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Angelo Mathews Has Said, I Have Never Seen Anyone As Bad a Player As Shakib Al Hasan



Angelo Mathews Has Said

Angelo Mathews Has Said, I Have Never Seen Anyone As Bad a Player As Shakib Al Hasan


The recent Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh cricket match witnessed a dramatic controversy surrounding the “time out” call against Angelo Mathews. In a post-match press conference, Angelo Mathews expressed his frustration, accusing Shakib Al Hasan and the Bangladeshi cricket team of unsportsmanlike behavior. Mathews claimed that he had never witnessed such actions in his 15-year international cricket career. This article delves into the details of the controversy and provides an analysis of Mathews’ statements.

The Controversial Incident:

The incident took place during the match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, held at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Sri Lanka was batting first after losing the toss, and Angelo Mathews, a seasoned Sri Lankan player, came to the crease after an early wicket fell. However, what followed was a sequence of events that led to a heated debate.

When Mathews was getting ready to bat, the strap of his helmet broke, causing a delay in his readiness. By the time a new helmet arrived, approximately 3 minutes had elapsed since the previous batsman was dismissed. At this point, Shakib Al Hasan appealed for a “time out.” The appeal was upheld by the on-field umpire, Marais Erasmus, resulting in Mathews being declared out.

Angelo Mathews’ Response:

Mathews was visibly upset with the decision and expressed his frustration during the press conference after the match. He argued that his delay was due to the necessity of replacing the broken helmet strap, a critical safety issue for players. Mathews emphasized that cricket players, including wicketkeepers, wear helmets against spinners to prevent accidents. He requested Shakib Al Hasan to withdraw the appeal, but the request was denied.

Mathews’ Strong Words:

In the press conference, Angelo Mathews did not mince his words. He accused Shakib Al Hasan and the Bangladeshi cricket team of engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct. He stated that he had never witnessed such behavior during his 15-year international cricket career. Mathews also voiced his dissatisfaction with the treatment he received, claiming that any other team in the world would not have granted the time out.

Mathews also expressed disappointment in the Bangladeshi cricket team’s lack of respect for the game, stating that they were not deserving of the customary handshake after the match.


The incident and Mathews’ response have sparked a debate among cricket enthusiasts. Some argue that the umpire’s decision was fair, as there are rules in place for time management during a match. Others contend that Mathews’ safety concerns regarding the helmet were valid, and the time out appeal was an overreaction.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that cricket is a sport governed by strict rules, and umpires are responsible for interpreting and enforcing these rules. Safety concerns are a top priority, but managing the balance between the rules and players’ safety can be challenging.


The controversial incident in the Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh match has raised questions about the balance between adhering to the rules and ensuring player safety. Angelo Mathews’ frustration and strong words highlight the intensity and emotions that often come into play in high-stakes cricket matches. While opinions on the incident may differ, it is essential to remember that the spirit of sportsmanship and respect for the game should always prevail, regardless of the outcome on the field.

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