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PAT vs BEN Dream11 Prediction Pro Kabaddi League 2024, Fantasy Tips, Players Analysis, Match Preview



PAT vs BEN Dream11 Prediction

PAT vs BEN Dream11 Prediction Pro Kabaddi League 2024, Fantasy Tips, Players Analysis, Match Preview

           Patna Pirates vs Bengal Warriors Dream11 Prediction


The excitement continues in the Pro Kabaddi League as Patna Pirates gear up to face Bengal Warriors in Match 89 on Friday, January 26, 2024, at 08:00 PM IST. The clash takes place at the Patliputra Indoor Stadium, Patna. Here’s a comprehensive preview of the encounter, along with Dream11 predictions, probable starting lineups, and fantasy tips.

Match Details:

League Pro Kabaddi League
Date Friday, 26th January 2024
Time 08:00 PM (IST) – 02:30 PM (GMT)
Venue Patliputra Indoor Stadium, Patna
Live Channel Star Sports/Hotstar

Probable Starting 7:

Patna Pirates (PAT) Bengal Warriors (BEN)
1. Neeraj-Kumar (C) 1. Shubham Shinde
2. Krishan Dhull 2. Vaibhav Garje
3. Babu Murugasan 3. Jaskirat Singh
4. Ankit 4. Nitin Kumar Dhankhar
5. Sachin Tanwar 5. Aditya S Shinde
6. Manjeet 6. Maninder Singh (C)
7. Sandeep Kumar 7. Shrikant Jadhav

Match Preview:

In this highly anticipated matchup, Patna Pirates, in good recent form, will take on Bengal Warriors at the Patliputra Indoor Stadium. Patna Pirates, led by Neeraj-Kumar, have been formidable in recent matches. On the other hand, Bengal Warriors, captained by Maninder Singh, are eager to secure a victory.

Fantasy Tips:

  • Sachin Tanwar is a top multiplier choice for small leagues.
  • Ankit makes a decent captaincy option in grand leagues.
  • Monitor players’ recent performances for informed selections.

Head to Head:

  • Patna Pirates: 13 Wins
  • Bengal Warriors: 6 Wins

Recent Forms:

  • Bengal Warriors: LWWWL
  • Patna Pirates: WLTLL

Must Picks for Small League:

  • Patna Pirates: Sachin Tanwar (1118 points), Ankit (946 points)
  • Bengal Warriors: Shubham Shinde (1108 points), Maninder Singh (880 points)

Risky Picks for Grand League:

  • Patna Pirates: Babu Murugasan (94 points), Sandeep Kumar (317 points)
  • Bengal Warriors: Jaskirat Singh (219 points), Aditya S Shinde (539 points)

Key Players & Stats:

Key Players for Patna Pirates (PAT):

  1. Neeraj-Kumar:
    • Position: Defender (Captain)
    • Points: 733, CR: 13.5
    • Why: Neeraj-Kumar leads the defensive unit and is a consistent performer. His ability to secure successful tackles makes him a vital player for Patna Pirates.
  2. Krishan Dhull:
    • Position: Defender
    • Points: 936, CR: 14.5
    • Why: Krishan Dhull is a key defender known for his tackle points. His skill in stopping raiders and contributing defensively adds significant value to the team.
  3. Ankit:
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Points: 946, CR: 13.5
    • Why: Ankit’s all-around skills make him a valuable asset. He can contribute both defensively and offensively, making strategic plays crucial for the team’s success.
  4. Sachin Tanwar:
    • Position: Raider
    • Points: 1118, CR: 15
    • Why: Sachin Tanwar is a top-performing raider with an impressive points tally. His ability to score points consistently through successful raids makes him a go-to player for Patna Pirates.

Key Players for Bengal Warriors (BEN):

  1. Aditya S Shinde:
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Points: 539, CR: 13
    • Why: Aditya S Shinde contributes as a valuable all-rounder, showcasing skills in both raiding and defending. His versatility adds a dynamic element to the Bengal Warriors’ gameplay.
  2. Shrikant Jadhav:
    • Position: Raider
    • Points: 548, CR: 13.5
    • Why: Shrikant Jadhav is a key raider known for his scoring ability. His knack for successful raids and accumulating fantasy points makes him crucial for Bengal Warriors’ offensive strategy.
  3. Nitin Kumar Dhankhar:
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Points: 647, CR: 14
    • Why: Nitin Kumar Dhankhar plays a pivotal role as an all-rounder, contributing in both raiding and defending. His consistent performances make him a reliable choice for fantasy points.
  4. Maninder Singh:
    • Position: Raider (Captain)
    • Points: 880, CR: 15
    • Why: Captain Maninder Singh leads the raiding department and is a top-scorer for Bengal Warriors. His ability to secure points through successful raids makes him a player to watch out for in every match.
  5. Shubham Shinde:
    • Position: Defender
    • Points: 1108, CR: 15.5
    • Why: Shubham Shinde is a standout defender with an impressive fantasy points tally. His consistency in defensive contributions adds a solid foundation to Bengal Warriors’ gameplay.

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices:

  1. Neeraj-Kumar (PAT):
    • Captaincy Points: 733
    • Why: As the captain and a key defender, Neeraj-Kumar has consistently delivered valuable points through successful tackles. Making him the captain is a strategic choice for accumulating defensive points.
    • Vice-Captaincy Points: 733
  2. Vaibhav Garje (BEN):
    • Captaincy Points: 790
    • Why: Vaibhav Garje, with his impressive fantasy points, stands out as a solid choice for captaincy. As a defender, his ability to contribute to tackles and secure points makes him a reliable option.
    • Vice-Captaincy Points: 790
  3. Maninder Singh (BEN):
    • Captaincy Points: 880
    • Why: Captain Maninder Singh leads Bengal Warriors’ raiding unit and consistently secures points through successful raids. Making him the captain is a strategic move to capitalize on his offensive prowess.
    • Vice-Captaincy Points: 880
  4. Krishan Dhull (PAT):
    • Captaincy Points: 936
    • Why: Krishan Dhull, a key defender for Patna Pirates, has displayed consistent performances in securing tackle points. Making him the captain is a strategic choice to capitalize on his defensive skills.
    • Vice-Captaincy Points: 936
  5. Shubham Shinde (BEN):
    • Captaincy Points: 1108
    • Why: Shubham Shinde, a standout defender for Bengal Warriors, boasts an impressive fantasy points tally. Making him the captain is a strategic choice to accumulate points through successful tackles.
    • Vice-Captaincy Points: 1108
  6. Sachin Tanwar (PAT):
    • Captaincy Points: 1118
    • Why: Sachin Tanwar, a top-performing raider for Patna Pirates, consistently scores points through successful raids. Making him the captain is a strategic choice to capitalize on his raiding prowess.
    • Vice-Captaincy Points: 1118

Live Telecast:

The PAT vs BEN match will be live telecast on Star Sports.

Kabaddi Highlights:

Catch the highlights of the PAT vs BEN match on Hotstar.

Best Dream11 Predictions Team:

  1. Neeraj-Kumar (C)
  2. Krishan Dhull
  3. Shubham Shinde
  4. Sachin Tanwar (VC)
  5. Maninder Singh
  6. Vaibhav Garje
  7. Ankit

Captain (C): Neeraj-Kumar

Vice-Captain (VC): Sachin Tanwar

Conclusion: As Patna Pirates hold the upper hand, the clash promises to be a riveting encounter. Stay tuned for an exhilarating kabaddi showdown!

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