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Rishabh Pant Biography, How Rishabh Pant came to India team from IPL



Rishabh Pant Biography, How Rishabh Pant came to India team from IPL

Rishabh Pant Biography, How Rishabh Pant came to India team from IPL

Rishabh pant who is one of the shining star of Indian cricket team although this shining star is going through bad phase of his life Rishabh pant is recovering after a horrific accident we wish him to get well soon and get back on the field Create new records, Rishabh Pant is the shining star of Indian international cricket, who has seen many storms and darkness passing through his life, but his light has never diminished and even today Rishabh Pant, who spreads his light in the sky of India with the same brightness Will talk about Pant and let him know how he has achieved his goal while facing difficulties in his life.

Rishabh Pant Biography, How Rishabh Pant came to India team from IPL

Rishabh Pant Biography, How Rishabh Pant came to India team from IPL

Birth and Parents

On October 4, 1997, his second child was born to father Rajendra Prasad and mother Saroj in Roorkee city of Uttarakhand. He was named Rishabh Pant. Rishabh Pant’s elder sister’s name is Sakshi.

Rishabh Pant’s schooling

When Rishabh Pant was five years old, he was admitted to the Indian Public School in Dehradun.

Father was Cricter

It is said that Pant’s father had also played cricket till the university level and was a very good player, but he could not get support from his home, so he could not continue cricket further, so Panth also loved the game of cricket from the very beginning. used to like

Pant’s father started fulfilling his son’s dream and he used to make Rishabh practice cricket every day. Rishabh Pant’s studies were also going on, along with his game was also slowly developing.

Looking for a Coach

His father also knew that Rishabh Pant could not become a good player, so the search for a good coach started. When Rishabh Pant was 12 years old, his father got him enrolled in Delhi’s Cricket Club where weekly Saturdays And on Sundays he had to go for practice and the rest of the day studies were going on but there was no place for Rishabh to live in Delhi and his family was not that rich to get Rishabh a house in Delhi. Age was also very young, so it was not possible to send him alone to Delhi.

That’s why Rishabh’s mother decided to stay with her son. She used to drop Rishabh to the ground on Saturday morning and would also come to pick him up in the evening.

Rishabh tells that : his mother and he used to spend the rest of the time at the Gurudwara located in Motibagh, Delhi and used to eat food in the langar there for 2 days. His mother was not interested in cricket, so she left Rishabh in the ground and served in the Gurudwara. used to go to

Rishabh spent several days in Delhi where under the supervision of coach Tarak Sinha, his game started improving significantly.

Tarak Sinha tells that : one day Ashish Nehra came to the cricket club and after seeing Rishabh’s game, he said that this boy will become a very good player.

Ashish Nehra was the first person who recognized the talent of Rishabh Pant.

How Rishabh Panth became a fast batsman

Rishabh Pant was a fast batsman since his school days. In school cricket, there were matches of 10 to 15 overs, so Pant got very little chance to bat, so he started playing fast and later this style became his skill.

Story of Rajasthan

Rishabh was working hard on his shot selection but there was more competition so Tarak Sinha told him that you should go to Rajasthan to improve your game there you will get more opportunities to play and you will be able to concentrate more on your game Rishabh Pant went to Rajasthan after obeying his coach and took part in underage matches there,

his performance here was also excellent, but Pant was the only player from another state in the Rajasthan team, so he had to face discrimination there. There were very few opportunities to play and when such things started increasing, Pant made up his mind to go to Delhi again to save his career and once again went to coach Tarak Sinha.

Under 19 Tournament

Rishabh Pant took part in the under-19 tournament for Delhi and played a brilliant inning of 35 in the first innings and 150 in the second innings against Assam and from here on Pant never looked back.

Indian Under 19

Rishabh Pant was included in the Under-19 team from India in the year 2016, where Pant got a chance to play under the coaching of Rahul Dravid and this player showed his good game here too. Pant scored his 18-ball fifty against Nepal, which is still the fastest by any batsman at the Under-19 level.

Ranji Trophy Debut

Pant made his Ranji Trophy debut on 22 October 15 and shortly after this, Pant got a chance to perform in the Vijay Hazare Trophy as well with the bat in his second Ranji Trophy season for Delhi against Maharashtra. 308 runs were scored in an innings and such a player joined the list of the youngest Indian players to score 300 runs. During this season, while playing against Jharkhand, Pant created a sensation by completing his century in 48 balls and Everyone’s eyes were fixed on this player from here.

