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Hardik Pandya’s Injury and Virat Kohli’s Bowling Heroics: A Glimpse into India’s World Cup Journey



Hardik Injury and Virat Kohli's Bowling Heroics

Hardik Injury and Virat Kohli’s Bowling Heroics: A Glimpse into India’s World Cup Journey


In a twist of fate during the recent match against Bangladesh, Hardik Pandya’s injury has sent shockwaves through the Indian cricket team and its fervent supporters. Hardik’s problem with his left heel was incurred while attempting to stop a ball in his follow-through. This unfortunate incident leaves a cloud of uncertainty over his participation in the upcoming match against New Zealand and raises concerns about India’s prospects in the World Cup. To compound this situation, Virat Kohli stepped up to the bowling crease, demonstrating his versatility on the field. Let’s delve into the details of these events and their implications.

Virat Kohli’s Impromptu Bowling:

During the match against Bangladesh, with Hardik Pandya unable to continue his over, Captain Rohit Sharma entrusted the ball to Virat Kohli. Virat’s performance on the bowling crease was nothing short of commendable. Despite being primarily known for his batting prowess, Virat bowled the fourth ball of the ninth over with a fuller length and a speed of 103.8 kilometers per hour. Liton Das, the Bangladeshi batsman, stood his ground, defending the ball.

Hardik Pandya's Injury Virat Kohli's Bowling

The following ball was also of full length, delivered at 102.4 kmph, and Liton Das managed to take a single down the ground to long-on. In front of Tanjid Hasan Tamim, Virat kept the last ball full length outside the off stump, with a speed of 102.3 kmph. Tamim responded with a single towards covers. What stood out was that neither of the two batsmen attempted to play a big shot against Virat, showcasing their respect for his bowling.

Virat Kohli’s contribution, stepping in for Hardik Pandya, resulted in just 2 runs being conceded in three balls. This defensive approach by the opposition batsmen during the powerplay was essential to India’s strategy and success. Virat’s bowling was not a new sight, as he has showcased his skills on various occasions, including the 2011 World Cup quarter-finals and final and the semi-finals of the 2015 World Cup. His ability to chip in as a bowler, in addition to his batting prowess, adds another dimension to India’s capabilities.

Hardik Pandya’s Injury and Implications:

The injury to Hardik Pandya, sustained while attempting to stop the ball with his right foot, is a source of great concern for the Indian team management. The severity of the injury is such that it is expected to take at least 8 to 10 days for him to recover. This absence is particularly worrisome for India, as Hardik Pandya’s all-round abilities contribute significantly to the team’s balance.

In the absence of Hardik, India’s options for a fast-bowling all-rounder are limited, with Shardul Thakur emerging as the primary choice. Hardik’s role as a dynamic all-rounder, capable of contributing with both the bat and the ball, is a critical asset to the team. His absence in the lineup could impact the team’s performance in the ongoing World Cup.


The injury to Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli’s remarkable bowling performance against Bangladesh have presented an intriguing turn of events in the world of Indian cricket. As fans, we can only hope for Hardik’s speedy recovery and eagerly await his return to the field. However, his absence will undoubtedly have repercussions for India’s campaign in the World Cup. In the meantime, we can take pride in the versatility of players like Virat Kohli, who are willing to adapt to the team’s needs and contribute in unexpected ways. The journey continues, and the world of cricket remains as unpredictable and thrilling as ever.

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