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PCC vs HUD Match Prediction, Dream11 Team – European Cricket League 2024



PCC vs HUD Match Prediction

PCC vs HUD Match Prediction, Dream11 Team – European Cricket League 2024


The European Cricket League 2024 is set to witness an electrifying encounter as Huddinge locks horns with Prague CC in the 10th match of the Group B fixture at Cartama Oval in Cartama on Saturday, March 2. Both teams come into this clash with a determination to secure a victory, having displayed their prowess in their respective domestic tournaments.

Team Performances:

Huddinge’s recent success in the ECS Sweden 2023 final against Alby Zalmi CC showcased their batting prowess, with a convincing victory led by Tariq Zuwak’s explosive 39 runs off 20 balls. On the other hand, Prague CC demonstrated their strength in the ECS Czechia 2023 final against Brno, with Aditya Khatiwala’s remarkable 59 runs off 23 balls steering them to a six-wicket win.

Match Information:

  • Teams: Huddinge vs Prague CC, Group B
  • Event: European Cricket League 2024
  • Date: March 2, 2024
  • Time: 3:30 PM IST
  • Venue: Cartama Oval, Cartama


You can watch live stream of this match on fancode website and apps

Probable Playing XI:

Huddinge: Imal Zuwak(C), Omran Zazai, Yaseen Khan, Tariq Zuwak, Nasir Iqbal, Farhad Momand II, Saeed Ahmad, Samiullah Rahmani, M Zafar, Rashid Khan, Naveed Ahmed

Prague CC: Aditya Khatiwala, Naeem Lala, A Ashokan(C), Sabawoon Davizi, Kushal Mendon, S Wickramasekara, Ritik Tomar, Smit Patel-I, Keyur Mehta, Naveen Padmaraju, Sameera Maduranga

Pitch Condition:

The Cartama Oval pitch is expected to favor the batsmen, continuing its trend of being a batting-friendly surface. The conditions seem to be conducive for stroke-making, indicating that both teams might prefer chasing the total rather than setting a defendable target.

Average 1st Inning Score: The pitch at Cartama Oval has historically seen high-scoring encounters, with an average 1st inning score of around 131. This suggests that teams batting first have been able to put up competitive totals, and chasing might be a preferred strategy considering the nature of the pitch

Key Players for Fantasy Teams:

Naser Baluch (Huddinge) – All-Rounder

Stats: Naser Baluch has been a consistent performer, scoring 482 runs and picking up 29 wickets. His all-round abilities make him a valuable asset for fantasy teams.

Sudesh Wickramasekara (Prague CC) – All-Rounder

Stats: Sudesh Wickramasekara boasts an impressive record, accumulating 1682 runs and claiming 51 wickets. His balanced contribution with bat and ball makes him a captaincy material in fantasy cricket.

Share Ali (Huddinge) – All-Rounder

Stats: Share Ali has been a key performer with 2050 runs and 21 wickets. His ability to contribute in both departments makes him a must-pick for fantasy teams.

Arun Ashokan (Prague CC) РAll-Rounder 

Stats: Arun Ashokan has showcased his all-round skills with 1207 runs and 17 wickets. At a budget-friendly price, he can be a valuable addition to fantasy teams.

Samiullah Rahmani (Huddinge) – All-Rounder

Stats: Samiullah Rahmani, with 663 runs and 21 wickets, provides a budget-friendly option for fantasy teams. His potential to make an impact with bat and ball makes him a wise choice.

Sabawoon Davizi (Prague CC) – All-Rounder

Stats: Sabawoon Davizi has been a consistent performer, amassing 2233 runs and taking 45 wickets. At a reasonable price, he can be a crucial budget pick for fantasy teams.

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices for Huddinge vs Prague CC Fantasy Cricket:

Captain Choice: Sudesh Wickramasekara (Prague CC)

Reasoning: Sudesh Wickramasekara, with his prolific all-round performances, is a strong candidate for the captaincy. His ability to contribute significantly with both bat and ball makes him a reliable choice to earn double points.

Vice-Captain Choice: Naser Baluch (Huddinge)

Reasoning: Naser Baluch, the dynamic all-rounder from Huddinge, is a consistent performer. With his capability to score runs and pick up wickets, he can make a substantial impact. Choosing him as the vice-captain provides a balanced approach for fantasy teams.

Alternative Captain/Vice-Captain Options:

Share Ali (Huddinge): Share Ali, with his all-round capabilities, can be a differential captain or vice-captain choice. His ability to contribute with bat and ball makes him a valuable fantasy asset.

Sabawoon Davizi (Prague CC): Considering his prolific record with both bat and ball, Davizi is another alternative captain or vice-captain option. If he performs well, he can fetch significant points for fantasy teams.

Tariq Zuwak (Huddinge): As a key batsman for Huddinge, Tariq Zuwak can be a differential captain or vice-captain choice. If he delivers a match-winning performance, it could lead to substantial fantasy points.

Sudesh Wickramasekara (Prague CC): Apart from the captaincy role, Sudesh Wickramasekara is also a strong vice-captain option. If he excels in either batting or bowling, fantasy points can accumulate quickly.

Considering the form and recent performances of these players, selecting Sudesh Wickramasekara as the captain and Naser Baluch as the vice-captain provides a balanced and strategic approach. However, exploring alternative options based on the match scenario and player form is always advisable in fantasy cricket.

Top Picks:

Share Ali (Huddinge): An all-rounder with 2050 runs and 21 wickets.

Arun Ashokan (Prague CC): A consistent all-rounder with 1207 runs and 17 wickets.

Avoid Players:

Omran Zazai (Huddinge): Inconsistent batting form.

Keyur Mehta (Prague CC): Limited recent contributions.


In past encounters, both teams have displayed a competitive edge, with a close 5-6 head-to-head record.

Dream11 Prediction Team:

Captain: Sudesh Wickramasekara (Prague CC) – All-Rounder

Vice-Captain: Naser Baluch (Huddinge) – All-Rounder


Share Ali (Huddinge)

Tariq Zuwak (Huddinge)


Omran Zazai (Huddinge)

A Ashokan (Prague CC)

Sabawoon Davizi (Prague CC)


Naser Baluch (Huddinge) – Captain

Sudesh Wickramasekara (Prague CC) – Vice-Captain

Samiullah Rahmani (Huddinge)


Sameera Maduranga (Prague CC)

Ritik Tomar (Prague CC)

Rashid Khan (Huddinge)


As the cricketing titans clash in the European Cricket League 2024, fans can expect a riveting battle between bat and ball. With both teams possessing formidable players, the match promises to be a spectacle for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Tune in on March 1 to witness the drama unfold at Cartama Oval.

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