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How does IPL earn billions, why does BCCI conduct IPL every year



How does IPL earn billions, why does BCCI conduct IPL every year

How does IPL earn billions, why does BCCI conduct IPL every year

IPL is such a game of cricket where new players get a chance to play and those players who do not get a chance to play in the Indian cricket team, through IPL they can make a place in the Indian team by showing their talent and on that occasion To achieve which is the dream of a cricket player, today we will talk about how BCCI earns billions of money through IPL, which is more than we think.

BCCI is earning well with the help of IPL, BCCI earns from everything from T-shirts to Cap, while the teams participating in IPL also earn billions of rupees easily.

How does IPL earn billions, why does BCCI conduct IPL every year

How does IPL earn billions, why does BCCI conduct IPL every year

IPL Start

Ever since the first season of IPL in the year 2008, IPL is becoming very famous not only in India but also in other countries and its earnings are also increasing day by day.

How to earn from IPL

If seen, the whole game of IPL is a kind of business. In this business model, from BCCI to the team owner, there are many sources of income for IPL, due to which BCCI is getting rich.

Let’s talk first
Central Revenue

Central revenue can also be divided into two parts, in fact, central revenue media or broadcasting rights and title sponsorship are included, followed by

Ads and promotion revenue, the share of earning in this remains 20-30 percent.

Apart from this, the third source of IPL is local revenue.

About 10% of the total earnings come from local revenue, it also includes earnings from tickets and many other things.

Media or broadcasting rights are very important for BCCI, the entire earning of IPL probably depends on it, it has telecast or broadcasting rights which earn good money, due to which the channel will have the podcasting right to show IPL, while the channel will have live telecast of IPL. Can show that when the IPL started, its broadcasting rights were with SONU TV and it remained with it for almost 10 years i.e. till the year 2017. Were

After this, the broadcasting rights were auctioned again in the year 2018 and this time Star Sports won the broadcasting rights for the next five years for ₹ 16,300 ₹ 47,00,00,000. IPL media rights for the years 2023 to 2028 were sold for ₹ 30,000 crore so it should come as no surprise

Now we tell you who gets the share of broadcasting rights and how much

When the IPL started, BCCI used to keep 20 percent of the earnings in its pocket and the remaining 80 percent went to the owners of the team, but later BCCI started earning huge money from broadcasting rights, then BCCI changed its rules and Now 5050 increases between BCCI and Team Owners From IPL Season 1 to IPL Season 10,

BCCI and Team Owners put 8000 ₹ 200,00,00,000 in their pocket, according to this, about ₹ 820 every year, 00,00,000 used to be earned but now there is a lot of increase in it. In the year 2018, Star Sports bought media rights for five years for 16,300 ₹ 47,00,00,000 i.e. about 3200 ₹ 70,00,00,000 every year sure to earn

Title sponsorship is the next source of income for BCCI.

BCCI also gets a big benefit from title sponsorship, title sponsorship earns good money for IPL teams, title sponsorship means that you have a name associated with IPL, which is a big deal. Sponsorship is also named DLF IPL Pepsi IPL Vivo IPL and now Tata‘s name is being associated with IPL

Every company spends a lot of money to get their brand name associated with IPL because they know that their brand promotion will be in the market, which will be a very profitable deal for them. Real estate developers DLF bought one title sponsorship rights for ₹200,00,00,000, in such a situation every company started getting IPL title sponsorship rights, after that i.e. for the next five years, Pepsi spent ₹397,00,00,000 But due to some other reason could not fulfill their agreement and got separated in the year 2015

After this, for two seasons in IPL, 2016 and 2017, Vivo sold these rights to Chinese smartphone company Vivo for 200,00,00,000. Vivo then surprised everyone by buying the rights for five seasons from 2018 to 2022 for 2199 crores, but at that time India And China was not being made and there was a protest in the country about Chinese goods, as a result of which Vivo had to give up the rights, taking great advantage of this opportunity, Dream 11 acquired the title sponsor in the year 2020. Achieved by spending ₹222,00,00,000

However, after everything went well, in the year 2021, Vivo made a comeback and won the title sponsorship for 439.8,00,00,000, after which Tata acquired the title sponsorship for two seasons in the year 2022 and for this ₹ 600,00, 00,000 and got it in his name

Central Revenue

BCCI’s initial income from central revenue i.e. broadcasting rights and title sponsorship increased further and from IPL 2008 to 2017 it reached 8000 ₹ 400,00,00,000 i.e. ₹ 840,00,00,000 from the year 2018.BCCI can earn around 18,000 ₹ 500,00,00,000 between 2022 if this happens then BCCI can fill around 3000 ₹ 700,00,00,000 in their pocket every year

Along with this, it has been divided into eight teams, each team will earn ₹ 230 to ₹ 240,00,00,000 from central revenue, while the teams are getting a lot of money from ads and promotions.

IPL teams have their own business model from which they earn hugely and they have contracts with many companies and in return they get huge money through ads and promotions. Jerseys of players and empire, helmets, wicket grounds and boundary lines. But with the names and logos of the visible companies, the companies spend a lot of money on the teams, not only this, they also make good money by getting the players of the team to advertise for brand promotion.

Teams also make good money by selling items like T-shirts and caps with their name and logo. It was told in a report that a team like Mumbai Indians had surprised everyone by earning up to ₹ 50,00,00,000 every year from ads and brand promotion.

Local revenue includes tickets sold on the ground. It is said that it is normal to earn around ₹ 4 to ₹ 5,00,00,000 from a match of IPL. It is earned only by selling tickets, whatever is earned from the ticket. The local team gets 80 percent of its money, so it can be said that from every match the team earns about ₹ 3 to ₹ 4,00,00,000 from tickets.

Talking about the expenditure of IPL teams, about ₹ 90,00,00,000 is spent on players’ fees, in this, 35 to ₹ 50,00,00,000 per team is only for operation cost purpose, under operation cost, flight of players and Hotel stay is also included, if both the expenses are combined, then the teams have to spend ₹ 130,00,00,000 initially, in addition, ₹ 50,00,000 to the state association at the place where the match is held. In such a situation,

if seven matches are held, then according to this ₹ 3.50,00,00,000 is spent on it, while the team has to pay only 20 percent of its total earnings to the BCCI, according to this, every team to the BCCI 25 to ₹ 30,00,00,000, as far as the annual income of the teams is concerned, then by taking out everything, their earnings go up to 140,00,00,000.

130 to ₹ 140,00,00,000 There is no minimum profit, apart from this, good money is also earned from the price money, from the winner team to the runner, they get good money, while the third and fourth teams get prize money. ₹20,00,00,000 in 2021 Runner-up gets ₹12.5,00,00,000 while third gets ₹8.75,00,00,000 Half of the prize money goes to the team owner’s pocket while the rest is divided like this Top Two Teams Kyrly Profit Reaches 140 To ₹150,00,00,000

IPL is the best source of income for BCCI, so BCCI conducts IPL every year so that it can make huge profits.


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