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Gama Pehalwan Biography, How did Gama become the world heavyweight champion?



Gama Pehalwan Biography, How did Gama become the world heavyweight champion?

Gama Pehalwan Biography, How did Gama become the world heavyweight champion?

Whenever we talk about wrestling and wrestler, first of all the name of Gama Pehelwan comes in our mind. Today we will talk about the same Gama wrestler who has never lost a fight in his whole life and will discuss his life from birth to death and we will tell you how he became a never losing wrestler. Will do about the life of gamma wrestler

Birth and Parents

Gama Pehlwan was born in Amritsar on May 22, 1878. Gama Pehlwan’s father’s name was Mohammad Aziz Bakhsh, his father, uncle and uncle were all wrestlers. He learned the tricks of wrestling at home since childhood. was also

Father’s Death

At the age of five, his relationship with wrestling and akhada did not break despite his father’s death. After his father’s death, King Bhawani Singh of Datia, Madhya Pradesh, took Gama under his protection. took responsibility for

Although Gama was small in comparison to other wrestlers, but his courage and his understanding on each and every betting page used to worry big wrestlers.

Wrestling at a Young Age

At the age of just 12, Gama had proved that this wrestler would definitely do something different in the future. In the year 1890, the Maharaja of Jodhpur organized a competition for wrestlers from all over the country, in which the wrestlers had to show a glimpse of their wrestling so that Raja Saheb About 400 wrestlers came from all over the country to be able to choose the most powerful wrestler,

who had to win the praise of the Maharaj with their strength, had to do difficult exercises one by one, had to do asanas and also had to wrestle with each other, the one who could not do this would be out of the game The wrestlers were much older than Gama in age and height, yet Gama remained in the last 15 wrestlers of this match

A boy of 11-12 years old became the last 15 wrestlers in a crowd of 400 wrestlers, this impressed the king a lot and he chose Gama as the winner of this competition, just then what was the name discussed all over the country Gama never looked back after this

Gama Pehlwan and Rustum-e-Rahim Bakhsh Sultani

By the age of 19, Gama had defeated many famous wrestlers of the country and then it was his turn to fight with Rustum-e-Rahim Bakhsh Sultani Wala, Rahim Bakhsh Sultani Wala, who lived in Gujranwala, Punjab, was two feet more than Gama and then Till no one could defeat Rahim Baksh, a wrestling match was organized between the two in Lahore.

Gama Pehalwan Biography, How did Gama become the world heavyweight champion?

Gama Pehalwan Biography, How did Gama become the world heavyweight champion?

It is said that the whole of Lahore had gathered in the ground that day just to watch the riot. In front of Rahim who was about seven feet tall, five feet seven inches tall, he was looking like a child. People kept shouting, sometimes Rahim was above, sometimes betting on Gama, prices kept increasing and decreasing and in the end the result was different, no one lost and no one won, this game ended in a draw.

Wrestlers Defeated by Gamma

Between 1898 and 1907, Gama defeated well-known wrestlers like Ghulam Mohiuddin of Datia, Pratap Singh of Bhopal, Alibaba Sen of Indore and Hasan Bakshi of Multan.

Gama wrestler’s Fight

In 1910, Gama once again faced Rustme Hind Rahim Bakhsh Sultani Wala and once again the match was a draw, now Gaon had become the only wrestler of the order, whom no one could defeat, after conquering the country, this wrestler went out to conquer the world.

Gama Pehalwan in Champion of Champions

In 1910, he reached to participate in the wrestling competition named Champions of Champions, but according to the rules of the game, he was not allowed to participate in this competition due to the short length of Gama, just what was it, Gama got angry and he Dali challenged all the wrestlers who came to the tournament one by one that if anyone defeats them, they themselves will give a reward of 5 pounds to the winner from their own pocket and return to India.

Gama wrestler’s fight in Champion of Champions

In the competition, an American wrestler first came to compete with Gama Pehelwan, but he defeated American champion Benjamin Roller in just 1 minute 40 seconds, then the next day, Ga Ma created panic by defeating 12 wrestlers from all over the world in minutes. Had to beat the organizers and give entry in the riot

World Heavyweight Championship

The day of September 10, 1910, when world champion Paul K. Stanislaus was in front of Gama in the Janbal competition, but he was also defeated by Gama in 1 minute in the first round. This fight continued for the next two and a half hours, but no result came out. And the match was drawn but a winner was needed, so a week later, wrestling was held again on 17 September 1910 when he did not come to fight and Gama was considered the winner, thus Gama became the first Indian wrestler to become the World Heavyweight Champion. This title was equal to Rustam-e-Jahan

Wrestler Gama wins over Rahim

Wrestler Gama again faced Rahim, this time Rahim was defeated by Gama, after which Gama fought his last professional fight in 1929. He never said goodbye to wrestling, but after that he never found an opponent to fight with.

Retirement of Gamma Wrestler

Gama Pehalwan in the year 1952 Retired from wrestling, in a career of 50 years, no one could defeat Gama wrestler, Gama was top not only in wrestling but also in humanity.

Gama at the time of Distribution

In the year 1947, the partition wreaked havoc on the country, at that time Gama had settled in Mohini Gali of Lahore from Amritsar. Partition had created a big wall between Hindu Muslims. The lives of the Hindus living in the street were in danger, but when Gama’s own The people of the community should go ahead to shed the blood of Hindu families, in the right where Gama stood like a wall in front of them, not only this, he also sent all the Hindus safely to India at his own expense. Gama spent the last few years of his life in Pakistan, but then His love for India and India’s love for him never diminished.

Gama Pehalwan was never EGO of his achievements

In fact, when he was asked during an interview who was his biggest rival?

Gama had mentioned Rahim Sultani Wala only and said that in our game a player bigger and more capable than himself is considered as a guru.

Death of Gamma Wrestler

On May 23, 1960, this great wrestler bid farewell to the world, but even today when Gama Pehelwan is mentioned, a different glow comes in the eyes of the Indians who know him.

Bruce Lee was a fan of Gama Pehelwan

Bruce Lee, the most influential martial arts artist of the 20th century, was also a fan of Gama Pehelwan, especially making Gama Pehelwan’s rules a part of his life.

Even today in Patiala’s National Institute of Sports Museum, you will get to see the things used by Gama Pehalwan for exercise, maybe now Gama Pehalwan is just a history but many wrestlers have shaped their future with this inspiring history story and The world could not find a wrestler like Gama Pehlwan again. Gama Pehlwan is still a shining star for the people. Gama is a level that can never be called.

Gama Pehalwan Details

Gama Pehlwan Full Name                  Ghulam Mohammad Baksh

Gama Pehelwan Nickname                Rustum e Hind, The Great Gama

Gama Pehalwan wrestling name      Gama Pehalwan

Gama Pehalwan Height                     5 feet 7 inches

Gama Pehalwan                                  Weight 110-112 Kg

Gama Pehalwan Age                         82 Years

Gama Pehalwan Place of Birth        Lahore Pakistan

Gama Pehalwan wife                        Wazir Begum

Gama Pehalwan children                 5 boys, 4 girls


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