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Akshay Kumar Reply On Shikar Dhawan Heartfelt Instagram Post



Akshay Kumar Reply On Shikar Dhawan Heartfelt Instagram Post

Akshay Kumar Reply On Shikar Dhawan Heartfelt Instagram Post


In a touching Instagram post on Christmas day, Indian cricketer Shikar Dhawan shared his heartfelt emotions about missing his son, Zora. Dhawan expressed his love and pride for his son, revealing that it had been a year since he last saw him in person. Despite facing challenges in connecting with his son directly for almost three months, Dhawan shared a heartfelt birthday message for Zora, accompanied by a photo of him.

The Viral Post:

Shikar Dhawan Write On This Post=

(It’s been a year since I saw you in person, and now, for almost three months, I’ve been blocked from everywhere so Posting the same picture to wish you, my boy, a very Happy Birthday. 🤗

Even if I can’t connect with you directly, I connect with you through Telepathy. I am so proud of you, and I know you’re doing great and growing up nicely.

Papa always misses you and loves you. He’s always positive, waiting with a smile for the time when we will meet again by the Grace of God. Be naughty but not destructive, be a giver, be humble, compassionate, patient, and strong.

Despite not seeing you, I write you messages almost every day, asking about your well-being and daily life, sharing what I’m doing and what’s new in my life.

Love you loads Zora ❤️

Akshay Kumar Reply On Shikar Dhawan Heartfelt Instagram Post

Source: Instagram

Shikar Dhawan’s Instagram post quickly gained widespread attention and went viral. In the post, he mentioned the emotional challenges of not being able to connect with his son directly and how he relied on telepathy to maintain a connection. Dhawan expressed his pride in Zora’s growth and achievements, conveying his love and longing for the day they would meet again by the grace of God.

Akshay Kumar’s Supportive Response:

Akshay Kumar Write In Post=

Really moved to see this post. As a father, I
know that nothing is more painful than not
being able to see or meet your child. Hausla
rakh Shikhar.millions of us are praying for
you to meet your son soon. God bless. @shikhardofficial

Akshay Kumar Reply On Shikar Dhawan Heartfelt Instagram Post

Source: Instagram

Among the many who were moved by Shikar Dhawan’s post, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar took to the comments section to express his empathy and support. Acknowledging the pain of not being able to see or meet one’s child, Akshay Kumar shared his understanding as a father. He encouraged Dhawan to stay strong, assuring him that millions of people were praying for him to reunite with his son soon. The Bollywood actor concluded his comment with a heartfelt message, “God bless.”

Shikar Dhawan’s Unwavering Love:

Despite the physical distance, Shikar Dhawan revealed that he continues to write messages to his son almost every day, inquiring about Zora’s well-being and sharing details of his own life. The cricketer emphasized his enduring love for Zora, expressing optimism and patiently awaiting the day when they would be reunited.


Shikar Dhawan‘s emotional Instagram post and Akshay Kumar’s supportive response have shed light on the challenges faced by parents, especially those in the public eye, who are separated from their children. The heartfelt exchange serves as a reminder of the power of social media to connect people and the importance of empathy and support in challenging times. As Shikar Dhawan continues to navigate these emotional waters, the positive response from well-wishers, including Akshay Kumar, reinforces the idea that, even in the virtual world, compassion and understanding can create a sense of unity and shared humanity.

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