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Women Controversy In IPL Season



Women Controversy In IPL Season

Women Controversy In IPL Season

In the IPL, where the players on the ground show the courage to win the world with their strong performance, the important role of women behind the scenes of the IPL, away from the ground, is also under a lot of questions. You will see the participation of women in

Kings 11 Punjab is co-owned by Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, while Mumbai Indians is owned by Reliance Group’s Nita Ambani, while Rajasthan Royals is owned by Raj Kundra’s wife and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Kolkata Knight Riders has Shah Rukh Khan and Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla’s share is the matter of the team, but in this game there were many such women in front and behind the scenes, due to which the tournament reached the seventh sky.

A time also came when due to these women, questions started to arise regarding the IPL tournament. In today’s article, we will tell about these women whose interference was seen in IPL.

Cheer Leader Gabriella Controversy

Who does not know cheerleader Gabriela, she used to be the life of IPL, in the year 2011 season, every cricket fan knew and recognized her. In fact, Gabriella of South Africa used to be the cheerleader of Mumbai Indians in that season, but during the season, she expressed her bad experience. Shared with the media and the things he said created panic in the entire cricket world.

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Women Controversy In IPL Season

He told that cheerleaders in IPL parties looked like a mere show piece, but during this he praised Dhoni and Sachin by saying that they looked difficult in the parties, not only this, there was an uproar in the BCCI for saying this and later these parties were reined in

Income Tax and Laila Mahmood Controversy

Looking at the history, the year 2010 season was going to give birth to many controversies, due to the money coming in IPL, the world was eyeing this league. Team owners are using black money fiercely here, so many important documents were disappeared overnight from Lalit Modi’s office in Mumbai just before the Income Tax raid.

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Women Controversy In IPL Season

After this, when the CCTV footage was seen, it was found that a mysterious woman was seen carrying a pile of documents and a laptop minutes before the raid. Vijay Mallya’s step daughter Laila Mehmood declared fugitive

This was accepted by Vijay Mallya himself, but while evading the documents, he only said that the documents have nothing to do with the Income Tax raid.

After this, these controversies continued to get wind in Indian cricket and Lalit Modi felt that he might be arrested, he left India seeing the opportunity and shifted to London.

Sophia’s Controversy

Sophia, who appeared in Bollywood films, suddenly came into the limelight, in fact, the matter of proposing Team India’s hitman Rohit Sharma came to the fore, but her way of proposing was very bad, in fact, Rohit Sharma had scored a double century in ODIs and after that sofia hayat was crazy about him

After this he had proposed her in a very bad way, on which this matter came in the limelight, the matter did not stop here, Sophia, along with a PR agency director, Namrita Kumar, during IPL 2012, two of Pune Warriors team’s terms Rahul Sharma and Wayne Panel Mumbai had taken me for my party, these two cricketers were caught in the police raid.

Not only this, six chair leaders were also present in this party.

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Australian Cricketer Are You Pops Back playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2012 faced trouble when he was accused by an American girl Johal Hameed. Actually Hameed assaulted the hotel staff in New Delhi on 17 May 2012. Gave information about testing and called the police and arrested the young man.

The matter did not end here, later Vijay Mallya’s son Siddharth Mallya raised questions on Hameed’s character by tweeting, then he filed a defamation case against him as well, but later both of them settled the matter outside the port.

Sunanda Pushkar Controversy

Former settlement minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar was also in controversy. At the time of IPL 2010, IPL commissioner Lalit Modi revealed that Union cabinet minister Shashi had gifted Sunanda behind the scenes by buying a stake in Rondevu Sports World. The company discussed the IPL team, it was our company. Lalit Modi did not stop here, he alleged that through this Shashi Tharoor wanted to make inroads in the IPL management.

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Women Controversy In IPL Season

There was also an allegation that Tharoor did not want the identity of the owner of Kochi Tuskers to be revealed, after which the entire matter was investigated and allegations and counter-allegations were seen from both sides, although later BCCI took strict action on this and Lalit Modi was shown the way out by cutting his card on the night of the final itself and a few smugglers canceled the franchise and ended the matter here.

Poorna Patel Controversy

Not many people know Poorna Patel.Must have known but would like to tell you that Poorna Patel is the daughter of former minister Praful Patel. It is said that Poorna, who was the hospitality manager of IPL 2010, came into controversy twice for that season when she thrice took advantage of her father’s ministerial status. Picking up, used three Rail India flights as chartered flights to his home

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Women Controversy In IPL Season

Not only this, even the matter of flight being diverted to another city had come to the fore, but he had denied all the allegations, apart from this, his name also came up in the auction process of the franchise Kochi Tuskers.

He is said to have forwarded the email containing the details of the franchise auction to his father’s personal secretary and subsequently Shashi Tharoor won the auction with the help of these details.

New controversies are associated with IPL every year, but fans ignore these controversies and still watch IPL. It is very much liked in India, people who are crazy about cricket forget all the controversies in front of their hobby.

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