True:

For Shami, receiving the Arjuna Award is nothing short of a dream come true. In his heartfelt remarks, he acknowledged the rarity of such an honor, emphasizing that many athletes spend a lifetime aspiring to receive it. Shami’s gratitude and pride were evident as he reflected on the significance of being among the select few who attain this pinnacle of recognition.

The Road to Recovery:

Despite being temporarily sidelined due to injury, Shami remains focused on his recovery and future endeavors. He revealed that he is undergoing medical supervision for his ankle injury and has already commenced training sessions. The seasoned pacer is optimistic about returning to action in time for the upcoming England Test series, demonstrating his resilience and determination.

Unique Recognition in Cricket:

Notably, among the 25 sports personalities honored with the Arjuna Award, Mohammad Shami stands as the lone cricketer. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) played a pivotal role in securing this special recognition for Shami, underscoring his exceptional contributions to the sport. Shami’s outstanding performance in the recently concluded ODI World Cup, where he emerged as the highest wicket-taker with 24 wickets in seven matches, further solidified his deserving candidacy for the award.

BCCI’s Special Request:

Acknowledging Shami’s exceptional skill and dedication, the BCCI made a special request for his nomination for the Arjuna Award. This reflects the cricket board’s recognition of Shami’s impact on the field and his contribution to India’s success in international cricket. The decision to nominate Shami for this prestigious accolade underscores his influence as a key player in the world of cricket.


Mohammad Shami’s journey to receiving the Arjuna Award is a testament to his unwavering commitment, skill, and passion for the game. As he recovers from his injury, the award serves as a motivating factor for Shami to return to the field stronger than ever. His unique position as the sole cricketer among the awardees highlights the significance of his contributions to Indian cricket. In celebrating Shami’s achievements, we also recognize the countless hours of hard work and dedication that lie behind this well-deserved honor.

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