Pant mesmerized everyone with his consistent performances

Rishabh Pant’s IPL Debut

Rishabh Pant’s debut in IPL was decided by his under-19 performance when Pant took India to the semi-finals by playing a century. India could not win the under-19 trophy but the country definitely got a diamond from here. After performing brilliantly as captain for his country in IPL, Pant also put his skills in front of everyone in the third match of the first season for Delhi.

Playing against the Gujarat team, Delhi played an innings of 69 runs in 40 balls in this match, Pant’s similar performance with the bat continued in the next season as well.

Entry in Indian Team

Pant was included in the Indian team to play the T20 series against England. Pant made his debut in the third match of the series and then he was only 19 years and 120 days old and such a player was the first T20 player for India. He became the youngest player to debut in

Father’s Death

During the IPL season, when Pant was performing brilliantly for Delhi, his father passed away on the same day. Pant came to perform his father’s last rites in the middle of EPL and then left for Bangalore to take part in the next match. Panth’s next match was against Bangalore, in which this player forgot everything and insisted on doing well for his team and played a brilliant innings, something like this in India we used to hear in the stories of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar earlier. Are

Pant also proved himself as strong as those players.

Test Debut

In August 2018, Pant made his Test debut against England and in this format, Pant started with a six, Rishabh Pant became the first Indian batsman to achieve this feat.

First Century of Test Career

On 11 September 2018, Pant also scored the first century of his Test career and became the first Indian wicket-keeper batsman to score a Test century in England. On 21 October 2018, he made his debut playing against the West Indies and India won the match by eight wickets. was successful in winning

Rishabh Pant’s records

In December 2018, Pant also took 11 catches in a Test match against Australia. Further in September 2019, he became the fastest player to 50 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. Pant started 2019 on a good note.

Bad Time

After Dhoni’s retirement, this player had to face criticism. India was looking for a replacement for the great wicket-keeper batsman Dhoni, and in such a situation, the country had only two options, KL Rahul and Pant, and in this situation, whenever playing with Pant. Any mistake was made, then this player used to hear a lot of bad things in the name of Dhoni, during this also he was not able to perform well and further he was getting inside and out of India’s limited and on top of that Dhoni Replacement aspirations have completely broken this player

But Pant did not give up. Wherever Pant got a chance or the player used to try to capitalize on that opportunity.

Gavaskar Trophy

Pant was included in the Indian team for the Border Gavaskar Trophy in 2020-21 where India had to face a humiliating defeat in the first match, after which Pant was included in the team in place of Saha for the Melbourne Test at Sydney ground Pant played an excellent inning of 97 runs and here the number of people who consider this batsman as a good Test player also increased.

The Indian team reached Gabba in the absence of many of its big players, where the Australian team did not see the face of defeat for a long time. And here Pant played an important role in making the Indian team the winner after changing the long score on the last day of the match with the help of an innings of 89 runs.

Player of the Month

Pant was included in the Indian team going to play India’s T20 World Cup, after which Pant also became the first player to be selected for the ICC Cricket of the Month.

IPL Career

Talking about Pant’s IPL career, in the year 2018, playing against Hyderabad in the IPL season, he played an inning of 128 runs, which was the highest score made by any Indian batsman in the IPL, which was later broken by KL Rahul.

IPL Captaincy

In the year 2021 season, Pant was made the captain of Delhi Capitals, he is continuing his journey in the game of cricket and his performance is getting better and better day by day, in such a situation, hope is expressed here also that in future, India’s test Can also become the captain of the team because when Virat Kohli decided to give up the Test captaincy, veterans like Sunil Gavaskar and Yuvraj Singh were talking about making Pant the next Test captain.

Rishabh Pant’s car Accident

Rishabh Pant has spent a lot of time in bad times in his life, a similar time came in December 2022 when his car met with an accident, during which Rishabh Pant was badly injured and his car was burnt to ashes. Looking at the car it seemed that the man sitting in it would not have survived but God had something else approved and Panth survived the accident and started recovering himself Rishabh Pant is not fully recovered yet his treatment is going on and we wish him a speedy recovery and return to the field again and not set new records

Rishabh Pant record

Test Match 33 innings 56 Score 2271 Average 43.67 Highest Score 159

ODI 30 innings 26 Score 865 Average 34.6 Best Score 125

T20 Matches 66 Innings 56 Score 987 Average 22.43 Best Score 65

IPL Match 98 innings 97 Score 2838 Average 34.61 Best Score 128

Rishabh Pant details

Rishabh Pant age 25

Rishabh Pant Weight 65 Kg

Rishabh Pant Height 5 feet 7 inches

Rishabh Pant girlfriend Isha Negi


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