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NB-W vs CH-W Dream11 Prediction Women’s Super Smash 2023-24, Players Analysis, Pitch Report, Playing11, & Match Preview



NB-W vs CH-W Dream11 Prediction

NB-W vs CH-W Dream11 Prediction Women’s Super Smash 2023-24, Players Analysis, Pitch Report, Playing11, & Match Preview

        Northern Brave-W vs Central Hinds-W Dream11 Predictions


The Women’s Super Smash 2023-24 Eliminator is set to witness a thrilling clash between Northern Brave and Central Hinds at Seddon Park in Hamilton on January 26, 2024. Both teams are vying for a spot in the high-stakes final, making this encounter a crucial battle. In this article, we will delve into the match details, pitch report, Dream11 predictions, and squad analysis.

Match Details:

Women’s Super Smash 2023-24 Eliminator
Date and Time= January 26, 2024, 10:30 am IST / 05:00 am GMT / 06:00 pm local
Venue= Seddon Park, Hamilton.
Live Channel= Disney+Hotstar & Fancode

Seddon Park Pitch Report:

Seddon Park is known to provide a balanced playing field for both batsmen and bowlers. The pitch slightly favors pacers due to favorable conditions and a grassy surface that facilitates swing and seam movement. As the game progresses, spinners may come into play. The conditions promise an exhilarating match with opportunities for both batting and bowling prowess.

Key Players & Stats:

  1. Chamari Athapaththu (Northern Brave):
    • Role: All-rounder
    • Why: Chamari Athapaththu is a seasoned all-rounder with a proven track record. Her ability to contribute both with the bat and ball makes her a crucial player. Athapaththu’s aggressive batting style and knack for taking wickets can turn the game in Northern Brave’s favor.
  2. Jess Watkin (Northern Brave):
    • Role: All-rounder
    • Why: Jess Watkin’s versatility as an all-rounder provides Northern Brave with a valuable asset. With a solid batting technique and effective bowling skills, Watkin can make a significant impact. Her consistency in both departments makes her a key player for this crucial encounter.
  3. Marina Lamplough (Central Hinds):
    • Role: Batter
    • Why: Marina Lamplough’s form with the bat makes her a key player for Central Hinds. Her ability to anchor the innings and play according to the situation is vital for the team’s success. Lamplough’s steady performances in the tournament make her a reliable choice in the batting lineup.
  4. Rosemary Mair (Central Hinds):
    • Role: Bowler
    • Why: Rosemary Mair is a potent bowler who can trouble the opposition with her pace and accuracy. In conditions favoring seam movement, Mair’s ability to extract bounce and swing can be crucial. Her knack for taking wickets at crucial junctures makes her a key component in Central Hinds’ bowling attack.
  5. Natalie Dodd (Central Hinds):
    • Role: Wicket-keeper/Batter
    • Why: Natalie Dodd’s dual role as a wicket-keeper and a reliable batter adds depth to Central Hinds’ lineup. Dodd’s experience and ability to handle pressure situations make her a key player. Her contributions with the bat and behind the stumps will be crucial for Central Hinds’ success.
  6. Holly Topp (Northern Brave):
    • Role: Wicket-keeper
    • Why: Holly Topp’s role as a wicket-keeper is vital for Northern Brave. As a wicket-keeper, she plays a crucial role in the team’s fielding setup and can contribute with the bat. Topp’s agility behind the stumps and potential to score quick runs make her a key player.

In a high-stakes Eliminator, these key players will play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the match. Their form, contributions, and ability to handle pressure situations make them players to watch out for in the Women’s Super Smash 2023-24 clash between Northern Brave and Central Hinds.

Dream11 Prediction Picks:

Wicket-keepers: Holly Topp, Natalie Dodd Batters: Hollie Armitage, Caitlin Gurrey, Marina Lamplough All-rounders: Chamari Athapaththu, Jess Watkin, Priyanaz Chatterji Bowlers: Hannah Rowe, Marama Downes, Rosemary Mair

Best Captain and Vice-Captain Choices With Reason:

Captain Choices:

  1. Chamari Athapaththu:
    • Reason: Athapaththu’s all-round prowess makes her an ideal captaincy choice. Her aggressive batting style and the ability to take crucial wickets provide double-point potential. If she performs well in both departments, it can significantly impact the match outcome.
  2. Marina Lamplough:
    • Reason: Lamplough’s consistent batting form and ability to anchor the innings make her a strong captaincy option. If she plays a substantial innings, it can set the foundation for Central Hinds’ success. Captaincy points for runs scored can make a significant difference.

