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Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player



Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player

Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player

I can destroy any bowling line-up in world cricket even at the age of 60. There are very few batsmen born in world cricket who can do something like this in front of the whole world after playing international cricket for almost two decades in their life. Can say and if the whole world believes in this, then it should be accepted, then the name of Christopher Henry Gayle is definitely included in the list of those players.

Anything can happen at any time, the name of the player who gave the West Indies team its roots and its place in T20 cricket, which has been reigning in Test cricket for years, is Chris Gayle, whose unmatched story full of passion and courage is being told in today’s episode. Let’s know closely in the article

Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player

Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player

Chris gayle birth and parents

Chris Gayle was born on September 21, 1979, in Kingston, Jamaica, the fifth of six children of Gayle Amma Hazel, father worked as a policeman and mother sold snacks on the streets and roads of her town. Used to live in a hut and had a thin roof on top

Chris Gayle’s home situation

When it became difficult to maintain a family of about 10 people, Chris Gayle also went out in search of some work and when no work was found, he used to pick up whatever things he got from the dustbins present in the town and sell them in the morning to school and For Chris Gayle, who sells garbage bags in the evenings, when studies became too much for him, this laser high school boy left the books after 10th

Chris Gayle did whatever work he got to help his family and whenever the hunger of the stomach reached its peak, this boy had to steal even without wanting to. A cricketer was also spreading his wings inside Gayle may have given up studies but he did not have the courage to suffocate all his desires

Chris Gayle kept fighting the difficulties of life and when he got free time from these battles, he used to play cricket in the streets. Chris Gayle’s grandfather had left this game after reaching the domestic level in his youth. Chris wanted to take that legacy to the top. And this was the reason that in his teens, when Gayle played with boys older than him, he used to come out victorious.

Chris Gayle’s entry in cricket

Gradually, cricket became a necessity for Chris Gayle beyond his desire. His talent was now recognized by the people around him. Lucas Cricket Club took it upon their shoulders to take Gill to their club. Lucas Cricket Club was like an angel in Gill’s life.

Even today he says in many of his interviews that if Lucasz Cricket Club had not been there, he would probably have remained on the streets forever under the tin roof.

Now Chris Gayle had reached under 19 and now his game was attracting everyone. Chris Gayle with a fit body and cheerful face, shortly after stepping into the under 19 national selectors to look at him. Chris Gayle was forced to enter first class cricket on behalf of Jamaica in the year 1998.

Chris Gayle’s entry in ODIs

Due to his brilliant performance, Chris Gayle got a chance to play his first ODI only after 5-6 months. This experience of Gayle, who played his first ODI against India on 11 September 1999, was not memorable and this player was only one The following year, Chris Gayle got a chance to don the white jersey for the West Indies against Zimbabwe in the month of March.

Disappointing performance from Chris Gayle

In the first three years of his international cricket career, Gayle did not make the impact on the field that was expected of him in any way except on a few occasions.

Chris gayle returns

The very simple running player gained more momentum in the year 2002, for which the world knows Chris Gayle, this year Gayle crossed the 1000-run mark in a calendar year and took his place along with Brian Lara and Viv Richards. Inscribed in the category of veteran batsmen

In 2005, six other Caribbean players, including Chris Gayle, were dropped from the first Test against South Africa when they refused sponsorship despite being asked by the West Indies Cricket Board and remained associated only with And Virus. Before agreeing to the board, Gayle was re-inducted into the team and then in the fourth match, Gayle showed his batting prowess, which surprised everyone.

In the first innings of this match, in response to the African team’s 189, Gayle played a stormy inning of 317 runs, during this innings, Gayle played 483 runs, in which 37 fours and three sixes helped the opposition team completely. GAYLE’s havoc during this innings can be gauged from the fact that during this innings all the 11 players of the African team had to come for bowling just to get Gayle out and he The attempt was successful but by then it was too late

Chris Gayle hole in his heart

Chris Gayle started having trouble breathing during a match against Australia in the same year and got dizzy, after this, when it was treated, it was found that Gayle had a hole in his heart, Gayle underwent surgery to deal with the problem.

Whose information was not given by Gail even to his parents, Gail tells in his autobiography that while lying on the bed during surgery, he had decided that from now on his biggest objective is to pursue his life with full enthusiasm and Next this player did exactly the same After returning from surgery, we met a new Chris Gayle on and off the field, who had become completely alive to his life and his work.

