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OV vs GAM European Cricket League Match Prediction, Fantasy Tips, Dream11 Team, Player Analysis



OV vs GAM European Cricket League Match Prediction

OV vs GAM European Cricket League Match Prediction, Fantasy Tips, Dream11 Team, Player Analysis

                                            Today’s Match: Old Victorians vs. Gamblers SC


The European Cricket League (ECL) 2024 promises to deliver exhilarating cricketing action, and the clash between Old Victorians and Gamblers SC in Group C – Match 1 on March 3, 2024, at Cartama Oval, Cartama, is set to kick off the tournament in grand style. With a batting-friendly pitch anticipated, fans can expect an enthralling battle between the two sides. As Old Victorians step onto the field as favorites, let’s delve into the player stats and key insights for both teams.

Match Details
Event European Cricket League 2024
Match Group C – Match 1
Date & Time March 3, 2024, 3:30 PM IST
Venue Cartama Oval, Cartama
Pitch Condition Batting-Friendly
Teams Old Victorians vs. Gamblers SC


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Pitch Report for Old Victorians vs. Gamblers SC ECL 2024 Match:

Venue: Cartama Oval, Cartama

The pitch at Cartama Oval for the Old Victorians vs. Gamblers SC clash in the European Cricket League 2024 is expected to favor the batsmen, creating an ideal setting for an exciting contest. Here are some key insights into the pitch conditions:

Batting-Friendly Surface:

The pitch is anticipated to be batting-friendly, offering good bounce and carry. Batsmen can expect the ball to come onto the bat, providing an opportunity for stroke play.

Support for Spinners:

While the pitch is expected to be favorable for batsmen, spinners might find some assistance. The dry conditions may encourage the spinners to get turn and variable bounce as the game progresses


Old Victorians Playing XI Gamblers SC Playing XI
1. Elliot Corbel (Wicket Keeper) 1. Kuldeep Gholiya (Wicket Keeper)
2. Jonty Jenner (Batsman) 2. Simranjeet Singh (Batsman)
3. Charlie Brennan (Batsman) 3. Mayank Darji (Batsman)
4. Jamie Watling (Batsman) 4. Amandeep Khokhar (Batsman)
5. Grant Donaldson (Batsman) 5. Karanbir Singh (All Rounder)
6. Jack Stevens (All Rounder) 6. Ankush Kumar (All Rounder)
7. James Duckett (All Rounder) 7. Junaid Khan (All Rounder)
8. Luke Gallichan (All Rounder) 8. Shayaddur Rahman (All Rounder)
9. Edward Giles (All Rounder) 9. Ranjit Narayan (Bowler)
10. Louis Kelly (Bowler) 10. Nitin Kamboj (Bowler)
11. Theo Pullman (Bowler) 11. Kamal Sharma (Bowler)

Key Players to Watch Out For:

Jonty Jenner (Old Victorians – Batsman):

With an impressive T10 batting average of 38.75, Jenner is expected to be a key contributor to Old Victorians’ run tally. His consistent performance in the shorter format makes him a batsman to watch out for.

Charlie Brennan (Old Victorians – Batsman):

Brennan’s explosive batting, coupled with his ability to pick up crucial wickets (1 wicket in T10), makes him a valuable asset for Old Victorians. His versatility adds depth to the team’s lineup.

Grant Donaldson (Old Victorians – Batsman/All Rounder):

As a batsman, Donaldson boasts an impressive average of 51.50 in 1Day matches. Additionally, his bowling prowess, with 5 wickets in just 2 innings, adds a dynamic dimension to Old Victorians’ all-round performance.

Karanbir Singh (Gamblers SC – All Rounder):

Karanbir Singh stands out as a top-performing all-rounder for Gamblers SC, with a remarkable T10 batting average of 50.84 and 18 wickets in 18 innings. His dual capabilities make him a game-changer.

Ankush Kumar (Gamblers SC – All Rounder):

Kumar’s ability to score runs consistently (23.75 AVG in T10) and take wickets (55 wickets in 35 innings) positions him as a crucial all-rounder for Gamblers SC. His contributions with both bat and ball are instrumental.

