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GUJ vs MUM Dream11 Prediction, Pro Kabaddi League: Match Preview, Key Players, and Fantasy Tips



GUJ vs MUM Dream11 Prediction

GUJ vs MUM Dream11 Prediction, Pro Kabaddi League: Match Preview, Key Players, and Fantasy Tips

             Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba Dream11 Prediction


As Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 unfolds, fans are in for a treat on the first day of the Patna leg with an electrifying clash between U Mumba and Gujarat Giants. With both teams boasting formidable defensive setups, the battle promises to be a spectacle filled with thrilling raids and strategic defenses.

Match Details:

  • Date: January 26, 2024
  • Match: Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba
  • Time: 9:00 PM IST
  • Location: Pataliputra Indoor Stadium, Patna
  • Live: Starsport/Hotstar

Team Overview:

Team Overview: U Mumba

U Mumba has established itself as a dominant force in the Pro Kabaddi League, primarily owing to its blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned experience. The team boasts a formidable roster that combines a potent raiding department with a robust defensive lineup. Led by stalwarts like Mahender Singh, Surinder Singh, Rinku, and Girish Ernak, U Mumba’s defense is not only impressive on paper but also exhibits exceptional on-mat performance.

In the raiding department, the team relies on the dynamic duo of Guman Singh and Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh to pierce through the opposition’s defensive ranks. The strategic combination of youthful aggression and defensive expertise positions U Mumba as a serious contender for the league title in Pro Kabaddi League Season 10.

Team Overview: Gujarat Giants

Gujarat Giants, in contrast, has experienced a seesaw journey in the recent phase of the league. Having secured victories in three out of their last six games, the team stands in a favorable position for qualification. However, the key challenge for Gujarat Giants lies in achieving consistency to ensure a smooth passage to the finals.

Led by the seasoned campaigner Fazel Atrachali, Gujarat Giants’ roster features notable players like Sonu Jaglan, Rakesh Sangroya, and Mohammad Esmail Nabibakhsh. The team’s performance hinges on finding the right balance between attack and defense, with a focus on overcoming opponents with a mix of strategic raids and solid defensive maneuvers.

As the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 progresses, both U Mumba and Gujarat Giants are poised for an intense battle, making it imperative for each team to showcase their strengths and address potential weaknesses. The clash promises a display of skill, strategy, and the sheer determination of two competitive teams vying for victory in the prestigious league.

Key Player:

Key Players: U Mumba

  1. Guman Singh:
    • As a pivotal raider for U Mumba, Guman Singh’s agility and quick decision-making make him a constant threat to the opposition’s defense. Watch for his ability to capitalize on opportunities and accumulate crucial points for the team.
  2. Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh:
    • A key figure in U Mumba’s raiding arsenal, Zafardanesh brings a mix of experience and flair. His knack for outsmarting defenders and scoring crucial raid points makes him a player to watch out for in critical moments.
  3. Mahender Singh:
    • Leading the defensive charge, Mahender Singh’s strength and tactical acumen make him a linchpin in U Mumba’s defense. Keep an eye on his ability to thwart opponent raiders and create defensive solidity for the team.
  4. Surinder Singh:
    • A stalwart in the defensive lineup, Surinder Singh’s ability to execute strong tackles and disrupt the rhythm of rival raiders makes him crucial for U Mumba. Expect him to play a pivotal role in countering the Gujarat Giants’ offensive threats.

Key Players: Gujarat Giants

  1. Fazel Atrachali:
    • The captain of Gujarat Giants, Fazel Atrachali, is a defensive maestro known for his strategic tackles and leadership on the mat. His experience and ability to marshal the defense make him a linchpin for Gujarat Giants.
  2. Sonu Jaglan:
    • As a key raider, Sonu Jaglan’s agility and scoring prowess are essential for Gujarat Giants. His ability to breach opposing defenses and score vital raid points can be a game-changer for the team.
  3. Rakesh Sangroya:
    • Rakesh Sangroya’s versatility as a raider adds an unpredictable element to Gujarat Giants’ offense. Look for his strategic raids and knack for scoring points in crucial situations.
  4. Mohammad Esmail Nabibakhsh:
    • An all-rounder for Gujarat Giants, Nabibakhsh’s dual capabilities in raiding and defending make him a valuable asset. His performance will be crucial in contributing to both ends of the game.

In the clash between U Mumba and Gujarat Giants, these key players are expected to play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the match. Keep a close watch on their performances as they aim to make significant contributions for their respective teams.

Dream11 Fantasy Team Suggestions:

Team No. 1:

  • Raiders: Guman Singh, Sonu Jaglan, Rakesh Sangroya
  • Defenders: Sombir, Fazel Atrachali
  • All-rounder: Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh
  • Captain: Guman Singh
  • Vice Captain: Fazel Atrachali

Team No. 2:

  • Raiders: Guman Singh, Parteek Dahiya, Rakesh Sangroya
  • Defenders: Fazel Atrachali, Sombir
  • All-rounder: Mohammad Esmail Nabibakhsh, Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh
  • Captain: Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh
  • Vice Captain: Sombir

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices:

  1. Team No. 1:

    • Captain: Guman Singh
    • Vice-Captain: Fazel Atrachali


    • Guman Singh, being a primary raider for U Mumba, possesses the potential to accumulate a substantial number of raid points. His agility and ability to break through the opponent’s defense make him a strong candidate for the captaincy.
    • Fazel Atrachali, Gujarat Giants’ captain and a defensive stalwart, is a consistent performer known for his strategic tackles. As vice-captain, his defensive contributions can fetch additional points, especially if he succeeds in thwarting U Mumba’s raiders.
  2. Team No. 2:

    • Captain: Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh
    • Vice-Captain: Sombir


    • Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh, U Mumba’s raider, has the potential to be a game-changer with his raiding skills. Making him the captain leverages the opportunity for higher points if he successfully penetrates Gujarat Giants’ defense.
    • Sombir, a key defender for Gujarat Giants, has the ability to execute strategic tackles and accumulate points through successful defenses. As vice-captain, his defensive prowess can contribute significantly to the fantasy points tally.


  • The choice between Guman Singh and Amir Mohammad Zafardanesh for the captaincy depends on the expected performance in the raiding department. If U Mumba is anticipated to have a strong offensive game, Guman Singh might be a more strategic captaincy choice.
  • Fazel Atrachali and Sombir are dependable defenders, and their vice-captaincy roles hinge on their ability to consistently make successful tackles and deny raid points to the opposition.

Ultimately, the captain and vice-captain choices in Dream11 are influenced by the expected performance of individual players based on their roles and recent form. Keep a close eye on the match dynamics and adjust your choices accordingly for the best chance at maximizing fantasy points.


The clash between U Mumba and Gujarat Giants is anticipated to be a roller-coaster ride of skills, strategies, and intense moments. Choosing the right combination of raiders, defenders, and all-rounders in your Dream11 fantasy team is crucial. Keep an eye on the key players mentioned in the suggestions to maximize your chances of winning in this high-stakes encounter in the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10. May the best team win!

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