Vice-Captain Choices:

  1. Jess Watkin:
    • Reason: Watkin’s all-round abilities make her a valuable vice-captaincy choice. If she contributes with both bat and ball, it can accumulate a good number of points. Her consistency in recent matches adds to the reliability of choosing her as the vice-captain.
  2. Rosemary Mair:
    • Reason: Mair, being a key bowler, can fetch crucial points for taking wickets. In conditions favoring seam movement, her ability to exploit the conditions can lead to a successful bowling performance. Vice-captaincy points for wickets taken can make a significant impact.

Alternative Choices:

  1. Marina Lamplough (Vice-Captain):
    • Reason: If not chosen as captain, Lamplough can be a reliable vice-captaincy option. Her consistent performances with the bat make her a dependable choice for accumulating points.
  2. Rosemary Mair (Captain):
    • Reason: If you prefer a bowling-centric approach for captaincy, Mair can be considered as she has the potential to take crucial wickets. A standout bowling performance can result in a high point accumulation.

Choosing the captain and vice-captain involves balancing the strengths of both batsmen and bowlers. Athapaththu and Lamplough emerge as strong captaincy choices, considering their recent form and match-winning abilities. Watkin and Mair, with their all-round and bowling skills, respectively, make solid vice-captaincy options. The final decision can be based on individual player preferences and the team composition you want to build in your fantasy lineup.

Dream11 Prediction Backups:

Thamsyn Newton, Nensi Patel, Ashtuti Kumar, Claudia Green

Team Squads:

Northern Brave:

  • Bernadine Bezuidenhout, Carol Agafili, Eve Wolland, Sam Curtis, Eimear Richardson (c), Jess Watkin, Marama Downes, Tash Wakelin, Yasmeen Kareem, Caitlin Gurrey (wk), Holly Topp (wk), Jesse Prasad, Kayley Knight, Lucy Boucher, Nensi Patel, Shriya Naidu, Chamari Athapaththu

Central Hinds:

  • Aniela Apperley, Emma McLeod, Kerry-Anne Tomlinson, Mikaela Greig, Thamsyn Newton, Flora Devonshire, Georgia Atkinson, Ocean Bartlett, Kate Gaging (wk), Natalie Dodd (c/wk), Ashtuti Kumar, Claudia Green, Hannah Rowe, Melissa Hansen, Rosemary Mair.

Probably Playing11:

Northern Brave (NB-W) Central Hinds (CH-W)
1. Caitlin Gurrey (wk) 1. Kate Gaging (wk)
2. Hollie Armitage 2. Natalie Dodd (c)
3. Marina Lamplough 3. Aniela Apperley
4. Jess Watkin 4. Emma McLeod
5. Chamari Athapaththu 5. Kerry-Anne Tomlinson
6. Eimear Richardson (c) 6. Mikaela Greig
7. Marama Downes 7. Thamsyn Newton
8. Tash Wakelin 8. Flora Devonshire
9. Yasmeen Kareem 9. Georgia Atkinson
10. Holly Topp (wk) 10. Rosemary Mair
11. Hannah Rowe 11. Ashtuti Kumar

Best Dream11 Prediction Team:

  1. Caitlin Gurrey (wk)
  2. Hollie Armitage
  3. Marina Lamplough (vc)
  4. Jess Watkin
  5. Chamari Athapaththu (c)
  6. Eimear Richardson (c)
  7. Natalie Dodd
  8. Rosemary Mair
  9. Tash Wakelin
  10. Thamsyn Newton
  11. Hannah Rowe

Captain: Chamari Athapaththu
Vice-Captain: Marina Lamplough


As the Northern Brave and Central Hinds gear up for the Women’s Super Smash 2023-24 Eliminator, the match promises to be a gripping encounter. The Dream11 team selections aim to provide a balanced mix of players based on their recent form and performance. Cricket enthusiasts can look forward to a captivating battle between bat and ball at Seddon Park.

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