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PUN vs TEL Dream11 Prediction, Fantasy Kabaddi Tips, and Players Analysis



PUN vs TEL Dream11 Prediction

PUN vs TEL Dream11 Prediction, Fantasy Kabaddi Tips, and Players Analysis

          Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans Dream11 Prediction


The Pro Kabaddi League clash between Puneri Paltan and Telugu Titans promises to be an exhilarating encounter, scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, 2024, at 08:00 PM IST at Patliputra Indoor Stadium, Patna. In this Dream11 prediction article, we will delve into the key aspects of the match, including team updates, probable playing 7, fantasy tips, and injury reports.

PUN vs TEL Match Details:

  • Match: Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans (PUN vs TEL)
  • League: Pro Kabaddi League
  • Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2024
  • Time: 08:00 PM (IST) – 02:30 PM (GMT)
  • Venue: Patliputra Indoor Stadium, Patna.
  • Live: Starsport/Hotstar

PUN vs TEL Dream11 Prediction and Fantasy Tips:

Match Preview:

Puneri Paltan, in good form in recent matches, will battle against Telugu Titans in what promises to be an intense Pro Kabaddi League clash. The match preview includes insights into the recent forms of both teams and key player updates.

PUN vs TEL Squad:

PUN vs TEL Dream11 Prediction

Probable Playing 7:

Puneri Paltan (PUN) Telugu Titans (TEL)
Sanket Sawant Omkar R More
Abinesh Nadarajan Ankit Jaglan
Gaurav Khatri Hamid Nader
Aslam Inamdar (C) Shanmugam Sanjeevi
Mohammadreza Chiyaneh Ajit Pawar
Pankaj Mohite Pawan-Sherawat
Mohit Goyat Prafull Zaware

Key Players:

Key Players for Puneri Paltan (PUN):

  1. Sanket Sawant:
    • Position: Defender
    • Importance: Sanket Sawant is a key defender for Puneri Paltan, contributing significantly in stopping the opposition raiders. His ability to execute successful tackles makes him a crucial asset for the team.
  2. Abinesh Nadarajan:
    • Position: Defender
    • Importance: Abinesh Nadarajan’s defensive skills, including effective tackles and blocks, make him a reliable player for Puneri Paltan. His consistent performance is vital in maintaining a strong defensive line.
  3. Gaurav Khatri:
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Importance: Gaurav Khatri’s versatility as an all-rounder allows him to contribute both in defensive and offensive plays. His ability to score points while defending and raiding adds a strategic advantage to Puneri Paltan.
  4. Aslam Inamdar (C):
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Importance: As the captain, Aslam Inamdar provides leadership on the mat. His all-round abilities, including successful raids and tackles, make him a key player. His decision-making and strategic moves influence the team’s overall performance.
  5. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh:
    • Position: Raider
    • Importance: Mohammadreza Chiyaneh is a potent raider, known for his ability to score points consistently. As one of the team’s top raiders, his performance in raiding plays a crucial role in determining Puneri Paltan’s success.
  6. Pankaj Mohite:
    • Position: Raider
    • Importance: Pankaj Mohite is a dynamic raider capable of breaking through the opponent’s defense. His agility, speed, and scoring ability in raids make him a key offensive player for Puneri Paltan.
  7. Mohit Goyat:
    • Position: Raider
    • Importance: Mohit Goyat’s raiding prowess and ability to secure crucial points make him an essential part of Puneri Paltan’s offensive strategy. His skill in outmaneuvering defenders adds an edge to the team’s raiding department.

Key Players for Telugu Titans (TEL):