Junaid Khan (Gamblers SC – All Rounder):

With a wealth of experience and an impressive T10 record (789 runs and 98 wickets), Junaid Khan is a seasoned campaigner for Gamblers SC. His all-round skills make him a formidable force on the field.

Captain-Vice Captain Choices:

Jonty Jenner (Batsman):

With an impressive T10 batting average of 38.75, Jenner is a reliable top-order batsman. His ability to anchor the innings makes him a strong captaincy choice.

Charlie Brennan (Batsman):

Brennan’s explosive batting, averaging 43.25 in T10, can provide quick runs. Considering his all-round capabilities, he’s a valuable pick for captain or vice-captain.

Grant Donaldson (Batsman):

A consistent performer with a stellar 51.50 batting average in 1Day matches, Donaldson can be a reliable option for the captain’s role.

James Duckett (All Rounder):

Duckett’s all-round prowess, scoring 268 runs and taking 12 wickets in 1Day matches, makes him a strong contender for captain or vice-captain.

Gamblers SC:

Karanbir Singh (All Rounder):

Karanbir Singh boasts an impressive T10 batting average of 50.84 and has picked up 18 wickets. His all-round skills make him a top choice for captain.

Ankush Kumar (All Rounder):

With a T10 batting average of 23.75 and a remarkable 55 wickets, Ankush Kumar is a consistent performer suitable for captaincy.

Junaid Khan (All Rounder):

As a seasoned all-rounder with 789 runs and 98 wickets in T10 matches, Junaid Khan is a strong candidate for the captain’s role.

Ranjit Narayan (Bowler):

Narayan’s ability to contribute with both bat and ball, along with 32 wickets in T10, makes him a valuable vice-captaincy option.

Captain Choice: Jonty Jenner (Old Victorians)

Vice-Captain Choice: Karanbir Singh (Gamblers SC)

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Team for Old Victorians vs. Gamblers SC ECL 2024 Match:

Jonty Jenner (Captain) – Old Victorians (Batsman):

A reliable batsman with a strong T10 average, Jenner can provide a solid foundation for your fantasy team.

Charlie Brennan (Vice-Captain) – Old Victorians (Batsman):

Brennan’s explosive batting and potential wicket-taking ability make him an ideal vice-captaincy choice.

Karanbir Singh – Gamblers SC (All Rounder):

A consistent performer with both bat and ball, Karanbir Singh is a valuable asset to your fantasy team.

Ankush Kumar – Gamblers SC (All Rounder):

Ankush Kumar’s all-round skills, including a good batting average and wicket-taking ability, make him a crucial pick.

Grant Donaldson – Old Victorians (Batsman):

With a stellar batting average in 1Day matches, Donaldson can contribute significantly to your fantasy team’s points.

James Duckett – Old Victorians (All Rounder):

Duckett’s dual contribution with the bat and ball in 1Day matches makes him a valuable addition to the team.

Ranjit Narayan – Gamblers SC (Bowler):

Narayan’s ability to contribute with both bat and ball, along with a good wicket-taking record, makes him an essential pick.

Luke Gallichan – Old Victorians (All Rounder):

Gallichan’s batting capabilities and potential contributions with the ball make him a balanced choice.

Nitin Kamboj – Gamblers SC (Bowler):

Kamboj’s wicket-taking ability adds a valuable dimension to the bowling department of your fantasy team.

Theo Pullman – Old Victorians (Bowler):

Pullman’s knack for taking wickets in T10 matches makes him a strategic pick for the fantasy team.

Simranjeet Singh – Gamblers SC (Batsman):

A consistent batsman, Simranjeet Singh can anchor the innings for Gamblers SC, adding stability to your Dream11 team.


In summary, the Old Victorians vs. Gamblers SC clash in the European Cricket League 2024 promises an exciting contest on the batting-friendly Cartama Oval pitch. With strong lineups on both sides, featuring key players in batting and bowling departments, the match is expected to showcase thrilling cricket action. The toss-winning captain’s decision could be crucial, considering the balanced conditions for both batting and spin. Cricket enthusiasts can look forward to a closely contested match on March 3, 2024, at 3:30 PM IST, as the teams vie for victory in this ECL encounter.

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