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RB vs SOH Dream11 Prediction ECS Spain T10 2024, Match Preview, Players Analysis, Fantasy Cricket Tips



RB vs SOH Dream11 Prediction

RB vs SOH Dream11 Prediction ECS Spain T10 2024, Match Preview, Players Analysis, Fantasy Cricket Tips

   Royal Barcelona vs Sohal Hospitalet Dream11 Predictions


The ECS Spain T10 2024 promises cricket enthusiasts a thrilling clash between Royal Barcelona and Sohal Hospitalet in the 9th and 10th matches at the Montjuïc Olympic Ground, Barcelona. The venue, known for its batting-friendly conditions in the second innings, is expected to set the stage for an exhilarating contest between the two teams.

Match Details:

  • League: ECS Spain T10 2024
  • Match: Royal Barcelona and Sohal Hospitalet
  • Date & Time: 31 Jan 2024, 4.30 P.M
  • Venue: Montjuïc Olympic Ground in Barcelona
  • Live: Fancode

Pitch Report:

The Montjuïc Olympic Ground in Barcelona offers an advantage to batsmen, especially during the second innings. Spinners are likely to find support in the latter part of the match. With an average score of 120+ considered competitive, the match promises high-scoring encounters. The opening pair of Shahid Nazir and Shafat Ali Syed is set to lead the charge for Royal Barcelona.

RB vs SOH Playing 11:

Royal Barcelona Playing 11 Sohal Hospitalet Playing 11
Shahid Nazir Abu Bakar Siddique
Sharjeel Qaiser Bilal Aslam
Taqqi UI Mazhar Asjad Butt
Hamza Hashim Qamar Shahzad
Abid Ali II Syed Raza
Saeed Anwar Muhammad Waris
Murad Ali Waqas Bibi
Ikram UI Haq Faisal Sharfraz
Husnain Bakhsh Muhammad Haleem
Zeeshan Arshad Imtiaz Ahmed
Shafat Ali Syed

RB vs SOH Squad:

Royal Barcelona Squad Sohal Hospitalet Squad
Aamir Shahzad Aamir Siddique
Adnan Haider Aizaz Afzal
Ahmed Jehanzeb Arslan Nazar
Ali Hassan Ashir Ali
Taqqi Ul Mazhar Asim Latif
Umar Zaman Umair Muhammad
Usama Ehsan Umer Farooq
Waleed Raza Umer Mughal
Annas Sultan Uneeb Shah
Awais Raza Usman Raza
Gulraiz Hussain Waheed Elahi
Hamza Hashim Asjad Butt
Mesum Abbas Dodo Malik
Muhammad Ammar Haseeb Abid
Murad Ali Imtiaz Ahmed
Musadiq Ahmed Karamat Subhani
Nabeel Amjad Kashif Afzaal
Nabeel Qaiser Khurram Shahzad
Noman Sarwar Moeen Safdar
Shahid Nazir Muhammad Haleem
Sharjeel Qaiser Muhammad Waris
Suleman Asjad Qamar Shahzad
Syed Ali Hussain Shahzad Khan

Key Players And Why?:

Royal Barcelona:

  1. Hamza Hashim: An explosive batsman, Hamza Hashim has the ability to provide a strong start to Royal Barcelona. His aggressive batting style and consistency make him a key player.
  2. Murad Ali: As a key bowler for Royal Barcelona, Murad Ali’s ability to take wickets and control the opposition’s run rate will be crucial for the team’s success in the ECS Spain T10 matches.
  3. Ikram UI Haq: Another reliable batsman in the middle order, Ikram UI Haq’s ability to stabilize the innings and accelerate the scoring rate when needed adds depth to the Royal Barcelona batting lineup.
  4. Abid Ali II: A dependable middle-order batsman, Abid Ali II brings stability to the Royal Barcelona lineup. His experience and skill make him a key player in building and finishing innings.
  5. Saeed Anwar: An all-rounder, Saeed Anwar’s dual ability to contribute with both bat and ball makes him a valuable asset for Royal Barcelona. His performances in both departments can influence the outcome of the matches.

Sohal Hospitalet:

  1. Waqas Bibi: Opening batsman Waqas Bibi’s role in providing a solid start for Sohal Hospitalet is crucial. His ability to set the tone early can have a significant impact on the team’s total.
  2. Faisal Sharfraz: A key all-rounder, Faisal Sharfraz’s contributions with both bat and ball make him an important player for Sohal Hospitalet. His ability to perform in pressure situations is valuable.
  3. Qamar Shahzad: Middle-order batsman Qamar Shahzad’s role in stabilizing the innings and accelerating the scoring rate is pivotal. His performances will be crucial in building a competitive total.
  4. Syed Raza: As an all-rounder, Syed Raza’s ability to contribute with both bat and ball makes him a versatile player for Sohal Hospitalet. His performances in key moments can sway the match.
  5. Muhammad Waris: A key bowler for Sohal Hospitalet, Muhammad Waris’ ability to take crucial wickets and contain runs will be essential in restricting the opposition and setting up favorable situations.