Chris Gayle and the Champions Trophy

Chris Gayle was included in the West Indies team going to India for the Champions Trophy in the year 2006 and in this tournament Gayle scored 474 runs with the help of three centuries and played a big role in taking his team to the finals. Man of the day tournament was also selected due to

Chris Gayle’s magic in T20

After spreading his magic in Test and ODI cricket, now it was his turn to establish his reign in T20 cricket, which started with the first T20 World Cup, playing against Africa in this tournament, Gayle made the first appearance in T20 cricket. He also became the first batsman to score a century in all three formats by scoring a total of 117 runs.

Chris Gayle’s IPL debut

In the IPL starting from the year 2008, Chris Gayle was included in the team of Kolkata Knight Riders, but his association with this team was not much successful and then when Gayle was included in the Bangalore team, from there Gayle also failed in this league. Creates a line of records With every new season, Gayle went on to create new records in this season.

Chris Gayle’s triple century

On 16 November 2010, Chris Gayle completed his second triple century of his Test career against Sri Lanka and became the fourth cricketer to achieve this feat in the history of cricket.

Chris gayle speed

During the 2015 ODI World Cup, Gayle displayed another example of his pace against Zimbabwe and became the first batsman in World Cup history to reach 200, scoring a century, a Test triple century and a double in ODIs, scoring 215 runs. became the first player to score a century

When the English team went to the West Indies in the early months of the year 2019, he wreaked havoc on the opposition team in the ODI series to confirm his place in the World Cup and standing on the threshold of his fourth decade, this player adorned the English team adorned with young players. Completely demolished in this series Gayle, who became the second Caribbean batsman after Brian Lara to score 10,000 runs in ODI cricket, during the presentation after scoring 424 runs with the help of two centuries and 39 sixes. Where was we mentioned in the beginning of the article

Chris gayle 2019

Gayle was included in the 2019 World Cup squad, the player’s fifth tournament in which this player’s performance was excellent. In November 2020, Gayle was nominated for the Cricketers of the Day and the next year he was included in the West Indies T20 team after two years. got involved

Chris Gayle IPL

Gayle, who scored a century while playing for Bangalore in the year 2011, ruled this league for the next several years. The date of April 23, 2013 matters in my journey when Gayle scored an unbeaten 175 runs in 66 balls against Pune. T20 is the biggest innings of cricket, talking about which Chris Gayle has written in his book that

He could have comfortably crossed the 200 mark that day but there was a time in the match when he did not get a chance to stay on strike much and he stayed away from that charismatic figure.

Chris gayle controversy

Known for his smoky batting and witty nature, Gayle has also been a victim of some controversies during his career, in which, during April 2011, Gayle was expelled from his team for 1 year due to the discord of his cricket board and coach Ottis Gibson. had to stay out

Apart from this, during a match of the Big Bash League on January 4, 2016, Chris Gayle had to be embarrassed for the words said to the female commentator

Chris gayle academy 

Chris Gayle also inaugurated his academy in the year 2015, which works to provide good education and good facilities in sports to the children of West Indies and United Kingdom.

Music Album By Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, fond of luxury life, has also started his new career in November 2020 through a music video titled we come out Fi party

Chris gayle record

Chris Gayle has so far played a total of 103 Tests, 301 ODIs, Twenty20 matches in his career, in which his runs are seven, 7214, 10,480 and 1854 respectively, that he has scored a total of 4270 sixes in his career so far and stands at his pinnacle. Bar has managed to lick the dust of the opposing team even on the basis of his bowling.

Chris gayle all rounder

This player, who plays as a batting all-rounder, has a total of 295 wickets in international cricket, though Chris Gayle has taken many wickets in his career.He has made many records in his name, out of which it becomes necessary to mention one record, which is enough to describe the player as the God of T20 cricket, who has crossed the 14,000-run mark in this format playing T20 leagues in many countries. He is the first player to hit 1000 sixes in T20 cricket as well.

Chris Gayle Wife And Child

Talk about Chris Gayle’s personal life, he has a girl named Blush from Natasha Berridge, so hope that you would have liked this article today.

Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player

Chris Gayle Biography, How a paper picker became a super player


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