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Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?



Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?

Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?

It is said that people who have more struggle, they also progress more in life, such a player who does the work of Arun Ghar for the Indian team, who has lived a very difficult time in his life, we are talking about Hardik Pandya, the all-rounder of the Indian team, how Hardik Pandya confirmed his place in the Indian team by facing challenges, we will talk about the life of Hardik Pandya in this article, how he handled himself in the days of struggle and his career. We hope that the motivation you get after knowing the story of Hardik Pandya, you will definitely use it in your life and achieve your goal.

Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?

Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?

Birth and Parents

Hardik Pandya was born on October 11, 1993, in the city of Surat in the state of Gujarat, India, to father Himanshu Pandya and mother Nalini Pandya, and was named Hardik. Father ran a small car finance business in Surat and mother was a housewife. The name of the elder brother was Krunal Pandya.

Hardik Pandya not interested in studies

Hardik Pandya was not interested in studies but loved the game of cricket, even after persuading his mother, both the brothers and especially Hardik Pandya did not feel like going to school. Pandya had become a habit

Hardik Pandya’s father’s love for cricket

Hardik Pandya’s father Himanshu Pandya was fond of cricket and he believed in his blood more than anything. He felt that his sons would one day become very big cricketers. Both brothers continued to play cricket so that their sons could get good cricket training.

With Hardik Pandya’s father

The series of complaints from Hardik Pandya’s school was not stopping. Father Himanshu Pandya supported his sons here too.

Hardik Pandya left studies for cricket

Eventually, after failing in the ninth grade, Hardik Pandya left studies and devoted his entire attention to the game of cricket. Hardik Pandya’s father also wanted him to become a cricketer, so Hardik’s father supported Hardik after leaving studies

Joining the Academy of Hardik Pandya

Himanshu Pandey, who lives in a rented house in Vadodara, got his son enrolled in Kiran More’s cricket academy. On the very first day, Kiran More had refused to give training to both the sons of Himanshu Pandya because both the brothers were 10 years old at that time. Was around but at the behest of Himanshu Pandey, when Kiran More saw Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya playing, he was so impressed with both of those kids that he decided to give them free training for 3 years

Hardik Pandya’s junior cricket performance

After getting a good stage, Hardik Pandya was doing well in junior cricket, if his brother believed, Hardik had single-handedly won many matches for his team. Used to ask friends to drop them home but both brothers didn’t like it at all. One day they told their father that they don’t want people to come and tell you after some time that because of this your sons have become cricketers. Himanshu Pandey Keeping in mind the happiness of his sons, he took a bike loan for his sons on an installment of ₹ 10,000 a month, in which both the brothers used to go to play places and come back comfortably.

Hardik Pandya’s father has a heart attack

Everything was going well, but in the meantime, Himanshu Pandey’s health started deteriorating continuously and it became difficult for him to do any kind of work after the heart attack. During the treatment of Himanshu Pandya, the condition of the house started deteriorating slowly and at one time such Hardik and Krunal went from place to place and started playing for local teams, in which they used to get ₹ 400 to ₹ 500 from the crowd in the train. It had become necessary for both the brothers to stand in the middle and hang on the back of the trucks.

Hardik Pandya tells: that he has also seen such days in his life when he did not even have a meal to eat and that is why he used to spend his whole day on the field and eat the same Maggi.

Hardik Pandya’s transformation from leg-spinner to fast bowler

Very few people know that till the age of 18, Hardik Pandya was a leg-spinner, but seeing the lack of fast bowler in a match while playing for Baroda, his coach Sanat Kumar asked Hardik to bowl fast and that After the match, Hardik Pandya started himself as a fast bowler.

When Hardik Pandya’s black color became a pain for him

Apart from the financial crisis, Pandya was also fighting the taunts he received from people for the black color of his face, but Hardik had no doubt about what people think about him, he just wanted his family’s condition to improve. go

Hardik Pandya not having bat

year 2014 when Hardik Pandya did not have a bat to play during the Hazare Trophy, so his teammate Pathan gave him two bats, which Hardik keeps with him even today.

