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TEL vs TAM Dream11 Prediction, Players Analysis, Match Details and Fantasy Kabaddi Tips



TEL vs TAM Dream11 Prediction

TEL vs TAM Dream11 Prediction, Players Analysis, Match Details and Fantasy Kabaddi Tips

          Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas Dream11 Predictions


The Pro Kabaddi League action continues with an exciting clash between Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. The match is scheduled to take place at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, kicking off at 09:00 PM IST. In this article, we will delve into the probable playing 7, Dream11 predictions, and key tips for fantasy kabaddi enthusiasts.

Match Details:

Teams Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas
League Pro Kabaddi League
Date Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Time 09:00 PM (IST) – 03:30 PM (GMT)
Venue Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

Live Telecast:

TEL vs TAM Probable Starting 7:

Telugu Titans (TEL) Tamil Thalaivas (TAM)
Omkar R More Sagar
Sandeep Dhull (C) Sahil-III (C)
Mohit Rathee Mohit-VIII
Shanmugam Sanjeevi M. Abishek
Ajit Pawar Himanshu
Pawan-Sherawat Ajinkya Pawar
Omkar Narayan Patil Narender Hoshiyar

Match Preview:

Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas are set to clash in a Pro Kabaddi League encounter at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. Tamil Thalaivas, in recent matches, have shown good form and are considered favorites for this match. The Telugu Titans, led by Sandeep Dhull, will look to put up a strong fight against the in-form Tamil Thalaivas team.

TEL vs TAM Key Players & Why?:

Key Players for Telugu Titans (TEL):

  1. Omkar R More (Defender):
    • Points (PTs): 201
    • Credit (CR): 11.5
    • Why: Omkar R More is a crucial defender for Telugu Titans, contributing significantly in stopping opponent raiders. His ability to tackle effectively makes him a key player in the team.
  2. Ajit Pawar (All-Rounder):
    • Points (PTs): 440
    • Credit (CR): 14
    • Why: Ajit Pawar’s dual skills in raiding and defending make him an essential all-rounder for Telugu Titans. He has consistently garnered fantasy points, showcasing his versatility on the mat.
  3. Sandeep Dhull (Captain, Defender):
    • Points (PTs): 727
    • Credit (CR): 14
    • Why: As the captain and a prominent defender, Sandeep Dhull leads the team from the front. Known for his strong defensive skills, he not only accumulates points through tackles but also plays a strategic role in guiding the team.
  4. Pawan-Sherawat (Raider):
    • Points (PTs): 803
    • Credit (CR): 15
    • Why: Pawan-Sherawat is the lead raider for Telugu Titans and has consistently been a top performer. His agility and scoring ability in the opponent’s half make him a crucial player to accumulate points for the team.

Key Players for Tamil Thalaivas (TAM):

  1. M. Abishek (All-Rounder):
    • Points (PTs): 575
    • Credit (CR): 13.5
    • Why: M. Abishek’s all-round abilities, including raiding and defending, make him a key player for Tamil Thalaivas. His consistent performances contribute significantly to the team’s success.
  2. Narender Hoshiyar (Raider):
    • Points (PTs): 836
    • Credit (CR): 14
    • Why: Narender Hoshiyar is a prolific raider who consistently puts up impressive numbers. His scoring prowess and ability to break through the opponent’s defense make him a valuable asset for Tamil Thalaivas.
  3. Ajinkya Pawar (Raider):
    • Points (PTs): 894
    • Credit (CR): 14.5
    • Why: Ajinkya Pawar is a key raider known for his agility and quick raids. His ability to score crucial points in pressure situations makes him a go-to player for Tamil Thalaivas.
  4. Sagar (Defender):
    • Points (PTs): 1122
    • Credit (CR): 14.5
    • Why: Sagar, as a defender, has consistently delivered strong performances. His tackling skills and strategic approach contribute significantly to the team’s defensive capabilities.

These key players are crucial components of their respective teams, playing pivotal roles in different aspects of the game, whether it’s raiding, defending, or showcasing all-round skills.

Dream11 Predictions:

Based on recent performances and form, Tamil Thalaivas are considered the favorites. The Dream11 team suggestions include Pawan-Sherawat, Ajinkya Pawar, Narender, Sandeep Dhull, Sagar, Sahil Gulia, and Sanjeevi.

