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WIM vs PCC Match Prediction Dream11 Team, Player Analysis, Head To Head, Playing11



WIM vs PCC Match Prediction Dream11 Team

WIM vs PCC Match Prediction Dream11 Team, Player Analysis, Head To Head, Playing11

                                                Today’s Match: Wimbledon 🆚 Prague CC


As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the clash between Wimbledon (WIM) and Prague CC (PCC) at the European Cricket League hosted in Cartama Oval, fantasy cricket players are gearing up to create their winning Dream11 team. In this article, we will delve into key insights, including the playing elevens, pitch conditions, top-performing players, and head-to-head statistics to help you make informed decisions for your fantasy lineup.

Match Details
Date & Time March 1, 2024, 08:00 PM UTC
Venue Cartama Oval
Pitch Conditions Balanced (Consider batsmen and bowlers)
Weather Conditions Check latest updates for match-day weather
Last 10 Matches at Cartama Oval
Average Score 129
Average Wickets 6
Highest Score Set 168/4 (JIB vs COB, Feb 28, 2024)
Highest Chase 149/4 (HRT vs COB, Feb 28, 2024)
Highest Score Defended 168/4 (JIB vs COB, Feb 28, 2024)


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Pitch Report and Weather Conditions:

The Cartama Oval has witnessed a balanced competition between bat and ball in recent matches, with an average score of 129 and an average of 6 wickets falling per game. The highest score set was 168/4 by JIB against COB on February 28, 2024. Understanding the pitch friendliness is crucial for fantasy team selection. If it favors batsmen, opt for more batsmen and batting all-rounders, while a bowler-friendly pitch suggests a lineup dominated by bowlers.

Playing XI:

Wimbledon (WIM) Prague CC (PCC)
Joe Baldwin Sharan Ramakrishnan
Alastair Fraser Sameera Maduranga
Oliver Pike Naveen Padmaraju
Richie Lamb Ritik Tomar
Jonathon Webb Keyur Mehta
Jack Palsar Kushal Mendon
Jonathan Speller Aakash Parmar
Sam Baldwin Smit Patel-I
Charlie Whipple Sabawoon Davizi
Matthew Benning Arun Ashokan
Brandon Tattam Sudesh Wickramasekara
Hamish Merriman Naeem Lala
Tim Lloyd Aditya Khatiwala
James Weir Zeeshan Azeem
Ravikumar Solanki

Key Player:

Identifying key players for fantasy cricket involves considering recent performances, consistency, and potential impact on the upcoming match. Here are the key players for the WIM vs PCC match:

Wimbledon (WIM):

Joe Baldwin: A crucial player in both batting and bowling departments, Baldwin’s performance can significantly influence the outcome.

Alastair Fraser: As a consistent batsman, Fraser is a key player who can anchor the innings and accumulate valuable fantasy points.

Jack Palsar: A potential game-changer with his bowling skills, Palsar can contribute crucial wickets for your fantasy team.

Prague CC (PCC):

Naeem Lala: A standout performer with 416 points in 5 matches, Lala is a must-have in your fantasy team due to his all-around skills.

Aditya Khatiwala: Another top scorer for PCC, Khatiwala’s consistent performances make him a key player for your Dream11 lineup.

Sudesh Wickramasekara: A reliable performer with both bat and ball, Wickramasekara’s contributions can significantly impact the fantasy points tally.

Captain Vice Captain Choice:

Choosing the right Captain and Vice-Captain is crucial in fantasy cricket as they earn double and 1.5 times the points, respectively. For the WIM vs PCC match, consider the following options:

Captain Choices:

Naeem Lala (PCC): With consistent high scores and excellent all-around abilities, Lala is a strong candidate for the Captain role.

Joe Baldwin (WIM): As a key player for Wimbledon, Baldwin’s all-around skills make him a potential game-changer and a solid choice for Captain.

T Lloyd (WIM): If you’re looking for a reliable batsman, Lloyd is a top-order player who can accumulate runs and secure significant fantasy points.

Vice-Captain Choices:

Aditya Khatiwala (PCC): Another consistent performer for Prague CC, Khatiwala’s contributions with both bat and ball make him a strong Vice-Captain option.

Jack Palsar (WIM): A potent bowler, Palsar can pick up crucial wickets and contribute with the bat, making him a valuable Vice-Captain choice.

Sudesh Wickramasekara (PCC): With his all-around skills, Wickramasekara is a reliable Vice-Captain option who can contribute significantly in both departments.

Dream11 Prediction Team:

Naeem Lala (C)

Joe Baldwin (VC)

Alastair Fraser

Sameera Maduranga

Jack Palsar

Aditya Khatiwala

Sudesh Wickramasekara

Oliver Pike

Jonathan Speller

Sabawoon Davizi

Tim Lloyd


  • The Captain (C) and Vice-Captain (VC) choices are based on the players’ recent form and potential impact on the match.
  • Alastair Fraser and Sameera Maduranga provide batting depth to the team.
  • Jack Palsar is included for his bowling prowess and potential contributions with the bat.
  • Aditya Khatiwala and Sudesh Wickramasekara offer all-around skills, making them valuable additions.
  • Oliver Pike and Jonathan Speller are chosen for their potential wicket-taking abilities.
  • Sabawoon Davizi is included for his contribution with both bat and ball.
  • Tim Lloyd is selected as a top-order batsman.

Remember to check for any last-minute updates on playing elevens and pitch conditions before finalizing your Dream11 team.


With all these insights, you’re well-equipped to craft a winning Dream11 team for the WIM vs PCC encounter at the European Cricket League. Consider the pitch conditions, player form, and head-to-head records to maximize your chances of earning fantasy points. May your team emerge victorious in this thrilling cricket battle!

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