Hardik Pandya’s IPL debut

During a domestic match in 2014, Hardik Pandya scored 82 runs in 57 balls while playing against bowlers like Zaheer Khan and Dhawal Kulkarni at Wankhede Stadium. From here everything changed for Hardik Pandya as during this match Wankhede Mumbai Indians coach John Wright was present at the stadium and he has included Hardik Pandya in his team for next year’s IPL season at a base price of 10,00,000

An inning of 81 runs in 60 balls against Chennai Super Kings in his first IPL season and then a blistering inning of 61 runs in 31 balls in the match against Kolkata Knight Riders made Hardik Pandya a star Mumbai Indians became IPL champions for the second time

Sachin’s message to Hardik Pandya

When Hardik Pandya met Sachin Tendulkar, he said that you will play for the Indian cricket team within the next 1 year. For Hardik Pandya, six months passed like a dream. The boy celebrating the victory of the Indian team on the streets now was supposed to represent India

Hardik Pandya international debut match

Year 2016, January 26, Hardik Pandya’s dream of playing in blue jersey on the ground of Adelaide was finally fulfilled. In the same year, during the Asia Cup, Hardik took three wickets for eight runs against Pakistan, due to which the entire Pakistani team piled on the score of 83. was done

March 23, 2016 holds a special place in Hardik Pandya’s international career. Every cricket fan still remembers Hardik Pandya, who snatched victory from the jaws of Bangladesh against Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup.

On 8 July 2018, against England, Pandya took four wickets for thirty-eight runs and scored 33 runs in 14 balls and played a key role in winning the match for India. Due to this brilliant performance, Hardik took four wickets and scored more than 30 runs in a match of T20 cricket. became the first Indian player to make

Hardik Pandya ODI debut match

In October 2016, Hardik made his ODI debut against New Zealand and also became the fourth Indian player to win the Man of the Match award in his first ODI. Hardik Pandya was slowly establishing himself as one of the best all-rounders

Hardik Pandya’s turning point

In the 2017 Champions Trophy final, when the Indian team started disintegrating while chasing Pakistan’s big score, Hardik Pandya performed brilliant batting and as long as Pandya was at the crease, India’s hopes of winning were tied, but the ball was hit by long sixes. Hardik, who was brought out of the field, could not reach himself to the crease at the right time and was dismissed after playing an incredible inning of 76 runs in 43 balls and the Indian team lost the match.

Hardik Pandya world cup

Hardik Pandya was also included in the 2019 World Cup where this player performed brilliantly.

Hardik Pandya test career

Talking about his Test career, he started his Test career against Sri Lanka in the year 2017 and in the third match of the series, Hardik completed his century before lunch, which is still a record in Indian Test cricket.

Hardik Pandya controversy

Hardik Pandya has also faced controversies due to his nature and personality, in which Koffee with Karan is the biggest due to controversial statements on the TV show, due to which his career was also questioned, but later he apologized on social media.

Hardik Pandya record

Hardik Pandya has played a total of 11 Tests, 71 ODIs and 87 Twenty20 matches in his career so far, in which his runs are 532, 1518 and 1271. As an all-rounder, Hardik has also done many great performances in bowling, his name in Test cricket. If there are 17 wickets, he has taken more than 68 wickets in his ODI career. t20 wickets 69 and IPL wicket 50

Hardik Pandya personal life

Talking about Pandya’s personal life, he married natasastankovic in the year 2020, with whom he has a son named Agastya Pandya. Even today, the Indian team and the most successful team of IPL remain the main part of Mumbai Indians.

Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?

Hardik Pandya Biography How Hardik became fast bowler from spin bowler?

Hardik Pandya captaincy

Seeing Hardik Pandya’s performance so continuously, the Indian Cricket Board made Hardik Pandya the captain of the T20 team of India. In the year 2023, Hardik Pandya was made the captain of the Twenty20 team, in which Hardik Pandya played T20 series against Sri Lanka and New Zealand and both In the series, Pandya won his team and gave proof of being a successful captain.


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