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How Shubman Gill became a superstar cricketer after leaving home



Shubman Gill

How Shubman Gill became a superstar cricketer after leaving home


The game of cricket is such a game which is liked all over the world. The craze for cricket is very high in Asia. Cricket players are worshiped like God. Hai that cricket has earned a huge name in its young age and is creating a new record every day.

We are talking about Indian team player Shubman Gill, who has become an important part of the Indian cricket team. Shubham Gill has proved himself to be the best in every format in the world of cricket. Was born in a small village of Punjab,

today we will talk about Shubham Gill, how he cemented his place in the Indian team and became the shining star of the Indian team.

Shubman Gill Biography, How did you leave home for cricket with your family?

Shubman Gill Biography, How did you leave home for cricket with your family?

Birth and Parents

Shubman Gill was born on 8 September 1999 in CHAK KHEREWAL village of Punjab to father Lakhwinder Singh, a farmer and mother Kirat Gill, a housewife.

Shubman Gill’s father’s dream

When Sachin’s batting came, Lakhwinder did not even move from the TV. Father’s dream was to become a cricketer in his childhood, but due to lack of good guidance, he could not become a cricketer. When Shubman was 3 years old, he used to play with the bat kept at home. Due to the bat being heavy, he could not lift the bat. Grandfather got a lighter bat made and gave it to his grandson.

Shubman used to play with him throughout the day. When Lakhwinder saw his son’s interest in cricket, he started training him. On a part of the land where his father used to do farming, his father made a stone wicket for Shubman everyday. Used to practice 500 to 700 balls, for the practice of fast bowling, they used to keep a cot on the beach, on which the ball used to come out fast.

Shubman was also made to bat with single stump so that he could easily middle the ball with the real bat.

Shubman Gill’s first coach

Father became Shubman‘s first coach Father used to gather the fast bowlers of the village and ask them to dismiss Shubman, and for doing so, he used to get ₹ 100 as a reward.

Shubman Gill’s family left home for cricket

Seeing the son’s game and not getting good cricket facilities in the village, the father decided to shift to Mohali in the year 2007. Dada Dildar Singh was very sad that why these people are leaving him and going to their village for Ravinder ji. It was not easy to go to Mohali, 300 km away, but as they say, one has to lose something to gain something.

Shubman Gill’s Mohali schooling

Shubman joined Manav Mangal Smart School, there was no academy in the school, he used to play cricket with his friends.

Shubman Gill’s practice

To give competitive training to the son, the father rented a house opposite the PCA Punjab Cricket Association stadium and asked the son to practice in that stadium.

Shubman Gill’s first win

He still remembers the victory he won his first local match at the age of 9.

Coach’s first look at Shubman Gill

In 2009, Karsan Ghavri was made in charge of Pace Bowlers Academy of PCA Stadium, he organized All India Camp where players came from places like Punjab, Bengal, Bihar, all were 18-19 years old, Sandeep Sharma was also part of that camp, training of bowlers So

it was happening but there were no good batsmen for practice 1 day due to rain the training session had to be shifted to Indore Ghavri and the assistant coach thought till the time the nets start let’s take a little walk in the ground in front of the stadium 10 11-year-old children were playing the match even in the rain, they did not stop the match, they were surprised to see the batting technique of one of the batsmen.

For 15 minutes they were watching his batting, not a single shot was played by that boy with cross bat, all shots were played with straight bat. Then he saw a man standing near the tree watching the match of those children with great interest.

The coach asked Shubman to bat in front of 18-19 year old players. The camp is going on here with the bowlers coming to practice daily that camp was to find fast bowlers but when Gawri sir came to know that Shubman 14 is not a part of the team he immediately asked Mahendra Pandey to include him in the team Where then did Shubman not look back from there but after that Shubman‘s hard work and talent took him to the next level

Joining the Academy of Shubman Gill

Shubman joined Mohali Cricket Academy where he started his training under Sukhwinder Singh Tinku.

Shubman Gill’s under 16 journey

Shubman Gill was included in the U-16 team. In the U-16 district tournament in 2011, Gill scored 300 runs in five matches. 2013 14 In the Vijay Merchant Trophy, he scored 734 runs at an average of 73.4 in the same tournament the following year. In the match, he scored 1018 runs at an average of 192.54. In the same tournament, he beat Nirmal Singh.Made a record breaking opening partnership of 587 runs with

Shubman scored 351 runs in that match and came in a lot of headlines.

Shubman Gill Under 16 Player of the Season

For his excellent performance in the year 2014, BCCI selected Shubman as the Best Under 16 Cricketer of the Season 2013-14 and was awarded the MA Chidambaram Award.

Shubman Gill Under 19 Test Team

In 2015, he was included in the Punjab Under-19 state team. In 2015, he scored 415 runs in three matches in the 2015-16 Under-19 Dhruv Pandav Trophy, including two centuries and a half-century. made it to the finals

Shubham Gill Under 19 ODI Team

He was included in the India Under 19 ODI squad in 2016. In that year’s Under 19 Asia Cup, Gill scored 148 runs in two matches at an average of 74 including 250 runs.

He also had a great performance in the Youth ODI series played in 2017, scoring 278 runs in four matches against England at an average of 19 at a 2.66 strike rate of more then 100, including a century and a half-century.

Shubman Gill’s debut in A cricket

He made his List A debut on 25 February 2017. In six matches of the 2016 17 Vijay Hazare Trophy, he scored 220 runs at an average of 36.66, including a century.

Shubman gill first class debut

Shubman Gill made his first-class debut on 17 November. He scored a half-century in his debut Ranji match against Bengal.

Shubman Gill AS a Vice Captain

Shubman was included in the Vice Captain team for the 2018-19 World Cup, with the help of his unbeaten 102 against Pakistan in the semi-finals, Team India reached the final, that year the Indian team won the title, Shubman became the player of the series in that tournament. In six matches, Shubman scored 372 runs with an average of 124 and a strike rate of more than 112, including a century and three half-centuries.

Shubman Gill’s IPL journey

In IPL 2018, KKR included Shubman Gill in their team for 1,80,00,000 Ranji Trophy 2018 19 Nine months in five matches Scored 728 runs Average of 104 including two centuries and four half centuries Highest score 268 runs Against Tamil Nadu this was the best performance in every domestic tournament

Shubman Gill International Debut

Received his ODI cap from MS Dhoni, made his ODI debut on 31 January 2019

Shubman Gill International Test Debut

In September 2019, he got a call for the Indian Test team but did not get a chance to play in that series against South Africa. In October 2019, he was made the captain of India C in the Deodhar Trophy.

Age of 20 years and 57 days only became the youngest cricket to Leeds side in this tournament before Virat Kohli this record of 21 years and 124 days made his test debut on 26 December 2020 Shubman innings of 45 runs in his debut match against Australia Played Gaba’s force and gave a solid start to his team by playing an inning of 91 runs in the final match, which helped Team India win a historic victory.

Shubman Gill IPL

Gujarat Titans included Shubman in their team in IPL

Shubman Gill double 100

Shubman Gill crossed the 200-run mark while playing against New Zealand in January 2023. He became the fourth Indian batsman to do so, before this record was in the name of Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, apart from this, Shubham Gill scored his first against New Zealand. Shubman Gill also completed T20 century while playing against New Zealand, Shubman Gill made many new records,

today Shubman Gill’s name has started coming in the list of best players in the world, every big player is liking his technique, so this was the story of a player whose To make his son a character, the father left his village, his land and came to an unknown city, the son also understood his sacrifice and made a name for himself in this game.


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