  1. Omkar R More:
    • Position: Defender
    • Importance: Omkar R More’s defensive skills, including successful tackles and blocks, are crucial for Telugu Titans. His ability to disrupt the opponent’s raids makes him a key player in the team’s defensive strategy.
  2. Ankit Jaglan:
    • Position: Defender
    • Importance: Ankit Jaglan plays a vital role in Telugu Titans’ defense, showcasing effective tackles and blocks. His contribution in thwarting the opposition’s raiding attempts is essential for the team’s success.
  3. Hamid Nader:
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Importance: Hamid Nader’s versatility as an all-rounder adds value to Telugu Titans. His ability to contribute in both defensive and offensive situations provides the team with strategic flexibility.
  4. Shanmugam Sanjeevi:
    • Position: All-Rounder
    • Importance: Shanmugam Sanjeevi’s all-round abilities make him a key player for Telugu Titans. His capability to impact the game in various aspects, including tackles and raids, adds depth to the team’s lineup.
  5. Ajit Pawar:
    • Position: Raider
    • Importance: Ajit Pawar’s role as a raider is crucial for Telugu Titans’ offensive plays. His skill in scoring points during raids is essential in breaking through the opponent’s defense and securing valuable points.
  6. Pawan-Sherawat:
    • Position: Raider
    • Importance: Pawan-Sherawat is a key raider for Telugu Titans, known for his ability to execute successful raids and score points. His agility and raiding prowess make him a potent offensive threat.
  7. Prafull Zaware:
    • Position: Raider
    • Importance: Prafull Zaware’s role as a raider contributes to Telugu Titans’ offensive strategy. His skill in navigating through the opposition’s defense and securing points is crucial for the team’s success.

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices:

  1. Captain Choices:
    • Sanket Sawant (PUN):
      • Position: Defender
      • Reasoning: Sanket Sawant’s defensive prowess, including successful tackles, makes him a strong captaincy choice. If he can disrupt the opponent’s raiders and accumulate defensive points, it could lead to a significant fantasy boost.
    • Mohammadreza Chiyaneh (PUN):
      • Position: Raider
      • Reasoning: Mohammadreza Chiyaneh’s consistent scoring ability in raids positions him as a strong captaincy option. If he can execute successful raids and accumulate points, he can be a top fantasy performer.
    • Pawan-Sherawat (TEL):
      • Position: Raider
      • Reasoning: Pawan-Sherawat’s raiding skills and ability to secure points make him a valuable captaincy choice. If he can outmaneuver the opposition’s defense and score successful raids, he has the potential for high fantasy returns.
  2. Vice-Captain Choices:
    • Gaurav Khatri (PUN):
      • Position: All-Rounder
      • Reasoning: Gaurav Khatri’s versatility as an all-rounder provides him with opportunities to contribute in both defensive and offensive plays. If he can deliver impactful performances in both aspects, he can be a valuable vice-captaincy choice.
    • Ajit Pawar (TEL):
      • Position: Raider
      • Reasoning: Ajit Pawar’s role as a raider for Telugu Titans makes him a suitable vice-captaincy option. If he can successfully breach the opponent’s defense and score points during raids, he can contribute significantly to fantasy points.
    • Aslam Inamdar (PUN):
      • Position: All-Rounder
      • Reasoning: Aslam Inamdar, as the captain of Puneri Paltan, plays a pivotal role in leading the team. His all-round skills, including successful raids and tackles, make him a valuable vice-captaincy choice.

Live Telecast and Live Score:

The match will be live telecast on Star Sports/Hotstar, while live scores can be tracked on platforms like Possible11.

Dream11 Pro Kabaddi Prediction Team:

Dream11 Team:

  1. Sanket Sawant (C) – Defender (PUN)
  2. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh – Raider (PUN)
  3. Pawan-Sherawat – Raider (TEL)
  4. Gaurav Khatri – All-Rounder (PUN)
  5. Abinesh Nadarajan – Defender (PUN)
  6. Ajit Pawar (VC) – Raider (TEL)
  7. Hamid Nader – All-Rounder (TEL)

Captain: Sanket Sawant (PUN)

  • Reasoning: Sanket Sawant, as a defender, has the potential to accumulate points through successful tackles and defensive plays. If he can showcase a solid defensive performance, he can be a top fantasy point contributor.

Vice-Captain: Ajit Pawar (TEL)

  • Reasoning: Ajit Pawar, as a raider for Telugu Titans, has the ability to score points through successful raids. If he can outmaneuver the opposition’s defense and secure valuable points, he can contribute significantly to the team’s total fantasy points.


With Puneri Paltan being the favorites, fantasy players might want to lean towards their key performers like Mohammadreza Chiyaneh and Gaurav Khatri. However, considering the unpredictable nature of Kabaddi, strategic team selection will play a crucial role in Dream11 success.

As the action unfolds in the Patliputra Indoor Stadium, Kabaddi enthusiasts and fantasy gamers alike will be on the edge of their seats, anticipating the outcome of this thrilling encounter between Puneri Paltan and Telugu Titans.

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