Expert Advice:

Pawan-Sherawat is recommended as a top multiplier choice for small leagues, while Sandeep Dhull is a decent option for captaincy in grand leagues.

Head to Head Record:

Telugu Titans have won 5 matches, while Tamil Thalaivas have won 7 matches in their head-to-head encounters.

Live Telecast:

The match will be telecast live on Star Sports/Hotstar.

Points Table:

Jaipur Pink Panthers lead the points table, followed by Puneri Paltan and Dabang Delhi.

Fantasy Tips:

In the all-rounder category, both teams boast strong players, making it a challenging decision. TEL vs TAM Winning Prediction: Tamil Thalaivas are predicted to have the upper hand.

Must Picks for Small Leagues:

TEL – Pawan-Sherawat (803 points), Sandeep Dhull (727 points) TAM – Sahil-III (1156 points), Sagar (1122 points)

Risky Picks for Grand Leagues:

TEL – Omkar Narayan Patil (143 points), Omkar R More (201 points) TAM – Himanshu (335 points), Mohit-VIII (411 points)

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices & Why?:

  1. Captain Choice – Pawan-Sherawat (TEL)
    • Points (PTs): 803
    • Credit (CR): 15
    • Why: Pawan-Sherawat, the lead raider for Telugu Titans, has consistently been a top performer. As the captain, he is likely to play a pivotal role in scoring points through successful raids. His agility, quick movements, and scoring ability make him a strong candidate for the captaincy.
  2. Vice-Captain Choice – Sahil-III (TAM)
    • Points (PTs): 1156
    • Credit (CR): 15
    • Why: Sahil-III, the captain for Tamil Thalaivas, has been a consistent top fantasy points gainer in the series. As a defender, his tackling skills contribute significantly to the team’s defensive capabilities. Choosing Sahil-III as the vice-captain provides a balanced approach with potential points from both raids and tackles.
  3. Alternate Captain Choice – Sandeep Dhull (TEL)
    • Points (PTs): 727
    • Credit (CR): 14
    • Why: Sandeep Dhull, the captain and key defender for Telugu Titans, is a reliable choice for the captaincy. His strategic approach to tackles and leadership on the mat make him a consistent fantasy point earner. Choosing Sandeep Dhull as an alternate captain provides a focus on defensive points.
  4. Alternate Vice-Captain Choice – Ajinkya Pawar (TAM)
    • Points (PTs): 894
    • Credit (CR): 14.5
    • Why: Ajinkya Pawar, the key raider for Tamil Thalaivas, is known for his agility and scoring ability. As the vice-captain, he offers potential points through successful raids. Choosing Ajinkya Pawar as an alternate vice-captain provides a focus on raiding points.


  • Pawan-Sherawat’s consistent raiding form and high fantasy points make him a strong captaincy choice.
  • Sahil-III, with his all-around defensive skills, is a reliable vice-captaincy choice to balance points from both raids and tackles.
  • Sandeep Dhull and Ajinkya Pawar serve as reliable alternatives based on their specific roles in defense and raiding, respectively.

Best Dream11 Prediction Team:

Dream11 Team:

  1. Pawan-Sherawat (C) – Raider (TEL)
  2. Ajinkya Pawar – Raider (TAM)
  3. Narender Hoshiyar – Raider (TAM)
  4. Sandeep Dhull – Defender (TEL)
  5. Sahil-III (VC) – Defender (TAM)
  6. M. Abishek – All-Rounder (TAM)
  7. Omkar R More – Defender (TEL)


  1. Shanmugam Sanjeevi – All-Rounder (TEL)
  2. Mohit Rathee – All-Rounder (TEL)
  3. Sagar – Defender (TAM)
  4. Omkar Narayan Patil – Raider (TEL)

Captain (C): Pawan-Sherawat (TEL)

  • Reasoning: Pawan-Sherawat, being the lead raider and in good form, has the potential to accumulate a significant number of points through successful raids. Making him the captain is a strategic choice for maximizing points.

Vice-Captain (VC): Sahil-III (TAM)

  • Reasoning: Sahil-III, as the captain and a key defender for Tamil Thalaivas, provides a balanced approach with potential points from tackles. His all-around skills make him a reliable vice-captaincy choice.


As Telugu Titans take on Tamil Thalaivas, kabaddi enthusiasts can expect an action-packed encounter. Stay tuned for the live telecast and enjoy the thrilling Pro Kabaddi League action!

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