Best Players:

Best Player from Royal Barcelona: Hamza Hashim

  • Role: Explosive Top-order Batsman
  • Strengths:
    • Aggressive batting style, capable of providing quick starts.
    • Consistency in scoring runs.
    • Ability to handle pressure situations.
  • Recent Form: Hamza Hashim has showcased impressive form in recent matches, contributing significantly to Royal Barcelona’s batting performances.
  • Key Contributions: His ability to set the tone at the top of the order and anchor the innings makes him a crucial player for Royal Barcelona. If he gets going, it often translates into positive outcomes for the team.

Best Player from Sohal Hospitalet: Faisal Sharfraz

  • Role: All-rounder (Middle-order Batsman and Bowler)
  • Strengths:
    • Dual capability as a reliable batsman and effective bowler.
    • Cool-headed and able to perform under pressure.
    • Consistent all-round performances.
  • Recent Form: Faisal Sharfraz has been instrumental in both batting and bowling departments, providing stability in the middle order and contributing with crucial breakthroughs as a bowler.
  • Key Contributions: Faisal’s versatility adds significant value to Sohal Hospitalet. His ability to adapt to the game’s demands, whether with the bat or ball, makes him a key player capable of turning the match in his team’s favor.

Captain and Vice-Captain Choices for Dream11:

  1. Captain Choice: Sharjeel Qaiser (Royal Barcelona)
    • Reasoning:
      • Sharjeel Qaiser is an explosive batsman and has the ability to score quickly at the top of the order.
      • In good form, he can provide a strong foundation for Royal Barcelona.
      • His aggressive style of play makes him a potential top-scorer.
  2. Vice-Captain Choice: Faisal Sharfraz (Sohal Hospitalet)
    • Reasoning:
      • Faisal Sharfraz is a reliable all-rounder, contributing both with the bat and ball.
      • Capable of providing stability in the middle order and picking up crucial wickets as a bowler.
      • His all-round abilities make him a valuable fantasy cricket pick.

Alternate Choices:

  1. Alternate Captain Choice: Hamza Hashim (Royal Barcelona)
    • Reasoning:
      • Hamza Hashim, being an explosive top-order batsman, has the potential to score big and accumulate fantasy points quickly.
      • If he gets going, he can be a game-changer for Royal Barcelona.
  2. Alternate Vice-Captain Choice: Waqas Bibi (Sohal Hospitalet)
    • Reasoning:
      • Waqas Bibi, as an opening batsman, can set the tone for Sohal Hospitalet’s innings.
      • If he has a good outing, he can accumulate significant points through runs and potentially contribute in the field.

Best Dream11 Prediction Team:

Dream11 Team:

  1. Shahid Nazir (Wicket-Keeper)
  2. Sharjeel Qaiser (Captain) – Royal Barcelona
  3. Waqas Bibi
  4. Hamza Hashim
  5. Faisal Sharfraz (Vice-Captain) – Sohal Hospitalet
  6. Murad Ali
  7. Asjad Butt
  8. Syed Raza
  9. Ikram UI Haq
  10. Muhammad Waris
  11. Zeeshan Arshad

Captain: Sharjeel Qaiser Vice-Captain: Faisal Sharfraz


  • Wicket-Keeper: Shahid Nazir is a reliable option and can contribute with the bat. As a wicket-keeper, he might also get points for dismissals.
  • Batsmen: Sharjeel Qaiser and Hamza Hashim are explosive top-order batsmen with the potential to score big. Waqas Bibi, being an opening batsman, can also be crucial for Sohal Hospitalet.
  • All-rounders: Faisal Sharfraz and Asjad Butt are key all-rounders who can contribute with both bat and ball. They provide a good balance to the team.
  • Bowlers: Murad Ali, Syed Raza, Muhammad Waris, and Zeeshan Arshad are key bowlers who can take wickets and restrict the opposition.


In conclusion, the RB vs SOH Dream11 prediction for the ECS Spain T10 2024 matches suggests a balanced team with a mix of explosive batsmen, reliable all-rounders, and key bowlers. The chosen Captain and Vice-Captain are Sharjeel Qaiser and Faisal Sharfraz, respectively, based on their recent form and potential impact on the game.

However, it’s essential to note that Dream11 predictions are subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and real-time match scenarios. It is advisable to stay updated with the latest team news, playing XI announcements, and any changes in pitch conditions before finalizing your Dream11 team.

Cricket is known for its unpredictability, and while the suggested Dream11 team aims for a well-rounded combination, factors such as player performances on the match day and unexpected events can influence the outcomes. Enjoy the matches and the excitement of fantasy cricket!

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