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How IPL changed the world of cricket



How IPL changed the world of cricket

How IPL changed the world of cricket

IPL comes like a gift for cricket fans every year cricket fans wait for this festival because fans can see all their favorite players in one team so today we will talk about how IPL has changed the whole cricket world. Diya will talk about how ODI and Test matches also started to look like T20. Stay with us to know how IPL has changed cricket, then let’s start further.

How IPL changed the world of cricket

How IPL changed the world of cricket

Started in the year 2008, the Indian Premier League i.e. IPL League not only changed India but completely changed the world cricket, many changes were also seen in this game format of instant cricket, where people got rid of boring cricket, while this T20 Because of this, the way of playing cricket also changed completely and players also started believing in playing aggressive cricket instead of boring cricket.

It is the result of an IPL that in a one-day match, the England team, batting first against the Netherlands, hit 498 runs for four wickets in 50 overs, which proves that the impression of T20 can also be seen on ODI cricket. Not only this, like T20, big scores are being made in ODIs as well and change is also being seen.

Scores of more than 400 have been scored in ODI cricket 15 times. In ODI cricket, South Africa have scored more than 400 runs six times, while India has done so four times, and New Zealand and Sri Lanka have scored more than 400 runs once. Because of this, ODI cricket also seems to be gaining momentum like instant cricket.

When it comes to Test cricket, it was considered boring due to running for many days, but changes are also being seen in this because now the mindset of the players has completely changed and now they want to win rather than draw. Cricket results have started focusing for this, not only this, seeing the growing excitement of cricket, now people are reaching the stadium to watch the Test match.

Women IPL

BCCI has also changed its mind about women’s cricket and it is also conducting women’s IPL. Many star players have been seen participating in women’s IPL, including Indian women’s cricket as well as star women players from Australia, England and New Zealand like Suzy Bates, Alyssa Healy Beth Mooney has shown her mettle

The BCCI now wants to give a new flight to the women’s IPL and include women players from West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka. Supernovas won the first match by defeating the Blazers by three wickets at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

If we talk about women’s cricket, there have been only four seasons so far but BCCI has decided that it will be extended further. Super Nova won the trophy by defeating by three wickets

In the year 2019, he won the title for the second time by defeating Novni Velocity by four wickets in the morning.

Trailblazers beat Supernovas by 16 runs to lift trophy in 2020

Talking about the year 2022, Supernova won the trophy for the third time after defeating Velocity by four runs in the final for the second time.

Overall, IPL is the biggest source of income for BCCI, due to which there is a constant change in its thinking about it.

Recently, Jai Shah of BCCI has made a big disclosure about IPL, he calculated that from next year, IPL is going to get an official window of two and a half months from ICC, due to which many players of the world can easily participate in IPL. Not only this, he even said that this time BCCI is thinking of conducting IPL in two stages, BCCI is working on this and very soon a decision will be taken on this.

In such a situation, IPL seems to be giving a new thought to cricket, not only this, BCCI changes it many times to make IPL interesting so that people do not feel bored.

How important is IPL for BCCI, have you ever thought about it, then let us tell you

At the time of Corona, cricket had stopped almost everywhere, there was silence on the ground, during this time many cricket tournaments had to be stopped due to Corona, but even at that time, BCCI had organized IPL brilliantly. Some matches of the year 2020 and 2021 were shifted to UAE, till the Corona was not over in India, BCCI organized IPL outside the country.

In the year 2022, IPL once again came back with a bang in India, as much as IPL is famous in India, it is also popular in other countries.

In the year 2009, there was the election of the Lok Sabha and because of this, BCCI had to decide to exclude the IPL tournament, then the question in everyone’s mind was whether IPL would be able to get the same TRP there as it has been getting in India, but surprisingly So it was that when the tournament was held in South Africa, it was very spectacular, after that it was also seen in UAE.

Not only this, when there was talk of getting IPL out due to Corona, then many countries of the world wanted to host IPL. IPL has given its own identity to many cricketers of the country. Many such low profile players are part of this league. They become so famous that they also makes his place in the team

Earlier, domestic Cricket season was very important in cricket, on the basis of Ranji Trophy, many young players used to make national team, but after the arrival of IPL, there has been a big change in this, there are many players who aim to play IPL so that He came into the public eye with his performance and got an entry in Team India.

IPL has given many players an opportunity to play in the national team, earlier the players who did not get a chance to play in the national team, because earlier the players got very few opportunities to show their talent, due to which they had to play in Team India.

The dream could not be fulfilled, but with the arrival of IPL, he can show his talent in front of everyone and fulfill his dream of playing in Team India. IPL proves to be a boon for the players, but IPL is for those fans. It is also no less than a boon for those who make their team on applications like Dream 11 and win cash prizes.

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