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Virat Kohli: The King of the Pitch and His Staggering Net Worth



Virat Kohli Networth, Match fees, Business

Virat Kohli: The King of the Pitch and His Staggering Net Worth

According to 2023, Virat Kohli’s network is around 11 to 25, CR. but this money does not come through brain doors only by playing matches or through three social media posts, it comes from those companies or brands that Virat himself. Or have bought their shares, you must have heard a lot about Virat Kohli cricketer, but today we are going to talk about Virat Kohli businessman.

Virat Kohli Net Worth:

INR 1050 Crore

Virat Kohli Salary:

INR 50 Crore

Virat Kohli Match Fess

3,00,000 6,00,000 15,00,000

Apart from this, Virat earned around ₹ 180,00,00,000 in 2021 through brand advertisements like Puma MRF Tires and Audi Car. Also, according to the Hopper Social Rich List, Virat Kohli is among the top three highest earning star players on Instagram in 2022.

They charge around ₹ 9,00,00,000 for just one post on Instagram and we all know that they were sold for 15,00,00,000 in IPL but apart from all this Virat Kohli’s main source of revenue is The profit of his company, then let us know which are the top brands that Virat wears.

Virat Kohli Net worth, Match fees, Business All Income Details

Virat Kohli Net worth

Virat Kohli Source Of Income


Wrogn is Virat Kohli’s winning business too wrogn is his most favorite brand among them all he considers this bond very close to his heart and this is because of his attachment to the fashion industry Actually Ron is a clothing brand which is specially This youth fashion promoting brand that manufactures clothing items like graphic t-shirts and light weight denim jackets was started by Anjana Reddy and is a part of Bangalore based Universal Sports Beach Pvt.

For this famous Virat Kohli owns the shares of this clothing accessories bank and he is the co-owner of this brand as well as its brand ambassador. Virat Kohli has promoted this brand so much that in just a few years its network 4 ,00,00,000 to 112,00,00,000


One8 Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of Puma since a long time and from here he got the idea of doing business partnership with this brand because together with his mother he launched a new brand of his own and its name is One8 Inside the brand,

he sells sports wear that gives premium quality and excellent looks, and his products of this brand include shoes, T-shirts, track pants, caps and many types of sports stories. For this brand, Virat Kohli collaborated with Puma in the year 2017. Signed a deal of 110,00,00,000 which is valid for 8 years i.e. till 2025 and the names of friends and nets have been extracted from their jersey numbers i.e. one eight i.e. 18


Chisel is like 6 Years Fitness like top quality gym and fitness center started in 2015 by Satya Sinha in partnership with Virat Kohli has invested 90,00,00,000 in 6 years and he owns 30% of this brand Virat Kohli, a fitness enthusiast, holds the shares and is very interested in this band, and along with the branding of 6 years fitness, he also focuses a lot on opening its branches in different cities. Sale has to open 70 branches

Sports Convo

Sports convo What’s that The number of sports fans in the world has increased very fast, who like to know about sports, share something about it or talk to people who have hobbies like themselves, so Virat Kohli started sports convo.

Invested in a tech startup named Kaun Woh. It is a platform where fans of various sports meet at one place and discuss their favorite sports and players. Sports convo made famous with Virat Kohli Wales footballer Gareth Bale also promotes and friends, this is a platform where fans and players feel directly connected to each other.


Digit Digital Insurance In February 2020, Virat Kohli, along with his wife Anushka, invested in Bangalore’s Digit Assurance startup. Virat Kohli has seven shares of this company worth  3,00,00,000 while Anushka Sharma has  43, 00,000 Share Digit was started in 2017 by Kamlesh Goyal and the brand offers insurance policies for auto, travel, smart phone and commercial properties etc.

Goa Football Club

Goa Football Club Along with cricket, Virat Kohli is also very fond of football and he says that if he had not become a dictator, today he would have definitely been a football player. Because of his passion for football, he has invested in FC Goa.

Which is a professional Indian football club and you will be surprised to know that at the age of only 25, he became the co-owner of this football club, for your information, let us tell you that Kohli earns  1,0000000 annually in FC Goa. because of this, today he has 25% ownership of this club.

UAE Royals

UAE Royals Virat Kohli has invested not only in football but also in tennis and at this time is also the co-owner of the famous team UAE Royals of International Premier Tennis League i.e. IPTL. It was started in the year 2014, part of which Sir Father,

one of the world’s greatest tennis players, has also been a part and friends Virat Kohli had invested in this team during 2015 and became the co-owner of this team.

Bengaluru Yodhas

Bangalore Yodhas Apart from football and tennis, Virat Kohli has also invested in another sport and that sport is wrestling. Was invested and because of that, today he is known as the co-owner of this wrestling team as well as being a supporter of it.

Blue Tribe

Blue tribe Virat Kohli, along with his wife Anushka Sharma, has started a startup called Blue Drive this year, which provides vegetarian meat for vegetarian people, it is exactly like real meat in meat test as well. Protein and nutrition are also found in plenty in it, but no animal is killed for this, rather this meat is completely plant best.


Rage Coffee Just a few months ago i.e. on March 23, 2022, Virat Kohli had also invested money in Food and Beverage Brands Coffee. Distributes many products made from it all over India and friends have made Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador in this startup, he is also its co-owner.

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Now friends, in earlier times there was hardly any sports player who was interested in things like business other than playing, but ever since financial literacy has increased, along with common people,

celebrities and sports persons also understand its importance and For a better future, it is important for all of us to invest in many different businesses instead of depending on just one income source, then diversify your income like Virat and you will be tension free.


What Is Virat Kohli Monthly Income?

Virat Kohli Estimated Monthly Income Is 10 to 12 Crore only match fees

What Is Virat Kohli Net worth 2023?

In 2023 Virat Kohli Net worth Is 1050 Crore

Who Is Highest Paid Crickter?

Virat Kohli Is Highest Paid Crickter

Who Is Rich Virat Or Dhoni?

Dhoni Is More Rich To Kohli



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